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      This And That

      October                                              In the future, the night before your departure, place a   busy and did not place this on the top of the agenda to be
                                                         cup of water in the freezer and freeze the water solid. In   done. Well it happened! She fell and no one was there to
      By Mrs. Suzy Q                                     the morning when checking your list, open the freezer   assist her. She called for help but no one heard her cries.
        What does the month of October means to you? Does   and place a coin on top of the frozen water, then close   After calling and not receiving a response I drove to her
      it mean ghosts, goblins, or costumes scary, beautiful or   the door. When you return, open the freezer and see if   home. When I knocked on the door all I could hear were
      interesting? Does it mean receiving lots of goodies when   the coin is still on the top or had dropped to the bottom.  her cries for “Help me. Somebody please help me.”
      you trick or treat?                                  If it is on top the food stayed frozen while you were   It was a frightening shrill cry and I knew immediately
        It is a fun time of the year. The heat of the summer is   away and it is okay. If it dropped to the bottom your   something was wrong. I immediately called 911 and they
      gone. Daylight hours are shorter and nights are longer.   food has defrosted. Throw it away. If it is halfway, be   responded almost on the spot. Thank you to the sheriff’s
      Therefore safety is so important! Be sure that when you   cautious, as the food may have defrosted and refroze. I   department as well as the local police of Lake Park.
      trick or treat the outfit that you are wearing, or that your   have researched this tip and found both pros and cons on     When they finally entered the home they found she
      child has on is well illuminated for everyone to see.    it. Remember, if in doubt, throw it out!    had hit her head and had been lying in a position so she
        Please also carry a flashlight that is bright enough to     This next tip I have experienced in the last month and   could not get herself up. She had been without water or
      light the way and to light all your surroundings where   it was frightening, to say the least. I have a very good   food and her temperature was 105 degrees Fahrenheit. She
      you are walking. For all of us who have been away for a   girlfriend who lost her husband this year. She lives by   is now in recovery and she was given a second lease on
      long vacation and are just returning, absence may have   herself. I phone her every couple of days just to check in   life. I am telling you this because I have almost seen my
      created power outages.                             and say hello and ask her how her day was going. Several   friend die. If she had some type of unit, be it a cell phone
        Here is a tip that one of our readers, Maggie, sent in.   times we have discussed her wearing some type of item   or a life alert system, she could have received assistance
      It is called the “One Cup Tip.”                    to call for help if she needed it. Like all of us she was   so quickly. So please – if you know of someone who
                                                                                                           is alone or elderly make sure that they wear something
                                                                                                           where they can call for help. There are holders for cell
                                                                                                           phones that can be worn around the neck or various life
                                                                                                           alert systems that can be subscribed to. Just by working
                The School District has proposed a                                                         around the  house and being by yourself, something
                                                                                                           unfortunate could occur, when you least expect it.
          plan to enhance school safety, improve                                                             October for me means, Oktoberfest; doing the chicken
                                                                                                           dance; listening to oompah bands and lots of German beer
                                                                                                           and sausage. It is a time for music, merriment and lots of
            teacher pay and protect our students.                                                          good German food to eat. Many clubs, churches and of
                                                                                                           course the German American Club, celebrate this famous
                                                                                                           holiday. So go out and kick up your heels. You will be
                                                                                                           glad you did.
                                                                                                             Until next month when we will all get together through
                                                                                                           the wonderful magic of reading, be safe, and stay well.

                                                                                                            Northern Notes from page 8

                                                                                                            The other was Mitch in 1998. It stalled over Central
                                                                                                            America and killed nearly 20,000 people. In October
                                                                                                            and November, water in parts of the Atlantic tends to be
                                                                                                            at the warmest levels of the year, since ocean cooling
                                                                                                            lags behind cooling of the air. The ocean heat content
                                                                                                            or  what  meteorologists  call  “available  energy”  for
                                                                                                            hurricanes can be quite high in the western Caribbean
                                                                                                            during October. When the warm ocean water evaporates,
                                                                                                            it heats the surrounding air, which fuels the growth and
                                                                                                            intensity of a hurricane.
                                                                                                              Hurricane Wilma in October 2005 is famous for being
                                                                                                            the strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic basin. It had
                                                                                                            the lowest barometric pressure reading of any hurricane
                                                                                                            in the history of the basin.  Wilma eventually made
                                                                                                            landfall in Florida as a Category 3 hurricane.
                                                                                                              Hurricane season officially ends Nov. 30, but the risk
                                                                                                            to South Florida in November tends to drop significantly
                                                                                                            as cool, dry air from the north hinders the development
                                                                                                            of tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes. If a
                                                                                                            storm does form in November, it’s most likely to do so
                                                                                                            in the Caribbean. But atmospheric conditions then are
                                                                                                            more likely to steer these storms into the Atlantic, away
                                                                                                            from Florida.
                                                                                                              Between 1851 and 2015, only two hurricanes have
                                                                                                            hit Florida in November. On Nov. 4, 1935, the Yankee
                                                                                                            hurricane, which got its nickname because it came from
                                                                                                            the north, made landfall just north of Miami Beach as
                                                                                                            a Category 1 hurricane, with five deaths reported in
                                                                                                            South Florida. On Nov. 21, 1985, Category 2 Hurricane
                                          SAMPLE BALLOT                                                     Kate made landfall at Mexico Beach in the Florida

                                  Go to the very end of your ballot to find the 1 Mill Plan.                Panhandle, near Panama City Beach. There were five
                                                                                                            reported deaths in the United States, four of them in
                                       COUNTYWIDE SCHOOL QUESTION                                             More likely, but still relatively rare, are tropical
                            Shall the School Board of Palm Beach County have authority to levy              storms and depressions hitting in November. Records
                          1.00 mills of ad valorem millage dedicated for operational needs of non-          show there have been six tropical storms to hit Florida
                          charter District schools to fund school safety equipment, hire additional         in November between 1851 and 2015. These include
                          school police and mental health professionals, fund arts, music, physical         Mitch in 1998, Gordon in 1994, Keith in 1988, and three
                            education, career and choice program teachers, and improve teacher              unnamed storms in 1946, 1904, and 1861.
                          pay beginning July 1, 2019 and automatically ending June 30, 2023, with             Hurricane forecasters also warn that hurricanes can
                              oversight by the independent committee of citizens and experts?               and do form anywhere at any point during the season
                                                                                                            – and even outside of the season. Don’t let your guard
                                                                                                            down, be prepared.
            You can help our Palm Beach County public schools, teachers and students.                       weather/hurricane/fl-reg-october-hurricanes-south-

                                                                          florida-caribbean-20171024-story.html#; https://www.
                                                            STRONG SCHOOLS...                                 NPDES Tip: Hurricane season began June 1. Make
                                                            STRONG COMMUNITIES.                             sure your yards and trees are trimmed to avoid flying
                                                                                                            debris during a storm. Dispose of your trimmings and
                                                             THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PALM BEACH COUNTY’S PROPOSED 1 MILL REFERENDUM
                                                                                                            clippings properly. Do not put them into storm drains
                                      For Information Only, Palm Beach County Schools                       or lakes!
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