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      16th Annual Loggerhead Marinelife Turtlefest 2019

      Report and Photos
      by Penny Sheltz
        L ogge rhe a d
      Marinelife Center
      welcomed thousands
      of turtle lovers to the
      largest turnout ever
      at their 16th Annual
      Turtlefest in Juno  This turtle waves hello to visitors.
        Traffic was backed up for miles to get into the March
      event during the hours of 12 to 4 p.m. and there were long
      lines for many attractions.
        A clear and sunny day made this an enjoyable adventure   Fletch with Mo and Sally
      for all ages.
        Turtle tanks were surrounded by excited visitors who
      experienced large and small turtles swimming happily as
      they recuperated on a perfect Florida day.                                                           Lots of good food
        There were lots of activities for the kids, with many
      educational learning experiences shared by happy employees
      and volunteers.
        Many food vendors were cooking amazing creations with
      great aromas enveloping the event.
        Mo and Sally were the emcees on the stage promoting
      the event while Fletch the turtle was greeting everyone.

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