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      Are You A Seafood Lover?                                                                             This  is  a  sustainable  vineyard  and  always
                                                                                                           highly  rated.  It  is  complex  with  grapefruit,
      Then Albariño Is The Right Choice For You                                                            lime, white flowers, acacia and orange
                                                                                                           blossom; a great wine for these hot August
      By Glenn Sudnick,                                                                                    days.
      Sommelier,                                                                                             I paired this wine with my Shrimp Ceviche.;                                                                               This  dish  calls  for  raw  seafood,  but  I
      (772) 332-4416                                                                                       peel, devein and drop the seafood in very
        I  ask  my  clientele  to                                                                          hot (just below boiling) water for two to
      think outside of the box.                                                                            three minutes depending on the size of the
      Do  you  find  yourself                                                                              shrimp, then remove and chill in ice water
      purchasing the same                                                                                  to stop the cooking. The good thing about
      white wine over and over?                                                                            this dish is there is no wrong recipe. It’s
      Yes,  I  am  talking  to  you                                                                        whatever you like.
      Chardonnay, Sauvignon                                One note to remember, it is important to read the label     I  mix  in  chopped  red  onion,  serrano
      Blanc and Pinot Grigio                             on the bottle.                                    chilies, green tomato, avocado, cucumber
      drinkers. Now is the time to spread your wings (just a     To assure yourself that you are getting 100 percent   and a little cilantro. I’ve learned to like
      little) to Albariño.                               Albariño, the wine labeled Rias Baixas will not contain   cilantro,  because  Cyndie  said  I  should.
        This fine wine goes well with just about any South   any blending grapes.  This is not to say the regions   Mix these ingredients with the juices of limes, lemons,
      Florida seafood dish.                              surrounding Rias Baixas don’t have quality wine, they   and oranges, some extra virgin olive oil, a dash of kosher
        The Albariño white grape from Rias Baixas, Spain, has   do. I would like you to try a true Albariño. I am sure it   salt and voila!
      wonderful aromas and flavors like white peach, apple,   will be added to your list when choosing your next wine.                         Life is good,
      almond, nectarine and even some tropical fruits.     One of my favorites is Paco & Lola Albariño 2017.                                         Glenn
      Northern Notes

      Get To Know Your Board Of                          Financial, LLC, a mortgage                        mediation. Another of his
      Supervisors – Part Two                             brokering and  real  estate                       projects has been to teach
                                                                                                           mediation and conflict
                                                         company consulting firm.
                                                         For the 12 years prior, Cohn                      resolution skills to inmates
      By O’Neal Bardin, Jr.,                             worked for several stock                          in two state prisons. He is
      Executive Director,                                exchange listed companies                         the chair of the Community
      Northern Palm Beach                                – Marriott Corporation and                        Mediation network, a not-
      County Improvement                                 American  Management                              for-profit  organization,
      District                                           Systems in their corporate                        dedicated to finding mutual
        Last month we started to                         accounting departments.                           solutions  to  conflicts.  In
      introduce, or re-introduce,                        Cohn has chosen to give his                       addition, Cohen has chaired
      you to the members of                              time and effort to several                        a  number  of  community-
      the Board of Supervisors                           community organizations including as a member of   based organizations and
      of Northern Palm Beach                             the City of Palm Beach Gardens Planning and Zoning   charities in Palm Beach County and other areas. He
      County  Improvement                                Advisory Board, member of the Palm Beach North    also effected “change management” in state owned
      District.  Each  supervisor                        Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee,   corporations.
      brings a wealth of                                 and member of the Palm Beach County Audit Advisory     Matthew Boykin was elected to Seat No. 5 of Northern’s
      knowledge and experience to the organization with their   Committee. He is also a member of a number of business   Board and currently serves
      extensive backgrounds and expertise in various business   and charitable organizations. Cohn graduated from the   as president. He was first
      facets. The Board of Supervisors is comprised of five   University of Maryland with a degree in business, with a   sworn in on Nov. 19, 2008.
      members, four of which are elected through popular   major in accounting and was enrolled in graduate courses   He was reelected twice for
      election and one through a landowner election. This   in finance at American University.             a four-year term and was
      month we’ll highlight Seats No. 3, 4 and 5.          John Cohen won the popular election for Seat No. 4 on   sworn in at the Nov. 16,
        L. Marc Cohn was reelected on Nov. 19, 2014 to Seat   Nov. 6, 2012. He was reelected and sworn in on Nov.16,   2016 Board meeting. He
      No. 3 for his second term as a Board member and is   2016 for his second term. He is the current Secretary of   resides in Jupiter and is a
      the current vice president of the Board. Cohn has been   the Board.                                  certified public accountant
      employed in the real estate and mortgage brokerage     Cohen works as a court appointed mediator, often in a   and is employed at
      business for the last 30 years and is the owner of Custom   pro bono capacity, to help people resolve disputes through   NextEra  Energy,  Inc.  He
                                                                                                           previously worked with
                                                                                                           Bank of America and is
                               pickupS FOR AuTiSM ...                                                      a member of the American Institute of Certified Public
                                                                                                           Accountants. Matthew holds a bachelor’s degree from
                                                                   ... and Related Disabilities            Miami University of Ohio and a master’s degree from
                                                                                                           Florida Atlantic University.
                                                                                                             NPDES Tip: Please check our website for information
                                                                                                           regarding illegal dumping. Do not put any paints, fluids,
                                                                                                           or oils into storm drains.
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