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                                                    TiP Of THe TaiL

      Top Four Reasons To Get                            Reason 1: Overall Health And Longevity Of Your Pet  form at the roots of the teeth. These teeth will become loose

      Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned                             Bacteria from dental disease can get into the blood and   and even fall out. This is painful and it is not uncommon for
                                                         travel to important organs such as the heart, liver and kidney.
                                                                                                           a pet to then need multiple extractions when getting their
                                                         These conditions will shorten your pet’s life span and will   teeth cleaned. Some pets end up with no teeth remaining if it
                                                         need costly and extended treatment. It is better to get your   is left too late. Getting prophylactic dental cleanings starting
                                                         pet into your veterinarian for a full dental cleaning regularly   early in life and keeping up with regular routine dental care
                                                         than lose precious time with your beloved companion.  will prevent this from happening.
                                                         Reason 2: Bad Breath                                We brush our teeth twice a day and we need regular
                                                           When periodontal disease progresses halitosis (bad breath)   professional dental cleanings. Your furry friends also need
                                                         comes along with it. If the teeth are really diseased, you can   regular brushing and dental treats and regular professional
                                                         often smell the breath from across a room! We all love to   dental cleaning. Every pet is different but in general, small
                                                         cuddle with our fur babies, but it becomes difficult when the   breed dogs will need a full anesthetic dental yearly and even
                                                         smell turns your stomach. Get those teeth cleaned!  every six months as they get older. Larger breeds may need
                                                         Reason 3: Pain                                    dentals only every few years. The general recommendation
                                                           Periodontal disease is very painful for your pet. Sore,   is to get a dental cleaning done on your pet yearly combined
                                                         inflamed gums and loose teeth can make it hard for your pet   with at-home dental care in between. At-home dental care
                                                         to eat. Abscesses and infections cause chronic long-term pain   includes dental treats and tooth brushing. It is important to
                                                         that your pet may not even tell you about. Often the disease is   get your pet in to your veterinarian for annual checkups to
                                                         slowly progressive so they get used to the pain and continue   assess the teeth and decide on the best plan for your pet’s
         Do dogs and cats really need their teeth professionally   to eat and act overall normal. What you may notice is that   dental care. Don’t ignore what could be a hidden but serious
       cleaned? The answer is absolutely yes!            they become head shy-avoiding touch to the mouth or face   problem.
         Animals develop tartar and plaque on their teeth just like   because it hurts. Sometimes they will just want to eat soft     Established in 1981, Palm City Animal Medical Center
       we do. This tartar and plaque is formed by food particles   food instead of the dry food they always loved. Often after a   is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your
       and bacteria. The bacteria spread to the gums and cause   dental cleaning is performed on a pet with a painful, diseased   pets. With focuses on compassionate care in surgery,
       inflammation which is called gingivitis. As the bacteria spread   mouth and the infected teeth or infections are removed, the   physical therapy and rehabilitation, preventative medicine,
       it works its way deeper and deeper around the teeth and causes   pet is suddenly playful and more energetic. This is a clear   extensive diagnostics, and emergency service, Palm City
       periodontal disease which eventually causes loss of the teeth.   indication that the teeth were painful and affecting your pet’s   Animal Medical Center combines exceptional medical
       The best way to prevent dental disease is regular brushing of   quality of life.                    care with a caring philosophy for pets and their owners.
       your pet’s teeth and special dental treats. Regular cleaning of   Reason 4: Tooth Loss              For more information, call (772) 283-0920, visit www.
       the teeth under general anesthesia is also needed. The most     Once bacteria get under the gum, the tissues supporting or find us on Facebook
       common problem with your pet’s teeth is periodontal disease   the teeth and the bone are slowly eaten away. Abscess can   at
       which can start as early as 4-5 years of age. Only by cleaning
       below the gum line can you slow this process down and only            financiaL fOcus
       by cleaning under anesthesia can you do this.

                                                         Take Steps To Boost Your                          income: Social Security, pensions, employer- sponsored
                                                                                                           retirement plans, your investment portfolio and so on.
                         Palm City                       Retirement Security                               You need to know how much you can expect from these
                                                                                                           sources, and how you can strengthen them.
       Christmas Holiday Fair                            By Bryce Buchanan,                                  • Be diligent in your retirement savings. You could
           Holy Redeemer Women's Guild                   Edward Jones                                      spend two or three decades as a retiree, so you’ll want to
                                                           To raise awareness about
                                                                                                           accumulate as many resources as you possibly can – and
           Nov 10  and 11                                the importance of saving                          that means you’ll need to save and invest diligently during
                                                                                                           your working years. Put in as much as you can afford
                                                         for retirement, Congress
             8 a.m. - 2 p.m.           Chance to         has dedicated Oct. 21 to                          to your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement
        Holy Redeemer Parish Hall      $200 cash         27 as National Retirement                         plan – and every time your salary goes up, try to increase
        Corner of Mapp and Matheson                      Security  Week. And  the                          your annual contributions. But you can also go beyond
                                                         evidence shows that                               your  employer-backed  plan  and  contribute  to  an  IRA.
                        Christmas Decor, Home Goods,     increasing this awareness is                      In all your retirement accounts, you’ll want to include a
                           Specialty Items, Jewelry,     indeed important. Consider                        reasonable percentage of growth-oriented investments,
                       Home Baked Goods, Collectibles    this: Some 50 percent of                          within the limits of your personal risk tolerance.
                        For info call: 772 781-3844      households are considered at risk of not having enough     • Establish an appropriate withdrawal strategy. Your
                                                         money to maintain their living standards in retirement,   retirement security isn’t just based on how much you’ve
                                                         according to the National Retirement Risk Index produced   built up before you retire – it also depends on how
                                                         by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.  you manage your assets and investment income during
          Palm City Auto                                   What can you do to help yourself stay out of the “at   retirement. As you begin to take out money from your
                                                                                                           401(k), IRA and other investment accounts, you need
                                                         risk” category? Here are a few suggestions:
        Lube & Services                                    •  Define  what  retirement  security  means  to  you.   to establish a withdrawal rate appropriate for your age,
                                                         Everyone has different ideas about what a secure
                                                                                                           retirement lifestyle and asset level. If you take out too
                                                         retirement looks like. You might feel that true security   much each year, you risk outliving your resources, but
                                                         means being able to remain in your current home and live   if you withdraw too little, you might be shortchanging
        The DiTerlizzi Family of Companies               independently throughout your life. Or you might only   yourself on your quality of life. You may want to work
                                                                                                           with a financial professional, who can review your entire
                                                         feel secure if you know you can afford to travel or help
                                                                                                           situation – income, expenses and so on – and recommend
                                                         your grown children or grandchildren financially. Once
              Celebrating Our 28th Year                  you’ve identified your own vision of retirement security,   an appropriate annual withdrawal figure.
                                                                                                             These aren’t the only keys to attaining retirement
                                                         you should be able to determine the financial resources
                                                         you’ll need to reach your desired outcome.        security – but they can still help you move toward that
                                                           • Create an appropriate financial strategy. To achieve   goal. Keep them in mind as the years go by.
                      $10  off                           your idea of a secure retirement, you can’t just hope for     This article was written by Edward Jones for use by
                                                         the best – you need to create a comprehensive financial
                                                                                                           your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
           our “full Service oil Change”                 strategy, accounting for your various sources of retirement
                      Enjoy by 11/30/18.
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