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      Three Ways To Help Dyslexics Read

      By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                              letter family sounds. If your child or loved one has   Gillingham based multisensory reading instruction is the
      Licensed School Psychologist                       suspected or diagnosed dyslexia there are three ways to   gold standard for teaching dyslexics to become proficient
        As a dyslexia testing                            help dyslexics enjoy reading.                     readers.
      specialist, I work with a lot                        First, read high quality literature to your child. People     Third, use technology with your child. Learning Ally
      of children with dyslexia                          with dyslexia are smart and can listen and understand at   is the largest repository of books on audio. Although it’s
      and many do not enjoy                              a much higher level than they can independently read   a subscription, your child can find all his or her school
      reading because it’s a                             and understand. Therefore, they enjoy being read to. I   books on audio so they can listen while reading along.
      challenging and brain tiring                       recommend you read high quality literature to your child   Another website that uses Orton-Gillingham based
      workout. Even though they                          well into the high school years. This builds your child’s   reading instruction is This website helps
      can read, most dyslexics                           vocabulary and helps instill the idea that great, rich, and   elementary age children with dyslexia learn how to read.
      don’t choose to read for                           interesting content is within books.                If you suspect dyslexia, call our office as Dr. Forgan
      fun. Children with dyslexia                          Second,  use  one-to-one  highly  specialized  reading   evaluates children ages  4  through adult  for  dyslexia,
      often have a cognitive processing disorder in the   instruction with a certified tutor.  This is especially   ADHD/ADD, gifted, and other processing disorders. Visit
      phonological loop part of their brain.  This disorder   important during your child’s elementary years when it or call (561) 625-4125.
      interferes with the child’s ability to learn the letter and   is easier to make and see reading improvements. Orton-
      Senior Softball Winter League 2019 Opening Day

        The 2019 Jupiter Senior Softball Winter League, featuring   forty-five players is a record breaker for us in our first year
      a record 14 teams, was inaugurated Jan. 7 with an opening   of trying out a third division to make sure every one 55 and
      day ceremony attended by more than 180 players.    over has a place to play and have fun.” The softball program
        Games are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday     is open to anyone 55 years of age and over and new players
      morning. A total of 245 players are registered for the 2018/19   are always welcome.
      season, an increase over the more than 230 registered last     The Jupiter Senior Softball Association has been
      year. Scott Logan, a long-time player and former league   sponsoring the senior softball games since 1988 in
      commissioner, had the honor of throwing out the first pitch   cooperation with the Town of Jupiter Park and Recreation
      in a ceremony between games at Jupiter Community Park.   Department. For information go to
        Current League Commissioner Gary Brodsky hailed the   jssa or call Gary Brodsky at (773) 575-5417.
      winter league opening as historic, saying: “Two hundred
                                                                                                           Steve Zeisloft makes contact.

      2019 Winter League Opening Day                                                                       Scott Logan tosses out the first pitch.
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