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                     Over 1/3 of Waterfront Properties Agents Sold Over $10 Million In 2018

                                   Rob                       Sheri                    Collette                    Cristy                     John                           Donna                      Adam                       Elisa                      Jacki                   Abraham

                                Thomson                     Carter                  Henderson                Van Den Berg                   Nugent                          Miller                     Brown                       Shine                   Ojakian                     Kamor

                                 Andrew                  Traci Roach                   Angela                      Paul                      Susan                         Andrea                       Skip                       Jane                      Toni                      Gloria
                                 Daversa                  DeGeorge                    Voland                    Thomson                     Turner                            Roth                     Lauth                     Letchse                     Hollis                     More


                         Captain’s Club

                                                                                      Jennifer                   Ronnie                      Kelle                            Liz                       Eric                      Stacia                     Jaime

                                                                                 Hasozbek-Garcia            Hasozbek-Garcia                   Rue                            Elliot                     Ditri                   McCallum                   Schwartz

                   Evidencing the utility of Waterfront Properties’ brokerage-supplied agent resources, more than a third of                                         don’t want to run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.’ The training team leaders—the big dogs—
                   its 75 real estate agents were named to 2018’s Captain’s Club. Twenty-eight agents were recognized for                                            equipped me and made me feel very valuable. I wanted the Captain’s Club!”

                   having sold $10 million or more as an individual agent, or on average as part of a dedicated sales team.
                   This factors in private sales, the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”), and referral transactions.                                                   Longtime Jupiter Island specialist Susan Turner highlighted the efficiency gains and speed to mar-
                                                                                                                                                                     ket Waterfront affords her sellers.  “I operate from a sense of urgency. We begin immediately exposing a
                   “Data doesn’t lie.” Waterfront owner Rob Thomson said. “Our model works for every agent willing to                                                property to the right buyers from around the world. We proactively scout and schedule a multi-day photo
                   buy into and utilize the system. Every year we want to have more Captain’s Club members than the year                                             shoot. Homes go immediately to the MLS as well as Waterfront’s property exposure websites. The team

                   before.”                                                                                                                                          and the plan are already in place. We execute.”

                   Captain’s Club members cited some combination of Waterfront’s resources as fundamental to their im -                                              Singer Island condo specialist John Nugent said, “There are way too many resources to list. I would not

                   pressive year. Principal among those resources is a suite of award-winning property exposure websites.                                            have achieved the total dollar volume in sales that I have every year without the Waterfront method of
                   The sites capture qualified buyers from the local market, across the country and internationally.                                                 marketing.’’

                   Waterfront’s international broker network includes, The Board of Regents and an                                              Intracoastal Waterway specialist Paul Thomson may have summed up best what Waterfront brings to
                   exclusive alliance with Mayfair International and Mayfair’s 376 offices across 50 European countries.                                             every agent.  “Every year, we evolve and improve to stay ahead of the industry. In the 30 years I’ve spe -

                   Dedicated agents “in-country” act as personal advocates for Waterfront’s sellers’ properties.                                                     cialized here, Waterfront has continually added new and more effective ways of marketing our sellers’
                                                                                                                                                                     properties. The result is sales at strong prices.”
                   A positively competitive environment and supportive corporate culture are other often-cited resources.

                   Stuart waterfront market specialist Adam Brown said, “International marketing in the UK and across                                                Now with five offices from Delray to Stuart—the most recent being Waterfront’s Palm Beach office at
                   Europe gives my sellers confidence. They know that anything that can be done to sell their home is being                                          333 Peruvian Avenue—there are more opportunities than ever for motivated, professional agents to join
                   done.”                                                                                                                                            arguably the area’s most prolific brokerage and group of market- leading agents. Membership in 2019’s
                                                                                                                                                                     Captain’s Club remains open.
                   Palm Beach agent Toni Hollis, with trademark candor, commented, “Someone once told me, ‘If you

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