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      Golden Heart Luncheon from page 1                  the progress being made by supporting innovative
                                                         programs focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and
        Heigl and Kelley are the parents of two adopted   prevention of childhood illnesses. Nicklaus Children’s
      daughters, one of whom had a heart condition, and one   Hospital has helped children from every state in the
      biological son. Grateful for the care that saved their   United States and from 119 countries. The Nicklaus
      daughter’s life, the couple advocate for world-class,   Children’s Health Care Foundation has raised $90 million
      pediatric care and adoption around the globe.      since its founding in 2004.
        Nicklaus Children’s Hospital continues to be the
      foundation’s main beneficiary. The luncheon celebrated             Photos by Tracey Benson Photography

                                                                                                           Shannon Cake, Dr. Kristine  Alli Nicklaus, Christie
                                                                                                           Guleserian              Nicklaus

      Alli Nicklaus            Lorri Wesselman, Gail Eissey  Marla Murphy, Arlene Fox, Chelsea Colvard

                                                                                                           Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley
                                                                                                                                      Photo by Jim Mandeville

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