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      Hearing Solutions

      Stop Making Excuses — Get                            difficulties understanding speech when reverberations   challenges for those who are impaired – who either
                                                           A senior or any impaired person is likely to experience
                                                                                                           continually  put  off  or  refuse  to  seek  proper  help  and
      Help With Hearing Loss!                            (echoes)  and  background  noise  are  present. These  are   correct analysis of their problems – do nothing more than
                                                         commonly encountered in restaurants, meetings, and most   make their problem worse, faster. They set the state of
      By Murray Steinfeld,                               other large room environments that most likely and most   their frustration to effect those close to them by giving
      LHAS, BC-HIS,                                      often corrupt listening conditions. Large rooms with high   an excuse for not wanting to deal with their problems,
      ACA, Board Certified                               ceilings, hard walls, and tile floors absolutely add to the   refusing to go to social gatherings, restaurants, etc. They
      Audioprosthologist,                                frustrations. This is without question a problem due to   also,  unfairly,  put  the  burden  of  blame  for  their  own
      Hearing Solutions,                                 the individual’s inability to suppress these environmental   reluctance to deal with the problem by using the age-
      (561) 747-6339                                     conditions. Our way of life and living environments in   old excuses such as, “So and so mumbles and becomes
         The environments in                             Florida represents exactly what I am pointing out.  impossible  to  understand.”  It  doesn’t  take  very  long
      which we listen to others,                            In the past these conditions related primarily to the   before everyone around them realizes what they are doing
      coupled  with  the  energy                         hearing impairment and concerns of our senior population,   and they begin to plan their lives and activities without
      contained in the sounds                            generally age 75 and over. Not true any longer! As a result   them.
      we hear, play an important                         of the loudness factors we face in our lives today, these      It doesn’t have to be that way because today there is
      role  in  one’s  ability  –  or                    concerns are plaguing all ages beginning at 12 years old.  wonderful help and advanced technology to help them
      inability  –  to  understand.                         Speech is often difficult to understand when there are   deal with these problems, allowing them to get into the
      One of the key factors of age-related hearing loss relates   background noises present, which we refer to as complex   full enjoyment and participation of their life’s activities.
      to reverberations.                                 noise such as air conditioners, music in the background,   I deal with it every day and feel very fulfilled when I see
                                                         or others talking loudly nearby. It becomes even more   how many people are pleased with being happier, less
      AbAcOA GOlf clUb                                   frustrating for the listener when the background noise and   frustrated, and enjoying their daily lives so much more.
                                                         the speaker’s voice are coming from the same direction.

                                                                                                             Hearing Solutions of the Palm Beaches, Colonial
                                                         This  does  happen  frequently  when  people  gather  for   Plaza, 651 W. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, (561) 747-6339,
                                                         social, dining, worship, and formal meetings.     e-mail: or www.
                                                            The  psychological  implications  related  to  these

                                                          Three Ways To Help Dyslexics Read

                                                           By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                           recommend you read high quality literature to your child
                                                           Licensed School                                 well into the high school years. This builds your child’s
                                                           Psychologist                                    vocabulary and helps instill the idea that great, rich, and
                                                              As a dyslexia testing                        interesting content is within books.
                                                           specialist,  I  work  with                         Second, use one-to-one highly specialized reading
                                                           a  lot  of  children  with                      instruction  with  a  certified  tutor. This  is  especially
                                                           dyslexia and many do not                        important during your child’s elementary years when
                                                           enjoy  reading  because                         it is easier to make and see reading improvements.
                                                           it’s a challenging and                          Orton-Gillingham  based  multisensory  reading
                                                           brain tiring workout.                           instruction is the gold standard for teaching dyslexics
                                                           Even  though  they  can                         to become proficient readers.
                                                           read,  most  dyslexics                             Third, use technology with your child. Learning
                                                           don’t choose to read for fun. Children with dyslexia   Ally  is  the  largest  repository  of  books  on  audio.
                                                           often have a cognitive processing disorder in the   Although it’s a subscription, your child can find all
                                                           phonological loop part of their brain. This disorder   his or her school books on audio so they can listen
                                                           interferes  with  the  child’s  ability  to  learn  the  letter   while reading along. Another website that uses Orton-
                                                           and letter family sounds. If your child or loved one   Gillingham based reading instruction is
                                                           has suspected or diagnosed dyslexia there are three   This  website  helps  elementary  age  children  with
                                                           ways to help dyslexics enjoy reading.           dyslexia learn how to read.
                                                              First, read high quality literature to your child. People      If you suspect dyslexia, call our office as Dr. Forgan
                                                           with dyslexia are smart and can listen and understand at   evaluates children ages 4 through adult for dyslexia,
                                                           a much higher level than they can independently read   ADHD/ADD, gifted, and other processing disorders. Visit
                                                           and understand. Therefore, they enjoy being read to. I or call (561) 625-4125.

                                                         Having Trouble Hearing?                                        Call Us For a Hearing
                                                         Having Trouble Hearing?

                                                                        HEARING LOSS CAN AFFECT YOUNG and OLD           Evaluation & Consultation
        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
        Palm Beach County and is a privately                             HEARING SOLUTIONS
        owned and managed company.
        Captain’s is committed to providing                                          Of The Palm Beaches
        dependable, reliable and professional
        ground transportation to and from all                                • Tinnitus “Ringing in Ears” Relief
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212    Murray Steinfeld   • Earwax Removal
                                                           HAS, BC, HIS, ACA
           To reserve your vehicle:                        Board Certified   • Hearing Aid Repairs
       561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890  Audioprosthologist   • Overcome “Single Sided” deafness
                                                         Serving the residents
                                                           of Palm Beach     All examinations are thorough & complete.
                                                          and Martin County        Not just a hearing screening.
       NEED A/C? We’ve Got You Covered!                     for 30 Years!
                                                           All hearing aid   Today’s Most Advanced Technology at AFFORDABLE PRICES!
                                                           customized to   Colonial Plaza - 651 W. Indiantown Road   561-747-6339               Hours:
                                                           YOUR individual                                                                 Monday - Thursday
                                                              needs.    just West of Military Trail, Jupiter    9:30am - 4:30pm
       “WE SHOW                                                     Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD,

                                                                               Gifted Testing

                                                                                 NOW OFFERING:                 Dr. Jim Forgan & Associates
                                                                                 • Jupiter & Stuart Offices           Licensed School Psychologist
                                                                                 • Testing for Processing  
                                                                                   Problems, Anxiety,
                                                                                   Defiance                          (561) 625-4125

                   Call Today for a FREE estimate!                               • Weekend and After
                        561.575.2173                                               School Appointments
                      231 Jupiter St., Jupiter, FL                                     “Helping Parents Help Children”
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