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      October And Hurricane

      Season – Don’t Let Your                                                                                         Fun, Unique
      Guard Down Yet

      By O’Neal Bardin Jr.,                                                                                   SPECIAL EVENTS,
      Executive Director,
      Northern Palm Beach                                                                                     There's no place like
      County Improvement
        Hurricane season in the
      Atlantic basin officially runs
      from June 1 through Nov.  30.
      The Eastern United States
      (including Florida), Central
      America and the Caribbean                            Hurricane Wilma in October 2005 is famous for being the
      islands are in the Atlantic                        strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic basin. It had the lowest
      basin, one of seven basins the                     barometric pressure reading of any hurricane in the history
      world is divided into for tracking storms. The peak period for   of the basin. Wilma eventually made landfall in Florida as a
      storm development in the Atlantic basin is from late August   Category 3 hurricane.
      through September where most of the storms come off the     Hurricane season officially ends Nov. 30, but the risk
      African coast and across the Atlantic Ocean. These storms   to South Florida in November tends to drop significantly
      give us time to prepare since they have a lot of ocean to cross   as cool, dry air from the north hinders the development of
      before they begin to impact our area.              tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes. If a storm does
        But did you know that at this time of year, when a storm   form in November, it’s most likely to do so in the Caribbean.
      forms, it’s more likely to hit us? That’s because October storms   But atmospheric conditions then are more likely to steer these
      are more likely to form in the western Caribbean Sea, where   storms into the Atlantic, away from Florida.
      they tend to travel north over or near western Cuba and then     Between 1851 and 2015, only two hurricanes have hit
      across southern Florida. Part of the challenge with storms that   Florida in November. On Nov. 4, 1935, the Yankee hurricane,
      form in the western Caribbean in autumn is that there’s a much   which got its nickname because it came from the north, made
      shorter lead time, which means not as much time to get the   landfall just north of Miami Beach as a Category 1 hurricane,
      warning out.                                       with five deaths reported in South Florida. On Nov. 21, 1985,
        According to the National Hurricane Center, 10 major   Category 2 Hurricane Kate made landfall at Mexico Beach in
      hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) hit Florida in October   the Florida Panhandle, near Panama City Beach. There were
      between 1851 and 2015. That’s second only to the month of   five reported deaths in the United States, four of them in Florida.
      September, with 19 major hurricane landfalls in Florida over     More likely, but still relatively rare, are tropical storms and
      that same time period. August ranked third, with six; but no   depressions hitting in November. Records show there have
      major hurricanes struck in November.               been six tropical storms to hit Florida in November between
        While temperatures drop in autumn across most parts of the   1851 and 2015. These include Mitch in 1998, Gordon in 1994,
      United States, water in the Atlantic Ocean often remains warm   Keith in 1988, and three unnamed storms in 1946, 1904, and
      enough to support hurricanes. The two deadliest hurricanes   1861.
      in the Atlantic basin’s history were in October. The Great     Hurricane forecasters also warn that hurricanes can and
      Hurricane of 1780 was the deadliest hurricane, killing almost   do form anywhere at any point during the season – and even
      20,000 people in the Caribbean, affecting the same areas that   outside of the season. Don’t let your guard down, be prepared.
      were blasted by Irma and Maria recently. The other was Mitch     Sources:
      in 1998. It stalled over Central America and killed nearly 20,000   hurricane/fl-reg-october-hurricanes-south-florida-caribbean-
      people. In October and November, water in parts of the Atlantic   20171024-story.html#;
      tends to be at the warmest levels of the year, since ocean cooling   weather-news/6-of-the-most-notorious-october-hurricanes-in-
      lags behind cooling of the air. The ocean heat content or what   the-atlantic/70002896.
      meteorologists call “available energy” for hurricanes can be     NPDES Tip: Hurricane season began June 1. Make sure
      quite high in the western Caribbean during October. When   your yards and trees are trimmed to avoid flying debris during
      the warm ocean water evaporates, it heats the surrounding air,   a storm. Dispose of your trimmings and clippings properly. Do
      which fuels the growth and intensity of a hurricane.  not put them into storm drains or lakes!

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