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                                                                Our Village Voice

        VOL. 29 NO. 8                                                                             AUGUST 2018

      The Oak Tree Trimming                                                                                  Bill’s Box

      By Steve Jackson, Shores Board of Directors,       pruning companies out there, your aging oaks deserve the
      Chair, Infrastructure                              discerning eye of an experienced arborist who can weigh   By Bill Thompson
        Pruning work for our street trees was completed in   the many factors that will benefit the health of your tree.   Warm Up
      June to restore the FDOT 14-foot clearance above roads   You can search for another certified arborist in our area     I love to write but hate
      and 8 feet over sidewalks. The scope excluded any trees   at  the start. All the good ideas
      on personal property unless it encroached on the roadway     It was noted that many trees were sitting in deep, wet   during the month and stored
      clearance and only a few trees needed balancing or   mulch … a breeding ground for insects, root rot and in   in my subconscious refuse
      corrective cuts for tree health and stability.     one suspected case of ganoderma. Such soil moisture,   to surface again. If I were
        If you feel your trees need further pruning, it’s still   when combined with heavy winds, could create a stability   not under a deadline, these
      possible to get this done though many tree services are   issue. Arborists recommend that mulch should not be   thoughts would be swirling
      busy with storm season approaching. The two companies   piled around the trunk. Mulch should begin a few inches   about like a swarm of bees. Just one more coffee. Come
      we qualified and use are Only Trees at (561) 747-8050   away from the trunk and extended to protect shallow roots   on now. So Bill, why don’t you make notes as the ideas
      and Stephen’s Tree Service (Stephen Davis) at (772)   and not exceed 3 inches in depth.                jump up? Oh, that would spoil the frantic feeling. And do
      323-7835.  While you can use any of the other tree                                                     you remember where all your notes are placed for quick
                                                                                                             access? Oh well….
                                                                                                             School Starts Soon
        Chief’s Corner                                                                                         Children with backpacks will flood streets and sidewalk
                                                                                                             on bikes or foot. Moms come along with the younger
                                                                                                             children to ensure their safety. At the same time, adults
         Dear Resident,                                  up our Town is a strategic priority for the Jupiter Police   are breezing along on their way to work. Their minds are
           As your new Chief                             Department. These strong partnerships not only build trust,   filled with the day’s busy agenda. Here it is. Kids, use the
         of Police, I look forward                       but contribute to the prevention and reduction of crime.   sidewalks where possible. On streets, walkers are required
         to serving  the Jupiter                           Organizational excellence is our goal and we will   by law to face oncoming traffic. Bikers must go with the
         Police Department and                           continue to provide the highest level of customer service   traffic with cars. No one should assume they will not be
         the residents of the Town                       while protecting the neighborhoods and businesses that   hit by a car. Drivers must not assume that a child will not
         of Jupiter.                                     make up our community.                              suddenly break pattern and appear in your windshield. That
           I am excited about                              I hope you are having a safe and enjoyable summer.   is a frightening scenario. Lesson: Assume nothing. Keep
         the future of our police                        Please continue to visit us on our website, Facebook,   your minds on the task at hand, getting safely to and from
         department and the new                          Instagram, and Twitter to learn about new and happening   work and school all in one piece.
         programs and services                           events within the Town of Jupiter.                  Dangerous Intersection
         we will offer to our                                                                 Sincerely,       Auto collisions occur at Longshore Drive and Northfork
         community. Establishing and maintaining close relationships                      Daniel J. Kerr,    Road. At a recent CAG meeting, the Jupiter Police
         with the residents, visitors, and stakeholders that make                         Chief of Police    Department named the location and numerous crashes at
                                                                                                             the site. The most recent occurrence, to my knowledge, was
                                                                                                             in July, when a car traveling approximately 70 mph south
      Florida Fish And Wildlife                                                                              on Northfork was unable to stop at Longshore, crossed
                                                                                                             the road and crashed into trees on the Shores’ property.
      Conservation Commission (FWC)                                                                          Claims have been filed for damages to Shores’ common
                                                                                                             property. The car was crushed, which required the rescue
                                                                                                             team to cut through the metal door to extract the driver who
                                                                                                             was transported by helicopter to the hospital. The caution
        The Statewide Nuisance                           where they are unwanted or unwelcome. If a complaint   here is that this is the site of several wrecks involving one
      Alligator Program  (SNAP)  is                      meets the qualifying criteria, SNAP will issue a permit to a
      administered by the FWC’s                          contracted nuisance alligator trapper authorizing the removal   Bill’s Box on page 3
      Division of Hunting and Game                       of the animal.
      Management. SNAP is one of                           Complainants must be able to grant legal access to the
      five components of Florida’s                       property on which the alligator is located. SNAP does not
      comprehensive alligator                            permit the removal of nuisance alligators from private or
      management program. Its                            publicly managed property without first obtaining permission
      mission is to address complaints                   from the property owner or management authority.
      concerning alligators. Persons                     Why Aren’t Small Alligators Removed?
      with concerns about an alligator                     Alligators less than 4 feet in length are not large enough
      may call toll-free the nuisance alligator          to be dangerous unless handled. They eat fish, frogs and
      hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286). Generally,   other small animals. Typically, they are not large enough to
      an alligator may be deemed a nuisance if it is at least 4 feet   be a threat even to small pets. The mere presence of a small
      in length and the caller believes it poses a threat to people,   alligator is not cause for concern.
      pets or property.
        SNAP uses contracted nuisance alligator trappers   Florida Fish And Wildlife
      throughout the state to remove alligators from locations   on page 2           Call Jupiter Police                    Please Send Your
                                                                                          Department                          Email Address

                                                                                          immediately                      Please  send  your  email  address
                                                                                        to report suspicious activity.   to Jeff Green, Association Manager,
                                                                                            (561) 799-4445.              Jupiter  Management.  It is  needed
                                                                                            The sooner called            for quick flashes of information to
                                                                                         the sooner they can help.       residents and homeowners (shores@
                                                                                        911 is for emergencies only.,) direct phone line
                                                                                       Keep cars and house locked.       (561) 743-4607.
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