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        VOL. 14 NO. 5                                                                                  MAY 2019

      NFL Football MVPs Throw A Party For Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

        Shay and Bob Griese, former Miami Dolphins
      quarterback, along with Joe Namath, former New York
      Jets quarterback, co-hosted a neighborhood cocktail party
      to introduce one of their favorite charities, The Busch
      Wildlife Sanctuary, to friends at Jupiter Hills Country
      Club on Monday, March 25.
        278 guests were introduced to exciting animal
      ambassadors from Busch Wildlife Sanctuary including
      Patti the opposum, Hoot the great horned owl, Amanda
      a crested caracara, and Kai an American alligator. Jack
      Hanna, America’s favorite zookeeper also made a special
      guest appearance. The evening ended with Joe Namath’s
      granddaughter releasing a red-shouldered hawk she had   Ed Abraira, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary volunteer wildlife   Rebecca Reid, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary education director,
                                                         rescuer, with Jack Hanna and Kai, a juvenile Florida   holding Hoot, a great horned owl, with Adam Gasway and
      NFL Football MVPs Throw A Party on page 3          alligator                                         Natalie Oostenbrug
      2019 Ironhorse Country Club Charity Golf Tournament

      Benefited Cancer Alliance Of Help And Hope

        Over 76  golfers participated  in  the 2019  Ironhorse   Country Club in  West                     fabulous silent auction
      Country  Club  Charity  Golf Tournament  at  Ironhorse   Palm Beach on March 21.                     items. Those in attendance
                                                         All proceeds benefited                            also learned more about
                                                         Cancer Alliance of Help                           what CAHH does for those
                                                         and Hope (CAHH).                                  in our community that are
                                                           On the eve of the 2019                          fighting cancer. Stanton
                                                         Ironhorse County Club                             Collemer, CEO of CAHH
                                                         Golf Tournament,  nearly                          spoke briefly about CAHH
                                                         180 attendees attended a                          and introduced a client
                                                         lively cocktail reception                         that is battling stage 4
                                                         and  silent  auction  for                         breast  cancer.  Both  she
                                                         golfers and friends of                            and her daughter were  David Sarama and Gloria
                                                         the  organization.  Guests  Chari and Larry Kelly  in attendance and were  Herman
                                                         enjoyed delicious drinks
      Marilyn Litner, Dr. Roy Cacciaguida and Katherine Roy  and  light  bites  while  bidding  on  the  vast  array  of   2019 Ironhorse Country Club Charity on page 5

      BallenIsles Charities Foundation Sets New Fundraising Record

      Awarding $745,000 In                               totaling a record $745,000 from the BallenIsles Charities

      Financial Grants To Local                          Foundation during its 2019 Grants Awards Ceremony at
                                                         BallenIsles Country Club on Tuesday, March 19.
      Area Organizations                                   “The record-setting amount has brought the cumulative
                                                         grants awarded by the foundation to more than $3
                                                         million over the eight years since our formation with
      By Mark Hopkinson                                  the  mission  of  ‘Making  a  Difference’  in  the  local
        Forty-six not-for-profit and civic organizations serving   community,” BallenIsles Charities Foundation President
      the local community have received financial grants   Mark Freeman said.
                                                                                   Speaking  during the
                                                                                 ceremony at Circle 100,
                                                                                 one of the newest additions
                                                                                 to the six dining venues   Ken Horner, director BICF (second from left) with the
                                                                                 at BallenIsles, Freeman   Wounded Veterans Relief Fund’s Robert Chelberg, Mike
                                                                                 said: “With the completion   Durkee and Frank Drennan
                                                                                 of the newly expanded
                                                                                 BallenIsles clubhouse, our   we carefully vetted and selected to receive a financial
                                                                                 fundraising events attracted   grant, undertakes extraordinary local community
                                                                                 sold-out support. Each of
                                                                                 the deserving organizations   BallenIsles Charities on page 2
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