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      The Single Scene Column                                           ©

      Does Dating Spook You?                             asking women out via text, women are breaking up with     In conclusion, treat yourself this month. Don’t settle
                                                         men via text, and high voltage words are exchanged that   for a boo-friend or a ghoul-friend when you can find a better
      By Kelly Leary, M.S.,                              would have NEVER been said in person because people   partner. Save time, money, headache, and heartache by
      Founder of Revolution                              have false confidence when texting. Many singles have   dating the right people at the right time! The “scariest” part
      Dating                                             “textationships” in lieu of “relationships.” For some,   is making the first phone call to our office. Luckily, loving
                                                         cyber life is replacing real life. “E- Love” is actually being   agents are standing by to help YOU (see some of us in the
      “Hope for love, pray for                           mistaken for real love and it is so impersonal, isn’t it? I   Around Town Section). We look forward to seeing many
      love, wish for love, dream                         think it’s flat out cowardly.                     of you movers and shakers at our 12th Annual Halloween
      for love…but don’t put                               2. At Revolution Dating, we encourage our clients   Gala! It’s going to be a revolutionary party! We urge you
      your life on hold waiting                          to look beyond “exterior image” and we encourage   to reserve your place in the club now, so you can make the
      for love.”                                         everyone to get to know one another. Romance (that will   all-inclusive event. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.
      ― Mandy Hale                                       last) will follow suit if it is the right person. We have so     Happy Halloween to you all and do reserve your place
                                                         many new and attractive people joining our club daily...  in the club today while there is still space! We accept a
        Are you tired of meeting                         and there is a BIG power in numbers. We are entering our   limited number of new clients per month.
      boo-friends and ghoul-friends online? I can assure you   busiest season of the year right now. No one wants to spend                          XOXO,
      millions of single people are exhausted, as a result of   the holidays alone and before you know it, Thanksgiving                               Kelly
      today’s modern dating games. Recall, HALF of the adult   will be here...then the BIG holidays...than New Years Eve
      population in South Florida and the Treasure Coast is single/  2018! The time to act is now, friends (not tomorrow).   #BeTheChange #BeFestivelyFearless #FallIntoLove
      divorced or widowed. Fortunately, daily in our offices, we     3. In contrast to other (wannabee) dating clubs and   #LetLoveRule #CallMeetLove #HeWhoProcrastinatesIsLost
      hear exciting stories of new found love at all ages, and   online dating sites, Revolution Dating is no assembly line   #TellYourFriends
      we know we are doing something to cure the problem.   just spitting out single people and letting them fend for
      During the summer season, we had so many #RDcouples   themselves. In fact, that would be counter-revolutionary.     Kelly Leary© has 27 years in the dating industry and
      get married and engaged, it warmed our hearts. In recent   We should all be on a mission to unite, bond, and connect.   a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled
      days, as we kicked off the Fall Season 2018, our phones   WE are a part of the Love Movement. WE are not afraid and   by  ABC News, The Palm  Beach Post, PalmBeacher
      have been ringing off the hook with new clients who want   you shouldn’t be either. Be like US and #BeTheChange you   Magazine, The Florida Business Journal and other
      to start their own “revolution of love” before the holiday   seek in your life. If you are not moving and grooving--you   publications.  All Revolution Dating members are
      season begins. The holidays make people realize how   are not living to your full potential. If you are not living   prescreened first in person. Professional photos are taken
      wonderful it is to have ONE SPECIAL person by your   and loving, you are dying. Sorry to be so blunt, but don’t   by the staff. Revolution Dating is not online dating or blind
      side and in your corner. There is no need to be alone in a   be a Love Zombie!                       dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services
      spooky world when all you have to do is treat yourself to     4. Increase your odds of finding quality people to   that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive
      some...change. Our clients are just like you and they have   date, and avoid looking for love in all the wrong places.   membership, Kelly also holds private singles events. For
      one thing in common: they are not terrified by real love   Don’t sit home gun-shy because you were hurt before. The   more information, please call (561) 630-XOXO (9696) or
      and you shouldn’t be either! Despite the fact that research   more we love each other, the more love we will receive.   772-932-HERE (4373) or visit
      shows that marriage rates are on the decline and divorce   The more we argue and condemn, the more negativity we
      is on the rise, there is still hope for you. In other words,   will receive from the Universe (FACT). If we don’t apply   Around Town Photos & Taken
      don’t let the risks of social media, online dating, and the   to the school of love now, it will be too late soon and YOU
      bar scene drive you to become a “relationship outlaw.”   are not getting any younger. None of us are...darn it! As   Couples:
        Here are some surefire ways to avoid becoming a   we say in my office: Let love rule! Live in the moment.
      LOVE Zombie:                                       Keep your words sweet; because you may be eating them     Need to spice up your love life for the up and coming
        1. Beware of “keyboard warriors” and online dating   soon...sweetness in life and love will get you everywhere...  Holiday Season? Are you getting invites for dinner and
      repeat offenders. Heed the “Texting Trap.” Men are   especially in the dating world!                 parties? Wouldn’t it be nice to go in tandem? If you agree
                                                                                                           AND you are single, the answer is right in front of you
                                                                                                           and the following photos will speak 1,000 words to all
                                                                                                           ages! Revolution Dating has an exciting event line-up
                                                                                                           planned for the season. Don’t waste your time getting
                                                                                                           spooked by online dating, TREAT yourself and come

                                                                                                                                   One of RD’s “TAKEN”
                                                                                                           Our Newest Engaged Couple!  couples enjoying a casual
                                                                                                           Congrats Tibi and Joseph,  night out! Mike and Christy
                                                                                                           engaged Summer 2018.    est. Summer 2018.

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