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      GFWC Palm Beach Gardens – Arbor Day

         GFWC  Palm  Beach  Gardens Woman’s  Club  joined   celebration. A Rhaphiolepis Montic “Majestic Beauty” tree
      the mayor, city council, and community members to   was planted in Honor Park as the club’s 20th tree that has
      sponsor the 20th Annual Palm Beach Gardens Arbor Day   been donated to the city.

        The Singles Scene

        It’s Valen-TIME for Florida Singles!            TIMING IS EVERYTHING. If the timing is not right, it will
                                                        never work. Have you heard the saying: “Right man, wrong
        By Kelly Leary, M.S.,                           time?” For example, a person that has just gone through a break-  Reminder From
        Founder of Revolution                           up and/or is in the throes of financial stress is not ready for love.
        Dating                                          Do you have any idea how many people are online dating or   Palm Beach Gardens
            Happy    Valentine’s                        in bars looking for financial gains or to just simply “get over”
        Day in advance  to our                          an ex as their  endgame?  More and more  men and women
        readers, clients, and couples.                  come to me to protect themselves financially and emotionally.   Police Department
        Valentine’s  Day is a day to                    Revolution Dating decreases the odds of such dating disasters
        look forward to for many                        TREMENDOUSLY!                                            Adopt These Habits To
        people but for some, it is an                       Once upon a time,  people  looking for love only had to
        opportunity  to  reflect,  reset,               worry  about dating a  “player.”  Today,  we  have many more   Prevent Vehicle Burglaries
        and resume your romantic                        hidden agendas to worry  about and this affects men just as
        dreams. I  am happy to                          much as women. Meeting quality single people who have “skin
        announce  that  for  the  first                 in the game” (like other RD clients) increase the odds of finding     • Please lock your vehicle doors every time –
        year  in history, relationship                  someone who is financially and emotionally ready for the next
        and dating goals equaled                        chapter! Sincerity is key. At Revolution Dating, the men and   even for a quick stop or at home.
        weight-loss and health goals                    the women have an investment in the process and everyone is     • Never leave items of any kind inside your
        as a top New Year’s Resolution for 2019. Television, magazines,   vetted.
        and people are overflowing with wild and often scary stories      Enrolling someone who is “relationship  ready” is our   vehicle. Hiding items doesn’t work!
        of what can happen when you date online. If you enjoy a good   goal for each new member. At the end of your first interview,     • At a minimum, if you must leave items, place
        series on T.V., catch Dirty John (aired in January 2019 and is   my hope is to like you so much that I would introduce you to
        now trending). You can look for it “On Demand” on the Bravo   my own friend (which is how we feel about our clients). I am   them in your trunk.
        network. It is a horrific story about a couple who met online on   looking for someone that has an overall happy life, who I can     • Cell phone/iPod power cords, GPS holders
        the site Our Time. It is a real-life story and it epitomizes what can   feel good about representing. I don’t do well with grouchy types   and other key sets act as neon signs.
        happen when you meet people via online dating. It is something   and they don’t do well dating in general, so I advise if this is
        to watch and it is real. Our phones ring off the hook with stories   you, you may not be ready for a club like ours. You may have     • Park in well-lit areas, stay alert and call in
        about the pitfalls of online dating. People of all ages are shying   some work to do if you carry bitterness in your heart. We want   any suspicious activities to the police department
        away from living a life (or lie) online and they are opting for   you to do well, and happy people do better on the singles scene.
        dating the old-fashioned way -- by meeting  via introduction   It is what it is. Attitude is everything. I can’t say that enough.   nonemergency number: 799-4445.
        through a friend. The problem here is always the same: “my      ♥~Bottom  Line:  This  February,  WELCOME  LOVE
        friends don’t know anyone,” or “they are too busy with their   BACK into your life. Would you lock the door if Santa was on
        own lives,” or “my friends are not experts.” This is why people   his way to your house in December? (NO) Time to fire those
        are embracing the thought of a matchmaker now more than ever   dating sites and put your resources into rewarding endeavors.
        before in my 28 years of practice. The word “matchmaker”   Let the universe know what you want -- have honest intentions
        is now a household term -- like doctor or dentist. What is old   -- and only then will you get what you desire. Have no fear. Fear
        is new again and as the saying goes in the famous Broadway   will only stifle you. Who has time for that “F”-word? None of
        musical/movie Fiddler on the Roof: “Matchmaker, matchmaker,   us are getting any younger (unfortunately).
        make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch” appears to      Call now to cinch your spot in the club today. One of our
        be another big quote in 2019.                   BEST Florida Matchmakers will be answering your confidential
            Hence, like Santa and his elves in December, my Cupids   phone call and that’s all it takes to revive your love odds! The
        and I won’t be getting much rest this February, but we are happy   love in us honors the love in you today and always. The love is
        to say, it’s for a good cause! Count on us to renew your lease on   pouring in from our clients and couples and we are so grateful
        love and introduce you to your person in honor of Valentine’s   and ready to share our love with you, too. We truly are changing
                                                            It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! Follow the  HANDY-MAN
        Day. The time is now. All the stars are lining up and guiding you   the way people find love one date at a time, as I set out to do 28
        to the next level. So do level up and rub elbows with the best in   years ago.
        the business. We are here for you--but we can’t do it alone. You
        need to do your part also and get started. Our clients are treated   flow of selective singles in your local area and change your luck
        like gold from the moment they walk through our doors. This is   today. I just may be the most important contact in your future.   HOME SERVICES
        an exciting time of the year to begin your own love revolution.  Thanks for sharing your time with me again.
            Representing LOVE is an honor that my team and I do not                         XOXO, Kelly
        take lightly. Even if you feel you are “tough to match,” we can   #HappyValentinesDay  #LoveOffLineInTwoZeroOneNine
        help. No challenge is too big or too small when you collaborate   #MenMagnets #TellYourFriends          NO JOB TOO SMALL
        with the pros. Last year, we celebrated more marriages  and      Kelly Leary© has 28 years in the dating industry and a
        engagements than I can count and this year the predictions look   master’s degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled by ABC
        even higher. People are weary of being disconnected in an over   News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart   u Water Stains  u Screen Repair
        techy world. Social skills are on the decline and heartache is on   News,  etc. Revolution Dating  members are  prescreened   u Painting  u Leak Repair
        the rise. People are tired of online dating, swiping, and lost time,   including background checks. Professional photos are taken
        not to mention the Dirty John phenomenon.       by the staff. Revolution Dating is not online dating or blind   u Caulking  u Misc. Repair
            These key points will be sure to tip the scales of love in   dating. In  addition to providing matchmaking services that
        your favor. Read on and make your move.         make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive  one-on-  u Gutter Treatment & Repair
            ♥~No matter what your age, there are incredible individuals   one  private setups,  Kelly also  holds  private singles events   ... and much more!
        who are seeking someone just like YOU. Whether, he or she is   which are optional.  For more information please call  561-
        single, divorced, or widowed (like half the adult population),   630-XOXO (9696), 772-932-HERE (4373) or 954-420-XOXO
        “All of the good ones are not taken!” Look in the mirror! You   (9696) or visit *All inquiries are   Housesitting Available • References Available
        are available, right?                           confidential.                                             (Serving Palm Beach County since 1980)
            ♥~Dating  is  NOT  a  numbers  game.  There  are  powerful
        forces  that  influence  dating  success  or  failure.  In  a  nutshell,                                                    Call Rubin

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