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      This And That

      By Mrs. Suzy Q.                                    them after reading. If interested, make a file for future   way to cut them quickly is after they have been washed
        Are you thinking about the fragrance that roses provide   reference; forward them to people who are involved with   and hulled; use an egg slicer to cut them. Any that are left
      or are you having visions of delicious chocolate candy? I   the subject; or delete them. Always remember deleting is   over will stay good up to three months when frozen. Place
      know I am. That means February is here and Valentine’s   not enough, you must also remove your trash. It is like   the strawberries on a baking sheet and place in freezer.
      Day is just around the corner                      placing your garbage in the trash can in your kitchen. If   Once they are frozen solid transfer them to a resealable
        Last month we celebrated Spouses Day on Jan. 26 and   you don’t place it on the street for pickup it will remain   plastic freezer bag and return to freezer. Place a label
      that was a prelude to this important holiday. We hope you   in your home and never be completely disposed of.  on them with the date they were frozen. Next time you
      practiced getting ready for this special day.        Tracking or cookies is also an important part of   crave something sweet, strawberries will be ready for
        Before this date arrives, we have a few more dates I   cleanup. Every  time  you  click  your mouse  and open   your use. May your Valentine’s Day be special and a
      would like to tell you about. Feb. 4 is Thank A Mailman   up an email, program or search the Internet, you are   day to remember.
      Day. This is a day that goes by without much thought. If   creating cookies. Without deleting these you will receive     Stay well, and be safe. Love all your family and
      we develop a mail problem by mail being sent to a wrong   information from the companies who are tracking you so   friends. Yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow
      zip code, lost or stolen, our mail carrier can assist us in   they can send you updated information. If you can, set a   will bring new and exciting things in our lives.
      the proper procedure to resolve the problem. Today say   time for your cookies to be deleted automatically, or do it
      thanks to your mail carrier, guy or gal, who delivers your   manually. Always be sure that your history is clean. If you
      mail six days a week in all types of weather. If you visit a   searched for an item and want to return to it later, delete
      local post office give them a great big smile with thanks   it from history and place it in a file. Most important,
      attached as well.                                  always have a virus and malware protection program.
        Spaghetti Day was celebrated on Jan. 4 and this month   Never be without one. Otherwise all your hard work can
      National Pizza Day is on Feb. 9. It is a great food that is   vanish in an instant. Remember also to back up all your   NEED A/C? We’ve Got You Covered!
      consumed in America and around the world on a regular   information or subscribe to a backup company who will
      basis. It is versatile and there is a large assortment of   do it for you.
      vegetables, meats and fruits that can be put on them to     Feb. 12 is National Lost Penny Day. Today you can
      make them tastier. Some interesting facts … more pizzas   make pennies add up by searching for lost pennies in
                                                         your home. They are easy to fall into all the nooks and
      are sold on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of   crannies of our homes. Finding pennies may not have  “WE SHOW
      the year, although Halloween runs a close second. Over
      three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year.   a lot of monetary value these days but finding one is
      Pepperoni is the most popular topping and it is preferred   supposed to bring you good luck. The first penny was   UP!”
      by 36 percent of patrons. Pizza can be eaten for breakfast,   designed by Benjamin Franklin and minted in 1787. Since
      lunch or dinner. If you are undecided what to serve on   then, billions of pennies have been minted and put into
      the 9th here is the perfect suggestion … pizza! Whether   circulation. In 1909 the penny became the first coin to
      homemade or store bought, it is so yummy!          bear a president’s image. It was first released on Feb. 12,
        Around the second Monday of February some        1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday.
      computer creator originated a day entitled Clean Out     Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 is the best holiday of the
      Your Computer Day.  It is suspected that this person   month because of all the delicious, not always nutritious,
      wanted people who had receivd technology during    goodies we consume. If you like to make your own
      the holidays to clean them up. Many of us have added   candy do it on a dry day to get the best results. Candy
      programs and files to them with reckless abandon. All   made on a rainy or damp day won’t set properly – this
      of these items have huge storage capacity. Some of them   is because sugar blots up humidity. When preparing to   Call Today for a FREE estimate!
      have clogged the memory and can even cause confusion   boil homemade candy, butter about one inch around the          561.575.2173
      when retrieving files. They can even slow down the   inside of the top of the pot. This will help prevent liquid     231 Jupiter St., Jupiter, FL
      computer, i-Pad or phone. One of the best ways to clean   from boiling over.                              
      it up is to read emails and do one of three things with     If you enjoy chocolate covered strawberries, an easy

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