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April 2019                                                                 April 2019                                                   PGA C.A.N.!, Page 1

       VOL. 29 NO. 4                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                           APRIL 2019

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                                  Thankfully, in each case there was no one at home   the resale values competitive so your understanding is
      PGA POA                                           and there were no injuries. With all the cameras on and in   appreciated. As always, the budget and footnotes will be
                                                        homes, at doors, and at the entry and exit gates I’m sure   sent with the notice.
      Breaking In:                                      it is only a matter of time before someone is arrested but
         PGA National is                                this should be a wakeup call to all residents: Lock your   Fun
      fortunate  to  have  a  very                      doors; Set your alarms, please!                       You should have received the postcard for the Annual
      low crime rate; however,                                                                             Children’s Party in the Park. The annual event will be held
      in March there were six                           Assessments                                        in Masters Park on Saturday, April 27 from 1 to 4 p.m.
      break-ins and in every case                          The PGA POA annual assessment notice will be    The Special Events Committee has put together some fun
      the alarm wasn’t set. We all                      mailed on June 1 – please note that there will be a small   rides and games including a virtual reality roller coaster!
      know the bad guys don’t                           increase in the annual assessment. It will be increased   The clowns and face painting, bounce houses, carnival
      want to get caught so it                          from $730.00 to $740.00 per residential lot. Your Board   games and rides are all still available so I hope you will
      seems like a pretty simple thing to set the alarm and   worked hard last year to keep the assessment down but   come out and enjoy the day. Remember, you must R.S.V.P.
      hopefully scare them off but that  wasn’t  the case  last   there was no way to prevent the increase this fiscal   if you want a hotdog or hamburger (call (561) 627-2800).
      month.                                            year. The Long Range Planning Committee continues to   Food passes must be picked up no later than the day before
                                                        work toward enhancing the common areas to help keep   the event. Hope to see you there!
      Commissioner’s Update

      Confronting The Opioid                            reached 642 in Palm Beach County alone. To compound   by my colleague Commissioner Melissa McKinlay, whose
                                                        matters, unscrupulous sober home operators, treatment
                                                                                                           former aide lost her daughter to addiction, the county
      Crisis                                            centers, and labs had created a corrupt revolving door   launched a study and engaged a broad spectrum of health,
                                                        system targeting recovering addicts. They accomplished   substance abuse, first responder and law enforcement
      By Commissioner                                   this through deceptive marketing tactics, and the payment   agencies in the process. This resulted in the formulation
      Hal Valeche                                       of referral fees between linked service providers while   of a strategic plan with specific areas of focus to address
         Opiate addiction is                            keeping patients addicted. Some labs got rich by billing   the challenge:
      a concept  that  for some                         Medicaid and private insurance companies huge amounts     • Create a coordinated response through the designation
      may conjure images of                             for simple urine tests performed repeatedly on patients   of a primary entity responsible for the integration of all
      a  dirty, back-alley drug                         revolving through the system.                      efforts relative to the epidemic
      den with desperate, scary                            A Sober Homes  Task Force was established and      • Provide prevention and education
      people wasting away                               Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg went      • Expand options for access to treatment and provide
      with hypodermic needles                           after these fraudulent treatment centers, shutting down   oversight and monitoring
      stuck in their arms. Think                        numerous facilities and arresting the ringleaders. Through      •  Support  approaches  to  public  safety  and  law
      again. You may not even                           the efforts of the task force, preliminary numbers from   enforcement
      think this problem has                            the medical examiner show that opioid overdose deaths      • Support strategies to reduce illicit supply and demand
      any  relation  to  your  own  life;  however,  I  think  you   in 2018 declined 40 percent. However, Fentanyl is still      • Advance change through public policy and legislative
      may be surprised to learn that most likely, this problem   coming into our country, with most of it arriving by mail   advocacy
      has affected someone you know, and that it spans all   from China. While China refuses to regulate production      • Understand the importance of the social determinants
      social, economic and cultural levels. Sadly, this crisis   of the drug, our federal government has passed legislation   of health and create opportunities for success through
      grew through aggressive marketing of pain medication   to require the identification of the sender of packages into   ancillary services
      by pharmaceutical companies to physicians, who over-  the United States through the Postal Service along with
      prescribed the medication to patients who had been in an   Fed Ex and UPS.                           Commissioner’s Update on page 2
      automobile accident, sustained a sports injury, had major      T he    Co un t y
      surgery, or suffered from chronic pain.           Commission recognized
         Just a few years ago, Palm Beach County earned the   the critical nature of           Mark Your Calendar
      unwanted label as ground zero in the opioid crisis. The   this issue and the high
      previous successful crackdown by the state attorney   costs to our community.
      general on pain clinics prescribing opiates including   The  medical examiner               On Saturday, April 27
      OxyContin, Oxycodone and others, left a void for   could not keep up with
      now-addicted patients which was quickly replaced by   autopsies and there was a
      a cheaper substitute, heroin. Heroin today also contains   desperate need to increase             Annual
      Fentanyl or Carfentanil, a drug 10,000 times more potent   supplies of the antidote
      than morphine and used as an elephant tranquilizer. Not   Narcan to equip our first
      surprising, overdose deaths skyrocketed, and in 2017   responders. Spearheaded    Children’s Party

                                                                                                  in the Park

                                                                                                          from 1 to 4 p.m.

                                                                                                          in Masters Park
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