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        VOL. 20 NO. 5                                                                                  MAY 2019

      Get Ready To Rock

      With Erasmith On May 18!

          Summer is right around the corner and the Abacoa community is celebrating early
       with a fresh Summer Concert Series already in full swing – and the music has just begun.
       A stellar lineup of the music you love will be in store all summer long and May is no
       exception. Make plans to join your friends and neighbors on May 18 for Erasmith – a
       tribute to the epic rock band Aerosmith. Relive all your favorite songs as they take
       the stage for memories like Dream On, Crazy and Walk This Way, just to name a few.
       Erasmith is a world-class rock n’ roll band performing the music of Aerosmith, spanning
       from the early years and throughout 40 years of the No. 1 American rock band.
          Erasmith’s live performances are so true to the sound of Aerosmith you’’ll know
       beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are listening to some of the finest that today’s
       music scene has to offer ... short of buying a ticket to an Aerosmith concert! No tickets
       needed for the free Summer Concert Series at the Abacoa Amphitheater on May 18 at
       7:30 p.m. Join the fun and come rock the night away!

                                                                                  Abacoa Community Garden

                                                                                  And The Seed Was Planted …

                                                                                     The Abacoa Community Garden is thrilled
                                                                                  to be celebrating its 10th planting season. The
                                                                                  garden could not and would not be in existence
                                                                                  if not for the hard work, devotion, expertise
                                                                                  and enthusiasm of Tom and Liz Poulson.
                                                                                  You know Dr. Tom as the friendly gentleman
                                                                                  always wearing a propeller beanie hat. You
                                                                                  know Liz as the rather small quiet lady who is
                                                                                  always busy. Not only are they avid gardeners,
                                                                                  but they are also the epitome of good and
                                                                                  active citizens. Yes, they will thank all the
                                                                                  other volunteers who have worked hard over
                                                                                  the years, and yes, it took a community, but

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