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Lifestyles in Palm Beach Gardens, Page 15
      Touched By A Legend

      By Ezra Sutton
        I’m watching my Titleist Prov1 golf
      ball roll end over end into the hole just
      as I envisioned it. Van smiles at me and
      says how do you do that? I just smile
      back. Then, my iPhone vibrates in my
      pocket. I reach into my pocket and pull
      out my iPhone. I look down and it’s my  Jack Nicklaus
      publisher Sean Reid. Excuse me Van I
      have to take this.
        Sean says, “Ezra I have a once in a lifetime story for
      you that is right down your target line. Jack Nicklaus is
      going to be at Bear Lakes in West Palm Beach for the   GM Marius Ilie, President Kevin Richardson with Jack and
      grand reopening of its clubhouse and I’d like for you to   Barbara Nicklaus
      cover the story. It would be amazing if you could get my
      readers a great picture of Jack Nicklaus.”         Bears Club. Jack spoke for a while explaining what went
        I tell Sean you know that’s my specialty and it would   into the renovation of the Bear Lakes clubhouse and how
      be my pleasure. Van says is everything okay? I tell him   happy he was with the results of all areas of the new Bear
      the future is looking really bright and we get back to our   Lakes clubhouse. “It’s of today.” Jack said it turned out to
      putting contest.                                   be “very, very special.” Finally the moment had arrived.
        Fast forward to a violin playing majestically in the     Marius the general manager, in addition to Kevin
      background. A red carpet leads up to the front door of the   Richardson, the president of Bear Lakes accompanied   Tamara Fitzgerald, Shelli Lockhart, Lauren Eisseyi
      new Bear Lakes clubhouse. Golf’s elite start to show up   by Barbara and Jack  Nicklaus, all  got behind the red
      and everyone takes their seats. They all have gathered to   tape. They all took hold of these big gold scissors and   of the two  courses
      celebrate the reopening of this elite golf club in West Palm   cut the red tape. The crowd then stood up and cheered.   in which he was
      Beach. General Manager Marius Ilia takes the podium and   Everyone then slowly went into the new clubhouse to   most fond of. Being
      he speaks to the crowd thanking them all for coming out   see their new home.                        a historian himself
      to celebrate this very special moment. He says “our main     My time on the other hand was drawing closer to my   he described to
      focus will be offering a consistent member experience   opportunity. Tamara Fitzgerald from the Venue Marketing   me what went into
      for current and future members.” Next to the podium   Group  who  was  organizing  the  interviews  with  Jack   the designing of a
      is President Kevin Richardson. He thanks everyone for   Nicklaus told me I was on deck. A baseball fan I presume   par-5 around Perini
      coming out as well and all who have been involved in   (lol). I could see that Jack’s interview with CBS channel   point – the highest  Ezra Sutton and Jack Nicklaus
      this venture of building a new state-of-the-art clubhouse.   12 was drawing close to an end. Then, I received the   point in West Palm
      Kevin then goes on to thank his hero Jack Nicklaus who   nod. Tamara called me over and said, Mr. Nicklaus, I’d   Beach. I absorbed his answer, then I thanked Mr. Nicklaus
      he then called “a true role model for everyone in this   like to introduce you to Ezra Sutton from Seabreeze   so much for his time and I was on my way. Mission
      country if not in this world.” Pretty powerful but so   Publications.                                accomplished.
      true. Kevin then welcomes his hero Jack Nicklaus to the     Then it happened. I was touched by a legend. I shook     If golf is always down your target line I suggest you
      podium. Everyone who was sitting is now standing and   hands with Jack Nicklaus. Let me say that once again I   call over to Bear Lakes and set up a tee time and then
      cheering Jack who approaches the microphone.       looked into the eyes and shook hands with the greatest   go experience what the new clubhouse has to offer. Who
        Even broadcaster and analyst for all golf platforms   golfer in this whole world hands down! No words could   knows – maybe that day at Bear Lakes you too could be
      Tim Rosaforte attended. The applause lasted for quite   describe that moment but let’s just say I had a grin from   touched by a legend.
      a while till Jack began to speak. Jack thanked everyone   ear to ear. I knew Jack was busy so I went right into my                  Thanks for reading,
      for showing to celebrate this very special evening for the   question. I asked Jack to describe for me one hole on either                  Ezra Sutton
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