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       VOL. 29 NO. 2                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                     FEBRUARY 2019

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                               What Is Going On?                                     General maintenance and improvements are always on-
      PGA POA                                              You probably recall that the POA Long-Range Planning   going. Your Maintenance Committee and Board of Governors
      Your PGA POA Board Of                             Committee has mentioned plans to enhance the “ellipse”   work closely and they will continue to address areas that need
      Governors                                         (a/k/a the traffic circle) but it will be several more months   improvement. The gardens in Masters Park are due for an
         For those who were                             before the Maintenance and Long Range Planning     “overhaul” and the Northlake Boulevard landscaping along
      unable to attend the PGA POA                      Committees have plans finalized enough to share details. In   the wall (west of Ryder Cup Boulevard) will be replaced
      Annual Meeting last month,                        summary, the elevation will be raised (similar to the height   within the next year. Each project is completed on a schedule
      I’ve listed the names of the                      of the Mirasol entry opposite Ryder Cup Boulevard) and a   that allows the work to be done without special assessments or
      POA Board and their titles.                       free-form sculpture will be placed in the middle. Low stone   a large impact on your assessments. Your feedback is always
      Nancy Hebel was welcomed                          accent walls will be added near each of the four intersecting   appreciated.
      as a newly elected member.                        roads (i.e: Avenue of the Champions, Fairway Drive, and   Note The Date For Fun
      Your Board of Governors                           the office building driveway) and, of course, spectacular      Plans for the Annual Children’s Party in the Park are being
      include  Mike  Engelsher,  president;  Jack  Hughes,  vice   landscaping so that the entry is worthy of the PGA National   finalized. If you are new to PGA National, please make a note
      president; Bob Kramer, treasurer; Ginny Luongo, secretary;   community.                              of the April 27 date so you can be at Masters Park from 1
      and Directors Keith Ahronheim, Sam Boyd, Ralph Infanti      The aforementioned committees will also be working on   to 4 p.m. The event is fun for children of all ages (including
      and Patty Pond. Board meetings will continue to be held   improving the PGA Boulevard frontage. The POA would   those young at heart) and is for residents of PGA National
      on the fourth Monday of each month at 3 p.m. in the POA   like to remove all of the ficus trees and totally replace the   and their guests. Hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, cotton candy
      Office. Meetings notices for Board and Committee meetings   landscaping and trees; however, this is a huge project and city   and other treats are available. This year the climbing wall is
      are posted in the POA office storefront and on the website   approval is, of course, required. Details will not be available   back but will now have a few sides so a couple climbers can
      ( All Board and Committee meetings are   for at least another year and, as indicated, this is on the long-
      open to property owners.                          range plans so actual work won’t start for quite some time.  PGA POA Jottings on page 3
      Commissioner’s Update

      Serving Those Who                                 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development   a priority given to veterans and their families, including the
                                                        (HUD), which currently help house more than 450 local
                                                                                                           disabled, homeless, and those at-risk of homelessness.
      Sacrificed For Us                                 veterans and their families. HUD will not release more      Solutions require an ongoing partnership with government,
                                                        vouchers without adequate social workers on staff with the VA   service provider agencies and private industry. Another
      By Commissioner                                   to handle the cases. The Board of County Commissioners urged   program offered in the county is S.M.A.R.T. Landlord, which
      Hal Valeche                                       our U.S. Senators to support federal legislation to increase   recruits property owners to make efficiencies, studios and
         It is an honor to call                         VA staffing and make more VASH vouchers available to our   multiple bedroom units renting at or below Fair Market Value
      myself a military veteran,                        veterans, prompting the filing of Senate Bill S. 2750.   available to extremely low-income families and individuals.
      having served as a Navy                              On Jan. 3, the County Commission along with the Homeless   Participating in the program with homeless service providers
      fighter pilot in the Vietnam                      and Housing Alliance kicked off our Functional Zero campaign   offers the following benefits:
      War. My service required                          to end veteran homelessness in Palm Beach County. Functional      • Support – Landlords support the community by offering
      taking  great  risks  and                         Zero is a coordinated and efficient community system designed   housing at fair market value.
      executing dangerous                               to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief and nonrecurring, and      • Marketing – Landlords save costs on marketing and
      missions; however, I know                         will require an organized approach of resources and programs.   advertising since there is a list of clients ready to move in.
      that  troops  serving  in                         The goal of the campaign is to serve 100 veterans in 111 days.     • Assistance – Every tenant has a case manager who
      ground combat experience                             Currently, Palm Beach County  Veterans Services   provides help to the client and is the landlord’s immediate
      a very different level of stress and uncertainty. Sadly,   assist veterans in the areas of compensation and pensions,   point of contact.
      yet understandably, many combat veterans suffer severe   medical care, aid and attendant services, burial benefits, and      •  Rent  –  Landlords  receive  timely  rent  payments
      emotional scars that contribute to struggles with addiction,   documentation relating to homestead exemptions and income   facilitated by the organization placing the tenant.
      mental illness, or homelessness.                  verification. This includes efforts to draw down $4.5 million      • Tenant – Landlords always have a tenant and this reduces
         The most recent manual count of homeless in Palm Beach   in annual benefits for veterans.         vacancies.
      County revealed a significant increase in homeless veterans. At      The  rising  cost  of  housing  and  the  expiration  of      Additionally, the county plans to invest a portion of
      least 50 percent of those veterans counted are over the age of   affordability restrictions on existing affordable housing is   infrastructure sales tax dollars to retrofit surplus county
      50, served in Vietnam, and have medical needs. I am working   playing a huge role in the increase of homeless veterans. Palm   properties into permanent supportive cottages for families.
      with County Human Resources and Veterans Services staff,   Beach County recently approved HUD funding and impact      For more information on homeless and veterans services
      along with our community service providers and the local   fee credits to leverage private and nonprofit investments   in Palm Beach County visit
      Veterans Administration Medical Center in Riviera Beach (VA)   for the construction of Village of Valor, a 148-unit rental   communityservices/humanservices and as always, if there
      to enhance our services to veterans and place them in housing.  development in Lake Worth. The Faith Hope Love Charity   is any way that my office can assist you, please contact me
         The housing authorities in this county work with the VA to   veteran organization is spearheading the project, where units   at (561) 355-2201 or by email at
      secure Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) vouchers   will be available to very low to moderate-income persons with
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