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        VOL. 14 NO. 1                                                                            JANUARY 2019

      ‘Hart Of Gold’ Cocktail Party Hosted By

      Marianne And Harvey Gold And Nancy And Joel Hart

      Celebrate The Upcoming RDK                         RDK Melanoma Foundation                           Kann Schwarzberg, founder

      Melanoma Foundation’s 20th Annual                  supporter and spokesman                           and president of the RDK
                                                         Mike Schmidt, who spoke to
                                                                                                           Melanoma Foundation each
      Luncheon And Fashion Show                          guests briefly about why he is                    spoke briefly to guests to
                                                         involved with the foundation                      thank the 2019 Luncheon
        Marianne and Harvey                              and  The Mike Schmidt                             Committee and all those in
      Gold along with Nancy and                          SunSmart  USA  program.                           attendance for their continued
      Joel Hart hosted a cocktail                        This grassroots program, that                     support and commitment to
      party on Dec. 3, 2018 at the                       launched in May of 2017,                          RDK Melanoma Foundation
      beautiful home of Mr. and                          strives to make a positive                        and the upcoming event.
      Mrs. Gold in Admirals Cove                         impact by protecting the public                     RDK Melanoma
      in Jupiter. The “Hart of Gold”                     at beaches, parks and stadiums  Nancy and Joel Hart  Foundation’s 20th Annual  Donna and Mike Schmidt
      party celebrated the upcoming                      nationwide. From his own                          Luncheon and Fashion Show
      Richard David Kann (RDK)                           experience with melanoma and his strong sense of compassion,   is one of the most popular fashion events and luncheons on the
      Melanoma Foundation’s 20th                         his hopeful vision was to protect kids playing sports outside.   island. This highly anticipated fashion event begins at 10:30 a.m.,
      Annual Luncheon and Fashion                        His dream is to change the way people address exposure to the   featuring a world-class silent auction, and at noon, a gourmet
      Show “Eclipse 2019.” Nancy  Marianne and Harvey Gold  sun and skin cancer. This idea led to an initial meeting with the   luncheon and stunning runway fashion show featuring the Rene
      Hart and Marianne Gold serve                       Philadelphia Phillies, the team he played 17 seasons with, to   Ruiz Collection, designed by Luis Escudero – creative director
      as cochairs of the event scheduled for Monday, Feb. 4 at The   get involved. He rallied the team, the city of Philadelphia and   of the brand – which is celebrating its 25th year anniversary. All
      Breakers, Palm Beach.                              the corporate community to address ways to inspire people   proceeds benefit the foundation’s mission to save lives through
        Over 100 guests attended the Hart of Gold reception,   to implement lifelong habits for prevention of skin cancer.   education about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer,
      including fashion designer, Luis Escudero, creative director of the   The sunscreen dispensers were the initial step, along with a   especially melanoma, its deadliest form.
      Rene Ruiz Collection – the featured collection for the upcoming   Melanoma Awareness Day at a Phillies game and has grown to     Tickets to Eclipse 2019 are $350 each. To request an invitation
      runway fashion show hosted by RDK Melanoma Foundation.   education in schools.
      Also in attendance was Hall of Fame baseball player and     Cochairs Nancy Hart, Marianne Gold along with Deborah   ‘Hart Of Gold’ on page 2
      Jupiter Medical Center Foundation                                                                      1000 NORTH Sails

      Celebrates Milestone                                                                                   Into Holiday Giving

        There was a lot to celebrate                                                                         At The Palm Beach
      at Jupiter Medical Center on
      Wednesday, Nov. 28!                                                                                    Holiday Boat Parade
        At an event hosted for
      donors, board members,
      and staff, the Foundation                                                                               On Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018 at 1000 NORTH, more
      announced they have raised                                                                            than 200 guests watched the Palm Beach Holiday Boat
      $160 million and surpassed                                                                            Parade and supported its philanthropic efforts. The event
      the halfway mark of their                                                                             brought together members and special guests to give to the
      $300 million “Vision.                                                                                 parade’s beneficiaries – Little Smiles and Toys for Tots.
      Innovation. Impact.”  Jack Nicklaus II, William    Robert Stilley, Speaker Pro                        1000 NORTH was a sponsor of the Palm Beach Holiday
      Campaign for Jupiter  O’Leary                      Tempore MaryLynn Magar  Patsy and Joe Petri
      Medical Center!
        As part of the celebration, key donors and trustees broke   JMCF Celebrates Milestone
      ground on its new, five-story patient tower, including the   on page 3

                                                                                                             Bethany and Scott Sharp, Lauren and Dan Markow

                                                                                                             1000 NORTH Sails on page 5
                                                                                 Peter and Missy Crisp
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