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Dating from page 5
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                  esTaTe                                   Dating from page 5                              so many)! You could be next! If marriage is not on your

                                                                                                           agenda, you can simply increase your network of quality
                                                          Revolution Dating has an exciting event line-up planned   friends and up your odds of true romance! The sky is the
             PLanning                                     for the season. Don’t waste your time getting spooked by   limit! Make it a great holiday season, and don’t forget to
                                                          online dating, TREAT yourself and come to Revolution
                                                                                                           treat yourself too! We have many amazing things planned
                                                          Dating’s  12th Annual  Halloween  Gala  and  meet  real   for the ending of 2018! Let’s end the year on a high note!
                                                          singles, like you! This club is so well connected to all the   Call us today at 561-630-XOXO (9696). *Parties are
      Being A Trustee Or Personal                         right people and in all the right places, and you can be too,   optional. *All Inquiries are confidential.
                                                          regardless of your
      Representative Is An Honor                          age or lifestyle.
                                                          Eligible singles
      By Tony Lavargna, Esq.                              love  to  enjoy  the
        It’s a mixed blessing to                          benefits of the
      be named as trustee of your                         club, whether
      parents’ trust, personal                            i t  i s t hrough
      representative of their                             private  one-on-
      will, or guardian of their                          one matchmaking
      property. Better you than                           or social mixers.
      another, you may think.                             There is something
      True, but you now owe a                             and someone for
      “fiduciary responsibility”                          everyone. For
      to the remaining heirs and                          added inspiration,
      beneficiaries.                                      please  enjoy  the   One of RD’s “TAKEN”   Our Newest Engaged
        A “fiduciary” is a trustee, personal representative or   photos of two   couples enjoying a casual   Couple! Congrats Tibi and
      guardian, whether an individual or corporate entity, who   of our newest   night out! Mike and Christy   Joseph, engaged Summer  Ice Breakers and Flirting abound at
      by reason of a written agreement (trust, will or court   couples (there are   est. Summer 2018.  2018.               our Halloween tradition!
      order) has the responsibility for the management and
      distribution of money or property of another.
        A fiduciary – the trustee, personal representative or
      guardian – owes duties to the other beneficiaries or heirs
      and may have to answer to anyone harmed if these duties
      are not properly or competently performed. The fiduciary
      must impartially administer the trust agreement or will
      according to law and in accordance with the terms of the
      document. To be impartial, the fiduciary should act for the
      benefit of all beneficiaries and not favor any beneficiary
      over another, especially if the fiduciary is also a
      beneficiary. The fiduciary should avoid conflict of interest
      such as comingling assets or entering into transactions
      that result in profit to the fiduciary personally.
        Assets subject to control by the fiduciary are to be
      managed and invested in a prudent and cautious manner
      in accordance with Florida’s Prudent Investor Rule of the   The #RDTeam posing with one of their now engaged   Seniors enjoying a night of mystery at the Extraordinary
      Florida Statutes. The trustee must review the trust’s assets   men--He will be married to a beauty in December.   Escape Rooms.
      within a reasonable time, and then – as a prudent investor
      – make decisions concerning the retention or disposition
      of these assets. A bad investment does not mean that the
      trustee breached his or her fiduciary responsibility; rather,   Hurricane SeaSon iS coming ...
      the Prudent Investor Rule is a test of conduct and not of
      the resulting performance of the investment portfolio.
      Decisions for the investment portfolio are to be judged     ... are your windowS ready?
      based on the facts and circumstances existing at the time
      the decision was made, not only on the financial results
      of those decisions.
        As trustee, personal representative or guardian you
      should work with a certified public accountant and an
      attorney familiar with the fiduciary relationship to help
      you administer these duties properly and to avoid costly
        This article is for informational purposes only and is
      not intended as legal advice. Anthony (Tony) Lavargna
      is an attorney practicing law in Stuart at Lavargna Law,
      PLLC. He graduated from Florida State University
      College of Law, UCF and Martin County High School.

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