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      Local Happenings from page 8                      The Act of Singing

      Beth David Men’s Club                             Is a Blessing

      Observes World Wide Wrap                             There is a story about a simple shepherd boy who did not
                                                        know how to pray. He was sad because he did not know how
         The Temple Beth David Men’s Club recently observed   to reach the Gates of Heaven. Nevertheless, his desire to feel
      the annual  World  Wide  Wrap — a program of the   close to God was so strong that he stood outside the house
      Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs that takes place every   of prayer, took his whistle, and blew it with all his heart.
      year on Super Bowl Sunday and encourages men and      Meanwhile, inside was a group of people who knew all
      women alike to learn about laying tefilin.        the words to the prayers, but they had been doing it for so
         This year’s program, coordinated by Ron Cohen, was   long that they prayed with little devotion, and they too were
      attended by children in the sixth grade of the Beth David   frustrated with not being able to open the Gates of Heaven.
      Religious School as well as by other members of the   When they heard the boy
      congregation.                                     blowing his whistle outside,
         With the assistance of his son, Ziv, Rabbi Paul   they called, “Stop it!” and
      Arberman demonstrated how to lay tefilin and then gave
      a very interesting explanation of the meaning of tefilin,
      why we lay tefilin, and some of the traditions and customs
      that are part of it. Those in attendance who had never laid
      tefilin before were given the opportunity to try under the
      watchful eye of Rabbi Arberman.

      Rabbi Paul Arberman and his son, Ziv, demonstrate how to
      lay tefilin.

                                                                                                           muttered, “How can he do such a thing? Here we are, engaged
                                                                                                           in prayer, and he is blowing a whistle!”
                                                                                                              The great kabbalist the Baal Shem Tov was inside the
                                                                                                           house of prayer. “Wait!” he called out. “Stop yelling at him.
                                                                                                           The gates are open. The boy has opened up the Gates of
                                                                                                           Heaven with the sincerity of his heart!”
                                                                                                              The Baal Shem Tov teaches a valuable lesson: There is
                                                                                                           more than one way to open the Gates of Heaven, there is more
                                                                                                           than one way to express desire and hope for peace, or the
                                                                                                           yearning for God’s presence to pour down from the heavens
                                                                                                           and flood this world with peace. There is more than one way
                                                                    one ph                                 to express the desire for a better world.
                  Love                                                                                     as Cantor Alicia reminds everyone at the bottom of every
                                                                                                             Last month, Temple Judea’s Cantor Alicia Stillman and
                 Get Lucky In                                                                                The Jeff Taylor Orchestra used music to do exactly that. And
                                                                                                           email she sends, “Singing is praying twice.”

                                                                                                             The concert was chaired by Rita and Burt Tansky,
                                                                                                           supported by over 50 sponsors, and more than 450 people
                                                                                                           joined together to not only to hear Cantor Alicia perform
                                                                                                           the Music for a Better World concert held at the Benjamin
                                One-On-One Matchmaking                -                                    School, but to pray for a better world. One in which we can
                                NOT Online Dating                    Fl                                    find a sense of inner peace, and the strength and courage to
                                Singles Parties (Optional)
                                                                                                           implement that inner peace into our own relationships with
                                90% Success Rate                                                           family, friends, and our larger communities.
                                ALL Clients Pre-Screened                                                      The songs we sing and the songs we pray don’t necessarily
                                Representing Ages 21- 80+                                                  have to have God in them or faith or any conventional prayer
                                                                                                           language. All we have to remember is that the act of singing
                                                                                                           is a blessing.
                                                                                                           Annual Leadership
                                 25 28   YEARSof                                                           Education Forum

                                                                                                           Showcases Israeli Innovation
                                                                       R.S.V.P. to our                        Experts and thought
                                                              “Lucky In Love Party”                        leaders from the Hebrew
                                                                                                           University of Jerusalem
                                 Kelly Leary, M.S.          or for One-on-One Dates                        (HU) regaled a packed
                                 THE Florida Matchmaker       Selling Out Now! Call Today!                 house at the Four Seasons
                                                                                                           Resort, during the Annual
                                                                                                           Leadership Education Forum
          561.630.XOXO                     (9696)        772.932.HERE                     (4373)           (ALEF) hosted by American

                                                                                                           Friends of the Hebrew
          REVOLUTIONDATING.COM                                                                             University. The  daylong
                                                                                                           conference highlighted

                                                                                                           health, agriculture,
                                                                                                           nanotechnology, the
          Kelly Leary, Founder and President of Revolution Dating has a master’s degree in psychology and 28 successful years in the dating
          industry.  A top matchmaker                                       ABC News, The Palm Beach Post,
          PalmBeacher Magazine, The South Florida Business Journal, and numerous other media outlets.      Local Happenings
                                                                                                           on page 10             Dr. Peter and Jane Feinstein
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