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       VOL. 20 NO. 12                                                                              DECEMBER 2018

      The Taste Of Little Italy Celebrates                                                                  Superhero Smash!

      12 Years With Lena Prima And                                                                          Children’s Ball

      Salvatore Valentinetti                                                                                  November 10,  The Children’s Museum of the
                                                                                                            Treasure Coast, hosted its Superhero Smash. The
                                                                                                            Children’s Ball is
                                                                                                            all about the kids,
         The Tradition Taste of                                                                             but we included
       Little Italy is celebrating                                                                          some fun activities
       12 years at  Tradition                                                                               for the adults as
       on January 26 to 27,                                                                                 well. In fact, 95
       2019.  This year, the                                                                                percent of the
       “Taste” will be moving                                                                               adults embraced
       into a new location at
       Tradition as it expands
       the event. This two-day
       street festival will be filled with authentic Italian food,
       shopping vendors, carnival games, festival rides, bocce,
       and the nonstop performances on the stage featuring
       entertainers who represent the Italian heritage and culture.
         Just announced is the incredible entertainment coming
       to this Treasure Coast festival. The Taste of Little Italy   Lena Prima   Salvatore Valentinetti
       presented by Galbani welcomes national artists and local
       Italian-American performers. The public is invited to   she set out to make an album of quintessential songs for the
       bring lawn chairs and picnic blankets to watch the talented   Italian-American family. Lena has powerful vocals with
       entertainers throughout the weekend. Taste favorites   a touch of jazz just like her father. Returning this year is
       include “The Voice of Romance” performer Franco Corso,   Salvatore “The Voice” Valentinetti. This young talent has
       with his smooth vocals performing ballads from Andrea   won over Heidi Klum and hundreds of thousands across   Elena Ferretti, Sean Moran and Amelia Ferretti
       Bocelli and another festival favorite, Philippe Harari, who   the country from America’s Got Talent. Port St. Lucie is
       will bring back the sounds of Sinatra and Dean Martin.   excited to welcome him back to the Taste of Little Italy.
       Then, it’s time to “get down” with daughter of Italian   He has brought Italian classics to the forefront of America
       immigrants, Maria De Crescenzo who tours with KC   and to a new generation by performing songs from Frank
       and the Sunshine Band, and has for the past 20 years as   Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Frankie Valli, Dean Martin
       a backup vocalist. The party continues to rock the stage   and many more. Known as “Sal the Voice,” he will be
       with Angelo Venuto who will bring a new flavor of Italian   performing Sunday night at the Taste of Little Italy on
       dance party music mixed in with traditional classics that   January 27 at 8 p.m.
       will get the crowd dancing all night.
         Get ready for headliner and Taste favorite, Lena Prima,   Food And Wine Seminars
       daughter of Louie Prima, she will take the stage Saturday,
       January 26 at 8 p.m. Performing her father’s classics     Each year national and local chefs come out to Tradition
       and Italian favorites mixed with her standards, she will   and instruct the public on how to cook a specialty dish.   Ellis Brown and Emily Brown
       entertain all night long. Lena is a proud Italian-American   In the Galbani cheese cooking pavilion free cooking
       and longtime advocate of the Italian-American community,                                             Superhero Smash! on page 4
       She will be performing songs from her new album where   Taste Of Little Italy on page 2

      Sleepy Hollow Guests Gathered For An Exclusive Halloween

      Affair To Benefit The Treasure Coast Wildlife Center

        With the Halloween season come witches, goblins,   specifically for the Wildlife Center’s interactive murder
      tricks, and treats, and the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center’s   mystery and musical experience, recreated The Legend of
      annual “Ghoula” fundraising event. Characters dressed like   Sleepy Hollow. The Sleepy Hollow Sheriff’s Department
      the fictional Ichabod Crane and the inhabitants of Sleepy   was on horseback ensuring the safety of guests as they
      Hollow welcomed a sold-out crowd of more than 150 guests,   entered the village, guiding the way down the fog covered
      sponsors and volunteers into the Western Woods, in this case   road lined with scarecrows. Upon arrival, Constable Ichabod
      the South Florida Shooting Club, for this exclusive event on   Crane requested that all guests act as detectives and help him
      Saturday, Oct. 27 to benefit the oldest nonprofit organization   attempt to solve the mystery of the Headless Horseman, in
      in the Treasure Coast region that helps sick, injured and   hopes of avoiding another murder among the townspeople!
      orphaned wildlife.                                 Guests were on high alert as clues were given out and
        The night was hosted by actors posing as the Land Barons   suspects were revealed throughout the night. Also included
      of Sleepy Hollow. The story concept, created by The Firefly   in the evening’s festivities were riveting performances
      Group and The Murder Mystery Company and developed   by well-known professional performers Shelley Keelor
                                                                                 as  Lady Van Tassel,  and
                                                                                 Charles Jones in the role
                                                                                 of the Headless Horseman.
                                                                                 Eventually guests solved the
                                                                                 mystery as they feasted on a
                                                                                 full-course dinner.       Lorett De Santis-Fribourg, Stacy Beaudry  and  Gerry
                                                                                   “Our annual Ghoula once   Fribourg.
                                                                                 again exceeded expectations,                        Photo credit: Liz Mckinley
                                                                                 wowed guests, and nurtured
                                                                                 new relationships and     Sleepy Hollow Guests on page 7
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