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      Ask The Juris Doctor

      By James A. Cioffi J.D., Attorney-At-Law          the preparation of deeds. Also, an improper choice can  and Testament  when  the  parent  dies. A  revocable  trust
                                                        adversely affect your homestead exemption for real estate  may be a better alternative than the Lady Bird Deed when
      Adding Names To The                               taxes. Another potential issue is whether your children  making the decision of how the parent desires to retain
                                                        have creditors or judgments against them which creditors  control until the parent’s death. I recommend you consult
      Title Of My Home                                  may pursue their interest in your property after you add  an attorney who will review your situation and advise
                                                        the children’s names to the ownership of your property. In  you so that you may make an informed decision. Please
      Dear Juris Doctor;                                Florida most arm’s length transactions utilize a warranty  note that if there is a mortgage on the property, the lender
         Is there a form deed I can                     deed. When  ownership  is  transferred  between  related  generally must approve a transfer adding a child before
      use to add my children as                         parties  a  quit  claim  deed  may  be  appropriate. Two  or  the deed is executed and recorded.
      co-owners of my property?                         more parties may hold title as joint tenants with right of                            Sincerely, J.D.
      Thank you,                                        survivorship, tenants in common or tenants by the entirety.
      Johann at PGA National                            Lady Bird Johnson, the former First Lady, utilized an     If you have a legal question in the area of real estate,
                                                        enhanced life estate quit claim deed which is commonly  foreclosures,  mortgage  modifications,  estate  planning,
      Dear Johann:                                      referred to as a “Lady Bird Deed.” A Lady Bird Deed may  wills, trusts or probate, please submit it to this newspaper
         There are different                            be recommended if a parent wants to provide for a child  at
      types of deeds for different                      to receive the property upon the death of the parent but
      circumstances. I do not                           the parent retains the right to sell or transfer the property
      recommend that you fill out a form to add your children  without the signature of the child. The Lady Bird Deed
      as co-owners of your home. I have seen many errors in  avoids the time and expense of the probate of a Last Will   Season Is Here!

      Masterworks Chorus Concert To                                                                           to utilize the golf courses as a park/playground, but
                                                                                                               Along with season comes the increased temptation

      Showcase The Roots Of America Music                                                                   we must ask you to refrain from any non-golf related

                                                                                                               Maintenance  is  performed  on  all  the  courses
                                                                                                            during the year, so there is equipment and work
          The Masterworks Chorus of the Palm Beaches is   from all nationalities, styles, and periods educates, enriches,   being done. In addition, it is a time when there are
      presenting  a  concert  that  showcases  the  roots  of America’s   and enhances the quality of life of its members and the   more golfers on the course enjoying our beautiful
      music including patriotic, folk songs and spirituals we all have   patrons  who  come  to  hear  this  beautiful  and  time-tested   weather.
      grown up with and loved throughout the years. You’ll hear such   music. In addition, the chorus often works with local schools           Thank you
      delightful tunes as Beautiful Dreamer, Polly Wolly Doodle, All   to incorporate their choral students into our programs giving
      My Trials, Lord plus a stirring rendition of the Battle Hymn of   them exposure to an adult choral group so that they might
      the Republic and A Tribute to the Armed Forces.   continue America’s  great  choral  tradition  as  they  become
          This light and heartwarming concert will be held on   adults.
      Sunday,  Feb.  24  at  the  DeSantis  Family  Chapel  starting  at      The 80-voice Masterworks Chorus is a nonprofit 501(c)
      4 p.m. The chapel is located on the campus of Palm Beach   (3) corporation. Its members are volunteers and receive no
      Atlantic University in downtown West Palm Beach.   payment for performing.
          The primary purpose of the Masterworks Chorus is to      For more information about the Masterworks Chorus or
      expose and educate its members and the general public to   to order tickets, visit or call (561)
      great choral masterpieces. The performance of these works   845-9696.

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