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Lifestyles in Palm Beach Gardens, Page 11
      The Eissey Campus Theatre 2019 Season Explodes With

      Their Rockin’ Radio And The Art In The Gardens Series

      Introducing The New Family                         Beethoven had his first top-40 hit.  You’re invited to   cuff personality that make his show a great feature
      Fun Series For The First Time                      celebrate those disco days and boogie nights with a cast   performance!  From mind-blowing magic such as Bill
                                                         of New York’s top performers singing and dancing to
                                                                                                           instantly teleporting across the theatre to hilarious and
      Ever                                               super-hits by ABBA, the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, Barry   engaging audience interaction, Bill’s show has it all!
                                                         Manilow, Donna Summer and more! The stage will be
                                                                                                           Single tickets: $40 orchestra / $30 balcony.
                                                         ablaze  with  a  live  disco  band  and  a  trio of  Broadway   The Julian Bliss Septet, Monday, Feb. 25 At 8 p.m.
        The Eissey Campus                                vocalists reminding you that “You Should be Dancin’,     The Julian Bliss
      Theatre in Palm Beach                              yeah!”  Single tickets: All seats $35.            Septet has shared
      Gardens continues                                  Music Of The Knights: Tribute To Elton John, Paul   their uplifting, classy,
      their 2018/19 season                               McCartney And Andrew  Lloyd Webber, Thursday,     humorous shows
      with three series full                             March 21 At 8 p.m.                                a nd e xc e p t i o na l
      of  great  entertainment                             Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sir Elton John and Sir Paul   musicianship around
      for families of all ages.                          McCartney are not only knights — they also happen to   the world since their
      Their Rockin’ Radio in                             be three of the most successful songwriters of all time   formation in 2010.
      the Gardens Series and                             with careers that span decades. “Music of the Knights ”   Handpicked by one of
      Arts in the Gardens Series are sponsored by the Palm   honors their lasting musical influence with songs like   the finest clarinetists
      Beach  Gardens  Medical  Center  and  introducing  their   Memory, I Don’t Know How to Love Him, Don’t Cry for   of our day, Julian Bliss, the Septet perform shows that
      brand-new Family Fun Series.                       Me, Argentina, The Phantom of the Opera, Circle of Life,   combine  over  200  years  of  musical  heritage  with  an
      Rockin’ Radio In The Gardens                       Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Your Song,  Don’t Let   incredible command of Western classical and jazz.  The
                                                         the Sun Go Down on Me, Yesterday, Hey Jude and many
                                                                                                           band started out exploring the inspirational music of Benny
      Series                                             more!  Single tickets: All seats $35.             Goodman – a passion of Julian’s since the age of 7 – and
                                                                                                           has gone from strength to strength with packed audiences
        Sponsored by the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center  Arts In The Gardens Series                     and standing ovations around the world. The live show,
      ABBAcadabra, Wednesday, Feb. 6 At 8 p.m.                                                             and consequently their first album, showcased some of the
        Join us for the ultimate ABBA tribute!  You’ll hear all     Sponsored by the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center  best tunes of this era inspiring authenticity with a modern
      of your favorites and will be singing and dancing the night   The Magic Of Bill Blagg, Friday, Feb. 15 At 8 p.m.  twist.  Single tickets: $40 orchestra / $35 balcony.
      away!  Single tickets:                               The Magic  of                                   Modern Gentlemen, Tuesday, March 19 At 8 p.m.
      All seats $35.                                     Bill Blagg Live!                                    Individually ,
      Disco Inferno, Thursday,                           is an unbelievable                                Landon  Beard,
      Feb. 28 At 8 p.m.                                  theatrical magic                                  Todd  Fournier,  and
        Disco  is the sound                              experience that                                   brothers Brian and
      of the ‘70s  and  it still                         will have you                                     Brandon Brigham
      has the power to get us                            rubbing your eyes in                              were all in-demand
      “movin’ and groovin’.”                             disbelief!  Referred                              singers prior to being
      Travel back to the days                            to as “Houdini Times                              brought together
      when  Saturday Night                               Ten!” by NBC, Bill’s                              as  a  quartet by  the
      Fever was a box-                                   show is packed with                               legendary Frankie
      office smash, Donna                                new mind-blowing                                  Valli.  For well over
      Summer was the queen                               illusions and his
      of the airwaves and                                trademark  off-the-                               The Eissey Campus Theatre 2019 Season on page 12

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