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February 2019                                                            February 2019                                                  PGA C.A.N.!, Page 3

      From the Editor: Believe in Love…

         February brings thoughts                          Dottie lived in a small town northeast of Philadelphia in   to meet Leigh. He decided to board behind her and offered to
      of love and I am intrigued by                     the late 1940’s. For excitement on Sunday afternoons, Dottie   help place her bag in the overhead storage area. Fate or Cupid
      the way couples have met.                         and her friend would spend time at the local diner. One Sunday   placed Patrick directly in the window seat behind Leigh’s
      The sparks of love are ignited                    Frank was visiting a friend, Fred, who lived near the diner.   window seat. Unfortunately, there was a honeymoon couple in
      in many interesting ways.                         He suggested they eat at the diner and after sitting down,   the 2 seats adjoining Leigh and there was a senior couple next
         Ash  was  studying  in                         they began to talk with Dottie and her friend. Two years later,   to Patrick - so neither couple would change seats with Leigh or
      England in 1967 and returned                      Dottie and Frank married and 2 weeks later, Fred and Dottie’s   Patrick. Leigh and Patrick did manage to speak to each other
      home to India for the holiday                     girlfriend married. There was a challenge for Dottie and Frank   during the flight despite the honeymoon couple’s desire to
      vacation. His family was                          though. She was Lutheran and Frank was Catholic. Dottie’s   introduce Leigh to their friend. Before the end of the journey,
      friendly with Bebe’s family                       Lutheran pastor would not marry them in the church so they   Leigh did pass her phone number to Patrick while he was still
      so they arranged for Ash and                      were married in the rectory. Despite the initial challenge,   seated behind her and as they deplaned, Patrick helped Leigh
      Bebe to meet. It was not long                     Dottie and Frank have been married 67 years. I often write   retrieve her carryon luggage from the overhead compartment.
      before they were engaged and                      about veterans of World War II. I revere Frank because he was   Patrick and Leigh married 12 years ago - so Patrick is assured
      then married on February 3, 1969. Because Ash’s grandfather   one of the many teenagers who enlisted in the armed forces   to have a seat next to Leigh when they travel by air.
      was a prominent attorney and judge, there were 1,500 guests   at that time. He did not reveal he was actually under the age      Nancy, one of my staff members, had a college roommate,
      at the wedding reception!! I met them 30 years ago after   required to serve. Frank was born at home and the birth was   Georgia, who became a Playboy bunny. Georgia moved to Las
      they became residents of South Florida. They owned several   not registered. In order to enlist he contacted his church and   Vegas for work and she caught the attention of Bob, a dealer
      businesses together. I cannot remember any time I saw Ash   asked for a baptism certificate showing that he was 17. His   at one of the casinos who was earning $800 per week – a
      without Bebe. They enjoy each other’s company and make   request was approved, the certificate issued and Frank was   sizeable income in the 1960s’. They married shortly thereafter
      decisions jointly. They adore their two children and four   able to enter the military – a true patriot.  and Georgia convinced Bob to attend college so he would
      grandchildren. Their son is a physician and their daughter has      Leigh, an actress and model, was waiting to board an   have a degree and a level of security for the future to raise a
      a successful health and wellness business. Fifty years after   American Airlines flight from LaGuardia Airport to Dallas   family. While attending school, Georgia worked as a teacher
      being married, you may see Ash and Bebe as they walk in the   when Patrick, a frequent flyer, spotted Leigh. Patrick had   to support them. After graduating with a business degree,
      Gardens Mall hand in hand.                        priority seating but did not use it because he wanted to plan how   Bob earned half of what he did as a dealer in the casino. They
                                                                                                           moved to Florida to be near Georgia’s parents and raised a son.
                                                                                                           Georgia’s combination of beauty and devotion to Bob provided
                                          Attention:                                                       the foundation to nurture their loving relationship for more
                                                                                                           than 50 years. They were recently named Grand Marshalls in
                            PGA Residents Of Mellowing Years                                               their town’s annual parade because they volunteer for many
                                                                                                           charity events.
                                                                                                              A bag of oranges brought Bob and Joyce together. They
           A single phone number may help you to live confidently and gracefully in your own home.         both attended American University in Washington, D.C. One
           Now there is a volunteer senior ambassador within PGA community who is well-schooled in resources available   day Bob saw a woman looking in the trunk of her car. It was
        to help with problems of elders. The Alpert family and Children’s Services has been helping seniors do just that   Joyce’s mother. Bob asked if he could help her. Joyce’s mother
        for many years.                                                                                    showed Bob the bag of oranges she brought for her daughter.
          •  You have questions? We may have answers.                                                      Bob carried the bag and Cupid’s arrow found its mark when
          •  You don’t know where to go? We can guide you.                                                 Bob and Joyce met. Bob is another World War II veteran I
          •  You don’t know what you need? We’re well-versed in that problem.                              admire who joined the Navy at the age of 18. He and Joyce
          •  Do you know a neighbor who needs help?                                                        were married in 1951 at the main altar of St. Patrick’s Cathedral
           Don’t wait. Call now. Dorothy Weiss, 624-4035. Let’s keep connected with each other as a community. All you   in New York City. Sixty-eight years later, Bob is still carrying
        need is the desire to live comfortably in your own home.                                           bags for Joyce.
                                                                                                              Whether it is family, a diner, an airline flight, a casino or
                                                                                                           a bag of oranges that is the catalyst, the enduring love is what
                                                                                                           we celebrate when we remember the story of a couple and
                                                                                                           how they met. Some people go to great lengths to find a mate.
                                                                                                           Some have chance encounters. Others go online on their phone
                                                                                                           or from the comfort of their home to one of the many internet
                                                                                                           sites where people meet. It shows we continue to believe in
                                                                                                              Until next month…

                                                                                                                                    James A. Cioffi, Esq., Editor

                                                                                                              P.S. Please send me your love story of how you and your
                                                                                                           spouse met.

                                                                                                             PGA POA Jottings from page 1

                                                                                                             compete to get to the top; the giant slide will be back
                                                                                                             (of course!); the bungee trampoline, bounce houses, and
                                                                                                             other carnival type rides will be available. Attendees can
                                                                                                             also make Frisbee Spin Art or get their photo taken with
                                                                                                             “Photo Magic” and have it attached to key rings and other
                                                                                                             items (yes, you get to keep your designs!) and the “games
                                                                                                             master” gets everyone organized for relay races, sack
                                                                                                             races, water balloon toss, etc. Naturally, stuffed animals
                                                                                                             are awarded to the winners of all games. Postcards with
                                                                                                             all the details and the required R.S.V.P. information will
                                                                                                             be mailed to each residence in PGA National in March
                                                                                                             and a notice will also be included in this newsletter next
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