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                                                              Our Village Voice

        VOL. 30 NO. 4                                                                                APRIL 2019

                                                                                   Bill’s Box

                                                                                   By Bill Thompson
                                                                                   New Knee
                                                                                     When I was first contemplating and then planning to replace
                                                                                   a worn-out knee, I felt sure there was little or no discussion on
                                                                                   post-surgery affects. Now, 57 days post op, I am still realizing
                                                                                   the effect of major surgery trauma on mind and body systems.
                                                                                   The site pain is significant, but there is more. There are negative
                                                                                   effects on mood, focus, concentration, mobility, balance, and
                                                                                   surprisingly there is physical fatigue, loss of appetite, and, in
                                                                                   my case, weight loss. I fault no surgeon or surgical team member, and in fact in my case,
                                                                                   I had the best of the best in manner, coordinating and planning for every contingency and
                                                                                   surgical skill. Can you imagine removing a corrupted complex joint and implanting a
                                                                                   fabricated replica to carry on the work of a normal body part? In days gone by, a bone-on-
                                                                                   bone knee would have put one out of business.
                                                                                   The Ice Man Cometh
                                                                                     Today we go to Publix to buy bagged ice. I wonder how many of our population know
                                                                                   that an ice vendor delivered ice by the block to homes. Refrigerators to my memory had
                                                                                   no ice machines. If there was an ice house nearby, one could drive there to buy blocked
                                                                                   ice. Back at home an ice pick was the common way to break down ice.
                                                                                     The milkman delivered to your door a daily supply of milk if you had no milk cow. My
                                                                                   dad had moonshine delivered to the front porch. How old does one have to be to have those
                                                                                   Child Labor
                                                                                     To have a job at an early age was a joy. You made your own pocket change. Before jobs,
                                                                                   I had 25 cents weekly allowance, from which mom insisted I give the church 10 percent.
                                                                                   It amused me that 10 percent was hard to manage because the United States Treasury did
                                                                                   not issue half cent pieces. From the time I could pull my motorless reel mower behind my
                                                                                   bicycle to mow lawns, that was my first career. A regular yard paid 50 cents and a larger
                                                                                   yard paid 75 cents. No complaints from me. I had a job! From that beginning, I would do
                                                                                   anything for pay. The amount of pay did not matter. To work where wage taxes were withheld,

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       Commissioner’s Update

       Confronting The Opioid Crisis                                              2017 reached 642 in Palm Beach County alone. To compound matters, unscrupulous sober
                                                                                  home operators, treatment centers, and labs had created a corrupt revolving door system
       By Commissioner Hal Valeche                                                targeting recovering addicts. They accomplished this through deceptive marketing tactics,
         Opiate addiction is a concept that for some may conjure                  and the payment of referral fees between linked service providers while keeping patients
       images of a dirty, back-alley drug den with desperate, scary               addicted. Some labs got rich by billing Medicaid and private insurance companies huge
       people wasting away with hypodermic needles stuck in their                 amounts for simple urine
       arms. Think again. You may not even think this problem has                 tests performed repeatedly
       any relation to your own life; however, I think you may be                 on patients revolving through
       surprised to learn that most likely, this problem has affected             the system.
       someone you know, and that it spans all social, economic                     A  Sober Homes  Task
       and cultural levels. Sadly, this crisis grew through aggressive            Force was established and
       marketing of pain medication by pharmaceutical companies                   Palm Beach County State
       to physicians, who over-prescribed the medication to patients              Attorney  Dave Aronberg
       who had been in an automobile accident, sustained a sports                 went after these fraudulent
       injury, had major surgery, or suffered from chronic pain.                  treatment centers, shutting
         Just a few years ago, Palm Beach County earned the unwanted label as ground zero in   down numerous facilities
       the opioid crisis. The previous successful crackdown by the state attorney general on pain   and arresting the ringleaders.
       clinics prescribing opiates including OxyContin, Oxycodone and others, left a void for   Through  the efforts  of  the
       now-addicted patients which was quickly replaced by a cheaper substitute, heroin. Heroin
       today also contains Fentanyl or Carfentanil, a drug 10,000 times more potent than morphine   Commissioner’s Update
       and used as an elephant tranquilizer. Not surprising, overdose deaths skyrocketed, and in   on page  2

                                                                                 Call Jupiter Police                       Reminder
                                                                                     Department                    Hurricane Shutters
                                                                                   to report suspicious activity.    Some storm shutters in The Shores are still covering
                                                                                                            windows. Our governing documents – Architectural
                                                                                       (561) 799-4445.      Guidelines – require shutters be removed as soon as the storm
                                                                                      The sooner called
                                                                                    the sooner they can help.  no longer represents a threat to property. The Jupiter Town
                                                                                   911 is for emergencies only.  Code also states that failure to remove shutters is a violation
                                                                                   Keep cars and house locked.  of Town Code.
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