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      Hearing Solutions

      Loss Could Accelerate Brain                        gray matter density of the auditory areas was lower in people   “Preserving your hearing doesn’t only protect your ears but
                                                                                                           also helps your brain perform at its best.”
                                                         with decreased hearing ability, suggesting a link between
      Atrophy In Seniors                                 hearing ability and brain volume.                   Finally, it should be understood that another cause of
                                                           So what is all this telling us?                 cognitive confusion is hearing loss. A patient’s spouse
      By Murray Steinfeld,                                 According to Jonathan Peele, Ph.D., research associate   recently noted to me that before her husband received his
      LHAS, BC-HIS,                                      and lead author in the department of neurology, “As hearing   hearing aids, he continually was missing many details in
      ACA,Board Certified                                ability declines with age, interventions such as hearing aids   conversations that made him appear mentally confused. I
      Audioprosthologist,                                should be considered, not only to improve hearing but to   explained that language processing atrophies if bilateral
      Hearing Solutions,                                 preserve the brain.”                              (two ears) hearing loss continues over a lengthy period.
      (561) 747-6339                                       In a series of studies, researchers measured the relationship   “You use it or you lose it.” I explained to the patient and
        A study conducted by                             of hearing acuity to the brain and the relationship to speech   spouse, auditory attention is difficult to maintain under such
      researchers at the Perelman                        comprehension.                                    circumstances and the hearing impaired person gives up
      School of Medicine at the                            The studies found that people with hearing loss showed   after a while, allowing words and meanings to just slip by
      University of Pennsylvania                         less brain activity on functional MRI scans when listening to   them and that all becomes very confusing and frustrating
      shows that declines in hearing                     complex sentences. Poorer hearers also had less gray matter   to everyone involved. “Don’t let that happen to you!” A
      ability may accelerate gray                        in the auditory cortex suggesting that areas of the brain related   complete and thorough hearing examination can possibly
      matter atrophy in auditory areas of the brain and increase   to auditory processing may show accelerated atrophy when   make a very important and positive difference in your life
      the listening effort necessary for adults to successfully   hearing ability declines. Peele also noted that the findings   and to those you care so much about.
      comprehend speech.                                 suggested there are serious implications for younger adults,     Hearing Solutions of the Palm Beaches, Colonial
        When a sense like taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch   including those concerned about listening to music at loud   Plaza, 651 W. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, (561) 747-6339,
      is altered, the brain reorganizes and adjusts. In the case of   volumes. He noted, “Your hearing ability directly affects how   email: or www.
      those with hearing difficulty the researchers found that the   the brain processes sounds including speech.” He also stated,
      Northern Notes

      October And Hurricane                                                                                as much time to get the warning out.

      Season – Don’t Let Your                                                                                According to the National Hurricane Center, 10 major
                                                                                                           hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) hit Florida in October
      Guard Down Yet                                                                                       between 1851 and 2015. That’s second only to the month
                                                                                                           of September, with 19 major hurricane landfalls in Florida
      By O’Neal Bardin Jr.,                                                                                over that same time period. August ranked third, with six;
      Executive Director,                                                                                  but no major hurricanes struck in November.
      Northern Palm Beach                                                                                    While temperatures drop in autumn across most parts of
      County Improvement                                                                                   the United States, water in the Atlantic Ocean often remains
      District                                                                                             warm enough to support hurricanes. The two deadliest
        Hurricane season in the                                                                            hurricanes in the Atlantic basin’s history were in October.
      Atlantic  basin  officially                                                                          The Great Hurricane of 1780 was the deadliest hurricane,
      runs from June 1 through                                                                             killing almost 20,000 people in the Caribbean, affecting the
      Nov. 30. The Eastern United                        Cuba and then across southern Florida. Part of the challenge   same areas that were blasted by Irma and Maria recently.
      States (including Florida),                        with storms that form in the western Caribbean in autumn
      Central America and the                            is that there’s a much shorter lead time, which means not   Northern Notes on page 9
      Caribbean islands are in the
      Atlantic basin, one of seven
      basins the world is divided into for tracking storms. The
      peak period for storm development in the Atlantic basin
      is from late August through September where most of the
      storms come off the African coast and across the Atlantic     You’re Retired.
      Ocean. These storms give us time to prepare since they have
      a lot of ocean to cross before they begin to impact our area.   Your Money Isn’t.
        But did you know that at this time of year, when a storm
      forms, it’s more likely to hit us? That’s because October
      storms are more likely to form in the western Caribbean       To learn why consolidating
      Sea, where they tend to travel north over or near western
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