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      Traveling The World In Photos

      Are Highlight Of January PBGGC Meeting

        Jan. 2, the Palm                                 to advise officials there                         the pleasure of putting a smile of the faces of those who can’t
      Beach Gardens Garden                               on choices of plants for                          leave their homes. This will be the third time this project has
      Club (PBGGC) travelled                             the memorial. It will                             been done by the garden club.
      around the world through                           be at least six to eight                            The garden club is open to anyone wanting to learn more
      the  eyes  and  photos  of                         weeks for completion.                             about gardening, the environment, helpful insects, flower
      member Michael Pusin. His                            O n F eb. 6 the                                 arranging, etc. The topics always change but are subjects that
      PowerPoint presentation                            garden club will create                           encourage a mixture of interests and discussions. Meetings
      showed gardens from Japan,                         miniature Valentine                               are the first Wednesday of the month through May, and all
      China, Ecuador, Mounts                             centerpieces to be                                are welcome to attend. Please contact Carol Davis, vice
      Botantical Gardens in West                         placed on the trays of                            president, by email: or by phone:
      Palm Beach, and many other                         shut-ins. The completed                           (561) 319-0981 for more information.
      sites. As he showed each                           centerpieces will be  Lauren Berkson shares a photo of
      photo, he explained what  Michael Pusin’s final photo   given to the volunteers  a memorial to fallen soldiers while
      the plant or flower was, the  shows on his laptop after he   who deliver food for  Rosita Aristoff answers a question
      use of bridges in the Asian  completed his talk on gardens   Meals on Wheels with  at the January PBGGC meeting.
      gardens, and the unusual  he has visited throughout the
      plants that he captured. He  world.
      allowed the audience to ask
      him questions as he clicked on the various slides, and the
      interaction made the presentation even more personal.
        In addition to the program, the business meeting that
      evening focused on two items. The newly revised bylaws
      were passed increasing membership dues by $5, and
      the club’s calendar will run from October through May
      instead of June. Then Carol Davis, vice
      president, introduced Rosita Aristoff,                                                               The Glass House Conservatory in Kew Gardens near London
      FFGC state chair for Blue Star Memorials                                                             was another place visited by the Pusins.
      and Lauren Berkson, the daughter of a
      fallen soldier. Aristoff explained about
      the memorials and why a garden club
      has to be the sponsor of them. Berkson
      has spearheaded the need for Gold Star
      Memorials in this area, and she has gotten
      approval from Lake Park to put one in
      Kelsey Park. Both women answered  If you visit
      questions from the club members about  the Botanical
      our responsibility in sponsoring each  Garden of Quito,
      type of memorial, and in the end the club  Ecuador, look
      members in attendance voted to sponsor  for  the  large   The stone pedestrian bridge over the lake near Beijing, China   This is the Wild Goose Pagoda Garden in Sian, China taken
      the one to be constructed in Lake Park and  hummingbirds.  as seen by Sharon and Michael Pusin       by Michael Pusin.

                                                          The Julian Bliss Septet:

                                                                                    A Tribute to

                                                                            Benny Goodman
                 February 6, 8pm ‐ $35                                                                         February 15, 8pm ‐ $40/$30

                                                                                      A showcase of the
                                                                                      best tunes of this
                                                                                        era inspiring
                                                                                     authenticity with a
                                                                                        modern twist.
                                                                                                                ENCHANTMENT THEATRE COMPANY

                                                              February 25, 8pm ‐ $40/$35

                                                          �e� ��ur ���e�� a� ��e ����e� ���e �r �����e�
                                                                     11051 Campus Drive, Palm Beach Gardens
                                                                             Phone:  (561) 207‐5900
                                                                      Hours: Monday—Friday 10:00am‐5:00pm
                                                                           & Two hours prior to curtain

                February 28, 8pm ‐ $35                                                                             February 9, 8pm ‐ $12
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