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The Shores, Page 9

                                                                                    Offering A Property For   Close to 1,000 dogs will need homes here in Palm Beach
                                                                                    Short-Term Rental?     County alone.
                                                                                      Are you offering       PBKC has said it will be business as usual over the next
                                                                                    accommodations for     two years and is committed to protecting employee’s jobs.
      Dear Friends,                                      short-term rental (six months or less) and confused about   The club says it will work with adoption groups to find the
        February has arrived                             tourist development tax requirements? We’re here to help!  animals forever homes.
      along with our beautiful                             Per the Tourist Development Tax Ordinance of Palm   Love Is In The Air!
      winter weather. I hope you                         Beach County, Chapter 17, Article III, Sec. 17-117 of the     Getting married this month? Don’t forget, if you change
      have an opportunity to                             Palm Beach County Code 95-30, you are required to:  your name, you must come in to our office to update your
      get outside and enjoy the                            • Create a tourist development tax account.     driver’s license/state ID card. Here’s what you need to
      many events happening in                             • Obtain a local business tax receipt.          know before you come in:
      our community this month.                            • File and remit payment online by the 20th of every     • Change your name on your Social Security card first.
      From farmers’ markets to art                       month, including periods with no rental activity.   You must change your name with the Social Security
      festivals and concerts in the                        Failure to collect and remit tourist development tax   Administration at least 48 hours  before coming to our
      park, the month of February                        is a theft of state funds and carries felony charges. Have   office.
      is truly special in Palm Beach                     questions? Please visit         • Make sure you bring your original, certified marriage
      County.                                              Would your community benefit from a brief presentation   license or a certified copy issued by the county/state where
        February is also the last opportunity for property owners to   about tourist development tax requirements? Contact your   you were married. Documentation from a house of worship
      save money on their property taxes. If you have not yet paid   civic engagement liaison for more information.  or other institution cannot be used as proof of marriage.
      your property taxes, don’t delay! Pay in February and receive   Amendment 13 Local Impact              For a full list of acceptable documents, please visit www.
      the 1 percent discount. There is not a discount available in     In  November,  voters  approved  Constitutional
      March.                                             Amendment 13 banning dog racing in Florida. This will   Last Chance To Save On Property Taxes
        Friendly reminder… our offices will be closed Monday,   impact our community in many ways. Beginning Jan.     February is the last month to receive an early payment
      Feb. 18 for President’s Day.                       1, 2021, the Palm Beach Kennel Club (PBKC) will be   discount for property taxes. Pay by Feb. 28 and save 1
                                           Best regards,  prohibited from racing greyhounds for wagering. Over   percent. There is no discount for payments made in March.
                                        Anne M. Gannon   500 employees will face job loss and an uncertain future.   2018 property taxes are due by March 31. Pay online at
                                                                                                  Save even more money by using our
                                                                                                           eCheck option, which is free!
                                                                                                           Sign Up For Our Property Tax Installment Payment
                                                                                                           Plan Today
                                                                                                             Did you know we offer a property tax Installment
                                                                                                           Payment Plan? Participants make four payments throughout
                                                                                                           the year. Many find this plan easier on their budget. The
                                                                                                           Installment Payment Plan also includes a discount of
                                                                                                           slightly under 4 percent. Sign up by April 30 at www.


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