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      Hundreds Of Community

      Leaders Gather To Kick
      Off United Way Campaign

      At Community Leaders’

        On Aug. 24, United Way of Martin County kicked
      off  its  annual  campaign  with  an  energized  crowd  of
      200  attendees  at  its  Community  Leaders’  Breakfast.
      The audience was captivated from the start thanks to                                                 Ginger Featherstone, Mary White, Shannon Blount and
      an adorable rendition of  The World Is a Rainbow and                                                 Jennifer Corkern with the Martin County School District
      spirited pledge of allegiance performed by the students                                              accepted the Collaborator of the Year Award from Carol G.
      at Gertrude Walden Child Care Center, a United Way                                                   Houwaart-Diez, United Way of Martin County.
      funded program.
        United Way of Martin County President/CEO Carol G.   Wells Fargo team: Lee Brown, Ademil Castrillo, Sandy
      Houwaart-Diez and 2018/2019 Campaign Cochairs Amy   Seese, Ergetu Merete, Shelly Thomas, Bonnie Simes and
      and Bob Brunjes announced Martin County’s top 10 most   Earl Morgan
      generous workplaces and communities. These are the top
      10 of the nearly 200 companies and communities whose     Publix  Supermarkets
      employees and residents gave philanthropic contributions   again reigns as the number
      to and through United Way of Martin County during the   one most generous
      previous fiscal year.                              workplace  and  Sailfish
                                                         Point as the most generous
                                                         community  in Martin
                                                           “The employees
                                                         represented on our most
                                                         generous  workplaces                              Kurt Heitkamp and Todd Mize with Triumph Aerostructures
                                                         list  and  the  residents                         accepted the Spirit Award from United Way Campaign
                                                         on our most generous                              Cochairs Amy and Bob Brunjes.
                                                         communities list have
                                                         dedicated countless hours
                                                         and resources to improving
                                                         their communities through
                                                         involvement in United Way
                                                         programs,” said Houwaart- Gene Zweben, Zweben Law
                                                         Diez. “We celebrate them  Group; Carol G. Houwaart-
      Publix Supermarkets was again recognized as the Most   for making philanthropy  Diez, United Way of Martin
      Generous Workplace in Martin County.               a priority by fostering  County

                                                                                                           Event sponsor Florida Power & Light Company pictured:
                                                                                                           Jim Albury; Amy Albury; Carol G. Houwaart-Diez, United
                                                                                                           Way of Martin County; Amy Brunjes and Crystal Stiles.

                                                                                                           Leslie Warren, Jenny Yingling, Robert Barfield, Denise
                                                                                                           Anderson and Olivia Kirchman with Seacoast Bank

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