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        VOL. 20 NO. 3                                                                              MARCH  2019

      Abacoa POA Hosts The

      Abacoa Oasis At ArtiGras

         Over  1,000 Abacoa
      residents visited the Abacoa
      Oasis at the 34  Annual
      ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival in
      Abacoa over President’s Day
      weekend. The Abacoa Oasis
      is Abacoa residents’ tropical
      spot within the massive
      festival to take in a bit of
      shade, cold refreshments
      and snacks and a rest from
      the day of endless walking.
      Located right in front of the
      main stage, it is also the
      perfect spot to enjoy the
      festival’s live entertainment.
      This year residents were
      delighted with a charming
      Oasis, decorated with an
      eclectic  mix  of  wrought
      iron  and  reclaimed wood
      furniture, table coverings that
      doubled as coloring books, all
      in a beautifully landscaped
      area courtesy of Southern
      Exposure Landscaping.
         Abacoa residents piled
      in to enjoy an assortment
      of complimentary pastries,
      donuts, cookies and more,
      courtesy of our local Publix
      at Abacoa Plaza. Guests were
      showered with giveaways
      courtesy of the Abacoa POA
      and Publix.
         Abacoa resident
      volunteers worked hard
      all weekend to provide a
      perfect atmosphere for their
      neighbors. The APOA wishes
      to acknowledge the group of
      volunteers that work so hard,
      not only at ArtiGras, but
      throughout the year to assist
      us in bringing these events to
      the community. Thank you

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