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        VOL. 24 NO. 1                                                                          JANUARY 2019

                                                                  Charity EvEnt

                            ‘Hart Of Gold’ Cocktail Party Hosted By

          Marianne And Harvey Gold And Nancy And Joel Hart

                    Celebrate The Upcoming RDK Melanoma Foundation’s 20th Annual Luncheon And Fashion Show

         Marianne and Harvey                                Over 100 guests                                and  The Mike Schmidt
      Gold along with Nancy and                          attended the Hart of Gold                         SunSmart USA program.
      Joel Hart hosted a cocktail                        reception, including fashion                      This grassroots program, that
      party on Dec. 3, 2018 at                           designer, Luis Escudero,                          launched in May of 2017,
      the beautiful home of Mr.                          creative director of the                          strives to make a positive
      and Mrs. Gold in Admirals                          Rene Ruiz Collection – the                        impact by protecting the
      Cove in Jupiter. The “Hart                         featured collection for the                       public at beaches, parks and
      of Gold” party celebrated                          upcoming runway fashion                           stadiums nationwide. From
      the upcoming Richard David                         show hosted by RDK                                his own experience with
      Kann (RDK) Melanoma                                Melanoma Foundation. Also                         melanoma and his strong
      Foundation’s 20th Annual                           in attendance was Hall of                         sense of compassion, his
      Luncheon and Fashion Show  Marianne and Harvey Gold  Fame baseball player and  Nancy and Joel Hart   hopeful vision was to protect  Donna and Mike Schmidt
      “Eclipse 2019.” Nancy Hart                         RDK Melanoma Foundation                           kids playing sports outside.
      and Marianne Gold serve as cochairs of the event scheduled   supporter and spokesman Mike Schmidt, who spoke to
      for Monday, Feb. 4 at The Breakers, Palm Beach.    guests briefly about why he is involved with the foundation   Charity Event on page 2

                                   in your Community                                                                 Good Works

             Supporters Of Palm Beach Island                                                                      Formal Wear

          Hospice Foundation Honor Cochairs                                                                  Donations Needed

             Of Hospice Evening 2019 At Palm                                                                    For Tim Tebow

                                  Beach Reception                                                            Foundation Night

         Over 60 supporters gathered on Nov. 16, 2018 at the                                                     To Shine Prom
      Palm Beach home of Gaye and Jim Engel to honor Nicole
      Atkinson  and  Betsy Turner,  cochairs  of  the  upcoming
      Hospice Evening 2019.                                                                                   Feb. 8 At United Methodist
         Guests of this special evening enjoyed live music, cocktails                                       Church Of The Palm Beaches
      and hors d’oeuvres. Mark Cook, president of the Hospice
      Foundation Board, thanked the Engels for opening their
      beautiful home and remarked to those in attendance on how                                               For the fourth
      fortunate we all are to gather together to share fellowship to                                       consecutive year,
      causes we are passionate about. “We know all of our supporters                                       the Tim Tebow
      believe in the work of hospice,” said Cook. “Because   Jim and Gaye Engel  David and Nicole Atkinson  Foundation and the
                                                                                                           Through the Roof
                                                                                 hospice is more than a place   ministry for those
                                                                                 or a program, it’s the care and   with special needs at
                                                                                 comfort for those who are ill   the United Methodist
                                                                                 and support for families who   Church of the Palm
                                                                                 are in need of respite. Hospice   Beaches, will host a
                                                                                 is a beacon of hope when it   Night to Shine Prom
                                                                                 can seem like all hope is lost   on Friday, Feb. 8.  Rev. Phyllis Parthemer and
                                                                                                                             Abigail Parthemer embrace Ashley
                                                                                 In Your Community         Good Works        Parthemer as she arrives at the Night
                                                                                 on page 3                 on page 3         to Shine Prom.
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