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      Jupiter Senior Softball Players                                                                       Bill’s Box from page 1

      Celebrate Fourth Of July                                                                              car crashing into another. Logically, one would think the
                                                                                                            southbound vehicle doesn’t stop at the stop sign. So again,
                                                                                                            do not assume the other driver is paying attention. Don’t be
       By Mike Richmond                                    The slow-pitch softball program is open to persons 55   a victim. Watch that other car carefully, and be ready for
         Jupiter senior softball players celebrated the Fourth of   and over, and is sponsored by the Jupiter Senior Softball   evasive action.
      July by gathering before Old Glory to recite the Pledge of   Association in cooperation with the Town of Jupiter Parks   Fascinating Wildlife
      Allegiance and then take the field for a spirited seven-inning   and Recreation Department. Shores residents George     This story interests me because I have not seen anything
      holiday game.                                      Farnworth, Ted Battistone and Larry Wickerham are among   like it before. Three ducks have been camping in my lakeside
         Thirty-three players competed on three teams that rotated   the players.                           backyard for quite a while. There are two hens and one big
      each inning, either batting, playing in the field, or sitting.     New players are always welcome. Games are every   gander who seems to be husband and protector of the hens.
      Wet grounds at Jupiter Community Park forced a switch of   Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings beginning at   The hens built a nice nest in the hedge right beside the pool
      the game to Tequesta Park but it was a warm, sunny day and   8:30 a.m. at Jupiter Community Park. A Winter League runs   enclosure screen door. I feel honored that they trust us and
      the change didn’t dampen players’ enthusiasm. Also, Dennis   from January through March followed by pickup games the   want to share their lives. The nest contains 17 eggs and the
      Frankos’ donation of a cooler full of iced bottles of water   remainder of the year. For information call Gary Brodsky   hen is sitting near full-time. Then, to my surprise, I saw
      was greatly appreciated by players needing to quench their   at (773) 575-5417, or go to to   both hens sitting on the nest. That seems unusual. They are
      thirst.                                            obtain additional information and to register.     at ease when we come and go through the door. So the big
                                                                                                            strutting gander has two wives who he guards zealously. But,
                                                                                                            then I have seen him drive one of the wives off the nest to
                                                                                                            impregnate her. That act always seems like forceful rape. I
                                                                                                            guess the wives are okay with it. Is this an act of lust or an
                                                                                                            instinct to seed more eggs for the next family? Have you
                                                                                                            ever seen or heard of this behavior? I’ll bet our resident bird
                                                                                                            expert Jim Howe can tell us. What about it, Jim?
                                                                                                              “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will
                                                                                                            take you there.” – Attributed to Lewis Carroll.
                                                                                                                      Deadline For September Issue
                                                                                                                               August 15

                                                                                                           Biking And Bells

          Introductory Massage                                                                             By Samie Melton

          End Of SuMMEr                                       $59                                            While out walking on Longshore a few days ago I witnessed a
                                                                                                           bicyclist run into the back of a pedestrian. Instead of apologizing
          SpEcIal                                                                                          and asking how the man was the bicyclist told the man “I rang
                                                                                                           my bell.” To me this is the equivalent of a car hitting a bicycle
                                                                                                           from behind and the driver saying, “I honked my horn.”
                                                                                                             Fortunately, the man didn’t fall, but he was limping as he
                                                                                                           walked away. Bicyclists need to be aware of the fact that some
                                                                                                           of our neighbors have hearing problems. Unless your bell is
                                                                                                           extremely loud, a pedestrian may not hear it. I’m not sure what
                                                                                                           the protocol is for biking on the sidewalk in
                                                                                                           that area, but I would think that as in driving
              561/328-0172                                                                                 the person coming up from behind is
                                                                                                           the one responsible for avoiding an
                654 West Indiantown                                                                        accident.
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