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      From the Rabbis from page 3                          What they didn’t anticipate was the unusual popularity   he initially accepted this game-changing opportunity, he
                                                        that my brother has in Israel from the thousands of patients he   soon realized that the speaking event was on Shabbos. He
         His “theory” is that the difference between men and   has lovingly tended to over the years of his career. A massive   immediately called back and turned down the offer. Microsoft
      women is not just limited to the reproduction tract, but on   backlash of support swept through Israel this week, where   offered him double, triple, and ultimately to name his price,
      a fundamental level within each cell and all over the body,   thousands of patients and colleagues stood up to decry the   yet he wouldn’t budge. “No money in the world could make
      Men are different than women.                     scandal of this malicious report.                  Kivi work on Shabbos. It was only when we rescheduled the
         Hello??                                           International messages of encouragement poured in on   entire conference to Sunday that Kivi agreed to speak!”
         Thousands of years ago the Bible already describes to   the internet; social media and private messages came from      In a similar story, Israel’s most popular pop singer, Omer
      us the difference between men and women. Man serves one   as far away as Alaska and China, expressing support and   Adam, declined to perform the headline act at the highly
      purpose, and the creation of a woman serves a completely   admiration for my brother upholding his values. A popular   anticipated Eurovision Song Contest this May because it
      other purpose. There are unique strengths and weaknesses   newspaper ran the headline: “A touching phenomenon: Jews   would violate the Shabbos.
      in a male and unique strengths and weaknesses in a woman.   of all stripes are aroused to lay tefillin after the attempt to      In the Torah we read the Ten Commandments, in which
      That is why they serve different roles and have different rules   besmirch the reputation of the Chabadnik doctor.” Even a   the founding principles of Judaism are set in stone. We’re
      and laws for each gender.                         top official in the IDF spoke publicly about his unconditional   boldly called upon to make G-d a real part of our lives, not
         For a man to live by the rules of a woman or vice versa   support of my brother and the amazing service he provides   just a cute sentimental tradition to be observed when nothing
      not only misses the potential of each one, it confuses and   to the citizens of Israel.              else is happening. It is the courage to uphold these values in
      corrupts their own and each other’s specific destinies.     It’s actually becoming incredibly popular today to stand   the real world that has become the hallmark of the Jew.
         “G-d did not create even one small creation for naught.”   up for what you believe in without shame or apology.     Our sages explain that the reason G-d revealed himself
      Although there appears to be so many similarities between      Just ask Bill Gates.                  to Moses in a burning bush was in order to instill in us the
      men and women, mysticism tells us they are fundamentally      When Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway purchased   realization that to be a Jew is to be able to “burn” under all
      different. Men think differently than women, and women   an Israeli startup company, Iscar, for $2 billion in May 2013,   conditions; not only when it’s easy and comfortable, but even
      experience life very different than men.          Bill Gates was present at the news conference. Chatting with   in corporate America.
         Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is spiritual leader of Chabad   prominent Israeli journalist Ofer Petersburg about what you      Every once in a while, I get a phone call asking for Dr.
      House Lubavitch of Palm Beach. Contact him at     can do with a net worth of tens of billions of dollars, Bill   Vigler. I instinctively tell them that they’ve reached the right, 624.7004, or www.      Gates suddenly said that “The one thing I can’t afford is the   place but the wrong Vigler: “I’m the rabbi, he’s the doctor. I                              Shabbos of a Jew!”                                 preach, he practices!”
                                                           Gates proceeded to explain that he was referring to Kivi      With all his vast resources, Bill Gates couldn’t afford
      What Bill Gates Admitted                          Bernhard, a fellow South African whom I grew up with. Kivi,   to buy Kivi out. Channel 13 tried to turn my brother into a
                                                        a noted international motivational speaker, wrote a book
                                                                                                           pariah, and now he’s a national hero.
      He Can’t Afford                                   called “Leopardology,” in which he teaches survival skills      What would it take to buy you out?
                                                        from the African jungle as they apply to the corporate world.      Rabbi Dovid Vigler is spiritual leader at Chabad of Palm
      By Rabbi Dovid Vigler                             He was invited to speak at the opening session of Microsoft’s   Beach Gardens and host of the Jewish Schmooze Radio Show.
         My brother was attacked                        annual conference in front of thousands of people. Though   Email him at
      this week on Israel’s Channel
      13 TV news in an undercover                          The Art And Science Of Dental Porcelain Veneers
         Trained in S outh                                 By Dr. Greg Riley                               are custom crafted and permanently bonded to the front of
      Africa, Dr. Motti  Vigler                               At    Juno  Beach                            the teeth…creating a more desirable and beautiful smile
      is one of Israel’s top hand                          Smiles, creating beautiful                      and overall improved aesthetic appearance of the patient.
      surgeons, specializing in                            and natural smiles is                           Once bonded to the teeth, veneers are very strong. In
      wrist and elbow surgery                              what we do best for the                         skilled hands, veneers can last a very long time (20-plus
      at Tel HaShomer Hospital                             greatest patients in the                        years). They are quite resistant to permanent stains. Often
                                                           Palm Beaches, South
                                                                                                           very little or zero shaping and removing of the teeth needs
      in Tel Aviv. Noted for his                           Florida, and around the                         to be completed for best results.
      extraordinary bedside manner, he is well known for going   world! Not a day passes                      Most often, we perform a computerized smile design
      above and beyond for the patients entrusted to his care.  at Juno Beach Smiles that                  and/or a cosmetic 3-D wax design to visualize and imaging
         After a consult, my brother will often tell his patient that   a patient does not inquire         the final shape, size, and style of the teeth and smile.
      a doctor is only a messenger of Almighty G-d. Only G-d   about porcelain veneers.                       A new smile makeover with veneers can range from
      can decide who shall live and who shall die; who will heal   They ask, “What are                     a brighter, whiter, fuller, more youthful and energetic
      and who will suffer. He therefore encourages them to lay   porcelain veneers?” They                  smile – to a less dramatic, more natural and delicate smile
                                                           are also curious about
      tefilin with him to bring spiritual merit and blessing to their   the cost, the time, the               At Juno Beach Smiles, it’s our focus on cosmetic
      healing. Often times he will encourage them to buy their   technique, and if there is any pain involved. These are all   dentistry, our expertise, and our commitment to superior
      own pair of tefilin. If they commit to lay tefilin regularly,   important questions which our team certainly addresses;   results that sets us apart. We make the entire procedure
      he magnanimously offers to split the cost of the tefilin with   however, we always are more excited to show and tell   convenient, affordable, and easy – two to four visits, many
      them!                                                them about the amazing smile results that are possible   financing options, and comfortable/pain-free treatment.
         Desperate for fresh blood, the media set their sights on   with porcelain veneers.                   Call  (561)  622-7243  to  find  out  more,  13700
                                                              Veneers are a fantastic way to enhance and improve
      my brother. A few weeks ago, an undercover reporter from     one’s smile. They are thin smooth shells of porcelain that   U.S. Highway One, Suite No. 201, Juno Beach, www.
      Channel 13 made an appointment to see Dr. Vigler for a pain
      in his hand. Armed with a hidden camera, he goaded my                                       Paid Advertisement
      brother with questions about tefilin. Ultimately, the story aired
      this week on national television in an attempt to brand Dr.
      Vigler as an unscientific, religious fanatic who strong-arms
      his patients into buying expensive tefilin for his financial
      gain. Oy!

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