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                                              Are You A Seafood Lover?

                                               Then Albariño Is The Right Choice For You

                                                  By Glenn Sudnick, Sommelier,; (772) 332-4416
        I ask my clientele to think outside of the box. Do you     One note to remember, it is important to read the label   is complex with grapefruit,
      find yourself purchasing the same white wine over and   on the bottle.                               lime, white flowers, acacia
      over? Yes, I am talking to you Chardonnay, Sauvignon     To  assure  yourself  that  you  are  getting  100  percent   and orange blossom; a great
      Blanc and Pinot Grigio drinkers. Now is the time to spread   Albariño, the wine labeled Rias Baixas will not contain   wine for these hot August
      your wings (just a little) to Albariño.           any  blending  grapes.  This  is  not  to  say  the  regions   days.
        This fine wine goes well with just about any South   surrounding Rias Baixas don’t have quality wine, they     I  paired  this  wine  with
      Florida seafood dish.                             do. I would like you to try a true Albariño. I am sure it   my Shrimp Ceviche.
        The Albariño white grape from Rias Baixas, Spain, has   will be added to your list when choosing your next wine.    This  dish  calls  for  raw
      wonderful aromas and flavors like white peach, apple,     One of my favorites is Paco & Lola Albariño 2017.   seafood, but I peel, devein
      almond, nectarine and even some tropical fruits.  This is a sustainable vineyard and always highly rated. It   and drop the seafood in very
                                                                                                           hot  (just  below  boiling)
                                                                                                           water for two to three

                                                                                                           minutes depending on the size of the shrimp,
                                                                                                           then remove and chill in ice water to stop the
                                                                                                           cooking. The good thing about this dish is
                                                                                                           there is no wrong recipe. It’s whatever you
                                                                                                             I  mix  in  chopped  red  onion,  serrano
                                                                                                           chilies, green  tomato,  avocado,  cucumber
                                                                                                           and  a  little  cilantro.  I’ve  learned  to  like
                                                                                                           cilantro, because Cyndie said I should. Mix
                                                                                                           these ingredients with the juices of limes,
                                                                                                           lemons, and oranges, some extra virgin
                                                                                                           olive oil, a dash of kosher salt and voila!
                                                                                                                                  Life is good,

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