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      Erin Christiansen The One To Turn To For Your Weather Safety

      CBS12 News Chief                                   from a massive dust storm                           Erin has always believed her role

      Meteorologist Of Stormtrac                         and because of it I had to                        in the community extends far beyond
                                                                                                           the camera. She finds other ways to
                                                         have a third of my right
      Weather                                            lung removed.” Erin is                            make positive impacts around
                                                         one tough lady.
                                                                                                           town. Erin proudly professed,
                                                           There have been                                 “I have been helping save
        Erin joined the CBS12                            several highlights in                             animals since I was a child.” Erin enjoys spending her free
      News team in peak hurricane                        Erin’s 22-year career;                            time volunteering and has helped find over 100,000 pets new
      season last year and smoothly                      most notably Erin is one of the few women in the world   homes.
      maneuvered through 15-                             to receive the coveted Certified Broadcast Meteorology     With Erin on the CBS12 News team and chief meteorologist
      hour days. Reflecting back,                        accreditation (CBM). Erin takes a moment to share how times   of StormTrac Weather, viewers can feel assured they have a
      Erin shares a powerful                             have changed, “When I started there weren’t many female   passionate and trustworthy professional on their side. Erin
      memory, “My third day on                           meteorologists. My first news director told me to play down   is the one to turn to for your weather safety.
      air, Tropical Storm Gordon                         my femininity; ordered me to cut my hair and never wear     Contact Erin on Facebook: @ErinChristiansenCBS12 and
      moved into South Florida                           skirts.”                                          Twitter: @ErinSaidItWould.
      and that set the stage for a                         Talk about girl power. Alongside the CBM seal, she also
      very active season. I didn’t                       holds two Emmy Awards and an Associated Press Award.
      really get a chance to breathe                                                                        Cleveland Clinic
      until December.” She was nonstop working around the
      clock to keep people informed. She takes great pride and                                              Cardiothoracic
      responsibility in seeing the audience through all the different
      types of weather in Florida.
        Erin’s great sense of humor and enthusiasm has been                                                 Surgeons Join
      crucial in her career. Erin laughs, remembering why her wit
      is also so important, “Once I had a monkey urinate on me,
      live on air,” then remarks, “I’ve also contracted Valley Fever                                        Martin Health

                                                                                                              Before becoming
                                                                                                            part of the Cleveland
                                                                                                            Clinic health system
                                                                                                            in January, Martin
                   You’re Retired.                                                                          Health System entered
                                                                                                            into a cardiovascular
                   Your Money Isn’t.                                                                        af filiation with
                                                                                                            Cleveland Clinic
                                                                                                            in  January  2018.
                    To learn why consolidating                                                              This  af filiation
                    your retirement accounts to                                                             is strengthening
                                                                                                            all elements of
                    Edward Jones makes sense,                                                               cardiovascular medicine  Dr. Savage
                    contact your Edward Jones                                                               and cardiac surgery at
                    financial advisor today.                                                                the Frances Langford Heart Center in Stuart through
                                                                                                            the coordination of patient care, sharing best practices,
                                                                                                            and collaboration through research. Cleveland Clinic
                                                                                                            Martin Health has also welcomed two Cleveland
                           Sally S Stahl, AAMS®                                   Clinic cardiothoracic surgeons: Brett Beecher, M.D.,
                                                                                                            and Edward Savage, M.D. Their Stuart practice can
                           Financial Advisor        M   e m b  P I S   r e  C                               be reached at (772) 419-2137.
                           1851 W Indiantown Rd Ste 106                                                       Dr. Savage joined Cleveland Clinic Martin Health
                           Jupiter, FL 33458                                                                in 2018 as medical director of cardiovascular surgical
                           561-748-7600                                                                     services. He is a graduate of Columbia University
                                                                                                            and Yale University Medical School, and trained
                                                                                                            in cardiothoracic surgery at Brigham and Women’s
                                                                                                            Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Prior to joining
                                                                                                            Martin Health, Savage was center director of the Heart
             CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.                                                                      and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic Florida in
                                  ATTORNEYS AT LAW                                                            Almost immediately after Savage joined Martin
                                                                                                            Health, patients had access to advanced procedures,
                                                                                                            such as mitral valve repair, that would have previously
                                                                                                            required traveling out of the area for treatment. Savage
                             Wills • Trusts • Estate Planning • Probate                                     has been working closely with area cardiac surgeons

                               Taxation • Real Estate • Corporations                                        and cardiologists,
                                                                                                            and collaborating
                                                                                                            with highly skilled
                                                                                                            cardiovascular teams,
                                                                                                            to further strengthen
                                                                                                            Martin Health’ s
                                                                                                            cardiovascular program,
                                                                                                            increase innovation
                                                                                                            and  optimize  superior
                                                                                                            patient-centered care.
                                                                                                              Dr. Beecher joined
                                                                                                            Cleveland Clinic Martin
                                                                                                            Health  in January.  He
                                                                                                            was most recently  Dr. Beecher
                                                                                                            employed at University
                                                                                                            Hospital in Augusta, Ga. He is a graduate of The
                                                                                                            University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and
                                                                                                            trained in cardiothoracic surgery at Loyola University
                                                                                                            Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. Beecher’s practice
                                        Diane L. KarLiK                                                     includes: open heart and general thoracic procedures;
                                                                                                            robotic lobectomy; implementation of extracorporeal
                                                                                                            membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and ventricular
                                                                                                            assist devices (VAD); and transcatheter aortic valve
                                                                       Tel: (561) 625-5220                  replacements (TAVR).
        3450 Northlake Boulevard Suite 210                Fax: (561) 625-5201• Mobile: (561) 797-5004         Learn more about the Frances Langford Heart
        Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403                                EMail:                 Center at
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