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       VOL. 29 NO. 3                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                         MARCH 2019

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                               Gators                                             leaving it in the water or on banks. However it is happening,
      PGA POA                                              Just a reminder that alligator mating and nesting season   birds are getting caught in it and when they go to their nests
         This month’s article is                        is here again. Use caution around bodies of water and   or to roost in the trees, the line gets caught in branches.
      mostly about animals but                          NEVER let dogs swim in the lakes or canals or get close   The bird gets tangled and dies hanging in the tree and, of
      for those with “In Honor Of”                      to the water’s edge. All of the water bodies are connected   course, any babies in the nest don’t survive. It is a horrible
      markers in Masters Park,                          which means that alligators that are normally in the western   way to go and not pleasant to see! We have found birds,
      we have an update:  The                           preserve can have access to any other area. Never feed them   including Cranes, hanging in the trees behind the office
      replacements for the stones                       under any circumstances. When they associate humans   buildings along Fairway Drive behind Glenwood. PLEASE
      will be installed in the next                     with food, it becomes a dangerous situation. If the animal   be responsible with fishing line! As I indicated, Sand Hill
      60 days. The stones were on                       is aggressive, you can contact your community’s Property   Cranes were some of the species found hanging by fishing
      the ground and constantly                         Manager or the FWC Alligator Nuisance Hotline at (866)   line – these birds are a protected species and the Florida
      being knocked over and they                       392-4286.                                          Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (“FWC”) can
      were always muddy. After several alternate designs for   Fishing And Birds                           impose fines and jail time for injury to these birds.
      new markers that wouldn’t be moved by malicious people,      You must have a PGA fishing license to fish anywhere      While on the subject of birds, a few months ago, we
      we found an engraved marker which will be mounted at a   in PGA National. There are only certain areas where fishing   printed a flyer from the FWC that explained that feeding
      45% angle on a post. We appreciate your patience while a   is allowed (and never behind residences). There is a huge   of wildlife of any type was against the law. A copy of this
      suitable replacement was found for the stones. For anyone   concern and we need your help to get the word out about   flyer is again in this issue and can be found on the POA’s
      wanting to purchase or install a monument, please note that   fishing responsibly: Someone is either leaving line (and   website at – PGA POA Rules prohibit
      the program was discontinued quite some time ago so new   probably hooks) attached to fish and throwing them back   feeding any wildlife, including birds. Fines can (and will)
      gardens/trees/memorials/markers cannot be purchased.  in OR they are being irresponsible with fishing line and   be imposed by PGA POA and the FWC.
      Commissioner’s Update

      Keeping You In The Know                           certification  requirements  of  the Florida Division  of   trash receptacles and other park amenities.
                                                        Elections and should improve the voting and tabulation      As a strategy to help control crowds, the BCC initially
      By Commissioner                                   processes once implemented.                        approved a budget measure to implement parking fees.
      Hal Valeche                                       Dubois Park                                        However, Town of Jupiter officials and numerous residents
         Here is an update on                              Dubois Park at the Jupiter Inlet is one of the most   strongly objected to the fees, and I realized that the fee could
      recent issues and policies                        heavily used parks in Palm Beach County. Even before   most negatively affect members of the public least able to
      considered by the Board                           the county acquired the land in 1972, it had been a   afford it. Consequently, I asked the BCC to reconsider the
      of County Commissioners                           favorite gathering spot for family picnics. Today, Dubois   decision and the fees have been eliminated as a solution to
      (BCC), and other matters                          is a popular waterfront destination for swimming, fishing,   the problem at this time as I am continuing to work with
      affecting Palm Beach                              and snorkeling, picnicking and general recreation. It   Parks & Recreation staff and Jupiter officials to formulate
      County residents:                                 encompasses 18 acres and includes two guarded swim   alternate solutions to the over-capacity issues at Dubois. I
      Home Caregivers                                   areas: a tidal lagoon and a snorkeling beach that are guarded   am confident we will reach agreement on the best option.
         Through the Department                         from 9 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. seven days a week from Memorial   Fire Inspections
      of Public Safety, Division                        Day until the start of the school year in August. Outside of      The BCC is amending the Palm Beach County Fire Code
      of Consumer Services, the county is finalizing amendments   that summer period, lifeguards guard the swim areas on   Ordinance to expand the annual inspection requirement
      to our local ordinance to ensure that home caregiver   weekends only.                                further to include certain apartments of three to six units
      providers and their employees doing business in Palm      The usage of the park has grown steadily on weekends   in size that do not house fire protection equipment. This
      Beach County carry the proper licensing, are thoroughly   and holidays to the point that attendance is three to   will enhance public safety, improve PBC Fire Rescue’s
      background checked, and comply with state requirements.   four times its carrying capacity. This has led to vehicles   Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection
      These regulations serve to protect our vulnerable residents   parking in unauthorized areas and double parking, as well   Classification (PPC) rating, and lower insurance rates in
      from potential abuses.                            as overcrowded swim areas creating potential hazards for
      Voting Equipment                                  park users. In addition, when the parking areas are full,   Commissioner’s Update on page 2
         The BCC approved a sales order agreement with the   many times, visitors park
      Supervisor of Elections Office and Election Systems &   their vehicles off site and
      Software, LLC of $8.7 million, for the purchase of new   walk into the park, setting
      scanners for the polling precincts, scanner components,   up picnic sites on areas
      high-speed scanning equipment, and ADA-compliant voting   not designated for that use.
      terminals. Also approved was $4.5 million for the purchase   As you can imagine, the
      of a new voter registration/check-in system and additional   overcrowding  has  placed
      computers to handle provisional ballot processing, phone   a strain on park restrooms,
      banking and vote by mail. The new equipment will meet   sewer systems, utilities,
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