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        VOL. 24 NO. 4                                                                              APRIL 2019

                                                              Singer Spotlight

                       11th Annual Fork And Cork At Legacy Place

      Promises A Delectable Evening Of Food, Wine, And Music

                                                              Benefiting Little Smiles

         Legacy Place, an award-winning                                                                    driven, Florida
      retail center, in Palm Beach, will host                                                              nonprofit children’s
      its  11th  annual  Fork  and  Cork  event                                                            charity whose mission
      featuring  an  exciting  fusion  of  food,                                                           is to help heal hearts
      wine, and live entertainment with over                                                               and create little smiles
      40 of Palm Beach’s finest vendors. The                                                               by providing gifts
      culinary experience will take place on Thursday, April 11,                                           and fun activities to
      from 7 to 9 p.m.                                                                                     children impacted by
         This year’s musical feature will be The Petty Hearts –                                            serious illness, homelessness, or tragedy. Recipients may
      National Tom Petty Tribute! During the event there will                                              be  undergoing  treatment  in  local hospitals,  receiving
      be free wine seminars and cooking demonstrations for the                                             hospice care, or residing in shelters. With the community
      foodies. As you stroll Legacy Place guests will be treated      Legacy Place Shop’s community partner, Little Smiles   support, Legacy Place Shops has been able to help
      to the delectable bites from area restaurants featuring a   of Florida, will once again benefit from this event. All
      vast array of cuisines.                            ticket sale proceeds will be provided to this volunteer-  Singer Spotlight on page 2

                                            Benefiting                                                         local happeningS

         Car Enthusiasts Gather For Cars &                                                                    Jupiter Seafood

                      Cocktails At Coney Island                                                                  Festival 2019

                      To Benefit Trustbridge Hospice Foundation                                                     Report and Photos by Penny Sheltz

            One Of A Kind Event Featured Silent Auction, Entertainment, And Boardwalk Bites                     The 2019 Jupiter Seafood Festival returned to
                                                                                                             Carlin Park.
         On  Friday,  March                              vehicles set among                                     The Seafood Festival brings the community
      8, one  of the  world’s                            nostalgic vignettes of                              together each year for two days of fresh local
      greatest car museums                               Coney Island.                                       seafood, live music, nautical vendors and family
      opened  its  doors  for                               Presented by PNC                                 entertainment.  The event featured the Andrew
      supporters and friends                             Bank and chaired by
      of Trustbridge  Hospice                            regional President
      Foundation during Cars                             Cressman Bronson, the
      & Cocktails at Coney                               special evening featured
      Island. In a rare opening                          cars, cocktails, Coney
      to the public, owners John                         Island boardwalk bites,
      and Jeanette Staluppi                              entertainment and a
      offered guests the chance                          silent auction to benefit
      to admire a private                                Trustbridge Hospice
      collection of classic  Cindy and Neil Solomon      Foundation.           Nicole and Cressman Bronson

                                                                                   “PNC Bank was honored
                                                                                 to support Cars & Cocktails
                                                                                 at Coney Island and the
                                                                                 truly  compassionate  team
                                                                                 of professionals that
                                                                                 make  miracles  come true   Andrew “Red” Harris Reef Foundation local nonprofit
                                                                                 on a daily basis,” said     builds artificial reefs in the waters.
                                                                                 Cressman Bronson, PNC
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