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Page 2, PGA C.A.N.!                                                 February 2019                                                                                                                                                 February 2019

         Editorial Board                                Community Safety

                                                        By Keith Echols, Director of Security, Allied Universal  compared to the 15 that was recorded in 2017. Now that’s
         Editor:       James A. Cioffi                     On behalf of Allied Universal and the security staff at   something we all can be proud of.
                              PGA National, it gives me great pleasure to inform you of      In 2018, on two separate occasions, with the help of
         Feature Writers:  Dawn Levinstein, POA         the great year 2018 was in security. Security calls for service   residents, while working in conjunction with Palm Beach
                       Commissioner Hal R. Valeche      increased by 3 percent in 2018 after seeing some decline over   Gardens Police Department security assisted with the arrest
                       O’Neal Bardin Jr.                the previous years. The continued support from the residents   of two nefarious individuals. Of the two, one was a drug
                       Tom Murphy
         Contributing                                   is the contributing factor.                        dealer who was operating out of his home in PGA. Although
         Reporter:     Don Kiselewski                      Over the past three years major crime within PGA National   the numbers don’t suggest it, there was also a decline in auto
                                                        has continued to decline. Residential burglaries, auto burglaries,   burglaries as well. There were 14 reported auto burglaries, 11
            Your editors strongly believe that the number   stolen vehicles and theft are examples of incidents classified   of those occurred off Fairway Drive.
         of  people  who  do  become  involved  with  any   as major crimes. In 2018, there were 34 recorded major crime      As we begin 2019, with our commitment and focus
         news medium directly reflects on that medium’s   incidents in PGA, which is a 21 percent drop from 2017 with   renewed, we are ready to face the challenges the year brings.
         excellence,  versatility  and  broad  viewpoint.   43. In my opinion the most significant area of decline was in   As always, security’s success is predicated on the involvement
         Therefore, we invite PGA residents to contribute   the number of residential burglaries. In 2018, with nearly 5,000   of the community we serve. Together we will continue to create
         articles  or  current,  timely  news  items  and/or
         “Letters to the Editors.”                      homes, PGA National recorded two residential burglaries,   change and make a difference.
            Articles/letters are subject to editing and editors’
         right to publish. Submission must include writer’s
         name, address and telephone number. Unsigned articles
         /letters will not be published. Opposing views to article
         viewpoints  contained  in  this  paper  are  welcome.
         Articles do not necessarily represent the viewpoint
         of the C.A.N.! organization. Submissions should
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         January 10 for February publication) to:
            C.A.N.! Editors
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            Contact the publisher for additional information
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