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January 2019                                                             January 2019                                                   PGA C.A.N.!, Page 1

       VOL. 29 NO. 1                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                       JANUARY 2019

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                               express an interest in the community. Thank you to each   They’re Baaacccckkk!
      PGA POA                                           of you and welcome to the four elected Board members!      No, I’m not talking about the seasonal residents; I’m
                                                        If you weren’t at the annual meeting, I will announce the   talking about Whitefly! A few years ago the previously
      Happy New Year!                                   names of the PGA POA Board of Governors next month   indestructible ficus hedges and trees were stripped bare
         Another year is behind                         (or you can go to the POA’s website at   of leaves and/or killed by whitefly infestations.
      us. It’s true that the older                      after Jan. 8 to find out who was elected).            In warm temperatures (uh, hello? Florida!) whiteflies
      we get, the faster  time                                                                             develop quickly. A female can lay 200 to 400 eggs and
      seems to go! I wish each of                       Reminders                                          about a week later, they hatch into crawlers that take over
      you a New Year filled with                           It was great to see all the holiday decorations on the   the plant then they start extracting plant juices, pupate
      happiness and good health.                        individual residences and the HOA/Condo common areas.   and a new whitefly emerges. The cycle takes about four
                                                        Please remember that lights and decorations need to be   weeks depending on the species of whitefly.
      Annual Meeting                                    removed as soon as possible. The POA usually waits until      If you have white gnat-looking insects flying around
         This article is written before the first of the month   after Jan. 10 to start sending reminder notices so if you   plants you probably have whitefly. If you see sticky stuff
      so I don’t yet know the annual meeting election results;   are reading this and your decorations are still outside,
      however, it was great to see so many qualified candidates   please remove them.                      PGA POA Jottings on page 3
      PGA National’s Season’s Opening Event Salutes Our Veterans

         PGA National’s annual Member-Member kickoff golf   Kaitlyn Casiano of the G-Star School of the Arts stunned the
      weekend celebrated our country’s veterans with a very special   crowd of over 200 with her rendition of The Star-Spangled
      salute to those in our own community who have served. The   Banner.
      weekend began with Friday Night Pub-Club dedicated to our      The Master Starter for the event was Captain Bob Crippen,
      members and staff who have served in our Armed Forces,   USN (ret). Retired astronaut Captain Crippen, piloted
      those family members currently serving, and remembering   America’s first space shuttle. He provided a brief history of
      those who fought in past conflicts.               Veterans Day and then added…
      Wall Of Honor                                        “It has been proven time and time again that freedom is not
         The “Wall of Honor” was made up of over 50 portraits   free. It has required the sacrifice of many thousands since our
      of our members and family members in uniform from WWII
      to present day. The “Wall” was the perfect focal point and   PGA National’s Season’s Opening on page 2
      backdrop for some great photos
      and conversations over the entire
         Members shared the joy of
      watching a WWII veteran having                                                                       World War II Army Air Force pilot Mike Manolios came with
      his picture taken with his family,                                                                   his family members and had his picture taken in front of his
      in front of his portrait, and three                                                                  Wall of Honor portrait.
      Korean War vets, meeting for the
      first time and sharing memories.
       “Our Freedom Is Not Free….”
         Mayor Maria Marino opened
      the event, asking all who served
      to stand…
         “These veterans include sons
      and  daughters,  brothers  and
      sisters, mothers and fathers,
      grandmothers and grandfathers,
      friends and relatives who stood
      in our place around this world
      in lands many of us would never
      want to see all so we could be
      free.” The mayor then introduced
      The Naval Junior ROTC of Palm                                                                        PGA National members and Korean War veterans in front of
      Beach Gardens High School  Naval Junior ROTC Color Guard Palm Beach Gardens High School in the Presentation   the “Wall of Honor” from left to right, Howard Smith, Jack
      for the Presentation of Colors.  of Colors with Kaitlyn Casiano singing The National Anthem.         Childers and Gerald Petrillo.
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