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                                                           It’s The Law!

                                                           Did You Know That, In                           health and life insurance, alimony and attorneys’ fees.
                                                                                                             A trust is a relationship in which one person transfers
                                                           Florida…                                        an asset or something of value to another entity, which
                                                                                                           is then managed by a trustee, who controls the assets
                                                           By Adam S. Gumson, Esq.                         for the benefit of a third party. Some trusts are drafted to
                                                             Sometimes, a married                          avoid the probate process, while others assist in creditor
                                                           couple may claim two                            protection, to minimize taxes or to qualify for Medicaid.
                                                           homestead exemptions                            There is not a one-size fits all trust, so knowing what you
                                                           if each truly lives in a                        want to accomplish will enable you to select the right
                                                           separate household for                          trust for your needs.
                                                           at least 183 days a year.                         Jupiter Law Center is a private neighborhood law
                                                           However, a married                              firm located in the Jupiter Creek Professional Center,
                                                           couple with a vacation                          1102 W. Indiantown Road, Suite 7, Jupiter, FL (561)
                                                           home where one of the                           744-4600, The firm provides
                                                           parties resides there less                      peace of mind by solving problems with integrity and
                                                           than 183 days per year cannot (validly) claim a   compassion in the areas of estate planning (wills and
                                                           homestead exemption on the vacation home. Claiming   trusts, powers of attorney, health care surrogates, living
                                                           both exemptions in this example would be fraudulent.  wills, probate estates, succession planning, contracts
                                                             A property settlement agreement allows spouses   and purchase/sale agreements), family law (divorce,
                                                           in a divorce action to determine their own rights and   paternity, child support and time sharing, alimony,
                                                           responsibilities without the court having to make those   property  distribution,  modifications,  collaborative
                                                           decisions for them. Some of the issues usually covered   law, pre/post nuptial agreements) and real estate
                                                           in this agreement include distribution of marital assets   (community association law, residential and commercial
                                                           and liabilities, timesharing with children, child support,   transactions, deeds, closings).

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