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                                                              Our Village Voice

        VOL. 30 NO. 5                                                                                  MAY 2019

       Earth Day Quiz: What Do Wood                                                Bill’s Box

       Storks, Roseate Spoonbills,

       Everglade Snail Kites And Bald                                              By Bill Thompson
                                                                                   Robo Calls
                                                                                     CNN Business reported the billions of robocalls are
       Eagles Have In Common?                                                      vexing, and it is not slowing down. Many of the calls are
                                                                                   from scammers pretending to be tax collectors, charities,
                                                                                   or salespeople. There appears to be no way to avoid them
                                                                                   altogether. You can ban telemarketers by registering with the
                                                                                   federal “Do Not Call” list, that won’t stop fake telemarketers
                                                                                   or scammers but  wireless  providers and smartphone
                                                                                   developers offer tools to filter out at least some unwanted calls.
         Answer: Each are indicator species that                                     Your can ban telemarketers or scammers, many of whom have found ways to get
       help characterize the corners of the Greater                                around filters. The article says you can report unsolicited calls to authorities. What does
       Everglades ecosystem and  Audubon                                           that mean? Does it work? Not so much. Apps and spam filters are far from perfect, but
       Florida’s work to protect this system for                                   telecom companies are hopeful new call tracing technology will improve their efforts.
       future generations of birds and people!                                       From my point of view, the “Do Not Call” program, in place for many years along with
         Our team knows that protecting                                            a similar state program, has never worked. Now, the bad guys are much further advanced
       Florida’s birds and the places they need                                    than the good guys. These robo calls are driving me crazy. I block the numbers calling
       also means protecting the places we need.                                   and that certainly is ineffective. Everyone I speak with is annoyed and feels helpless to
       Bill, thank you for all you do for birds and                                stop the practice of violation of one’s right to some privacy. The article I read authored
       the places they (we all) call home.                                         by Jackie Wattles can be found by following this link:
         Happy Earth Day!                                                          tech/how-to-stop-robocalls/index.html. You may find it promising and informative. The
              Your friends at Audubon Florida  Wood Stork, Roseate Spoonbill, Everglade   efforts and successes are the result of the private business sector.
                                            Snail Kite, Bald Eagle                 Leaves And Yard Trimmings Block Drainage Grates
                                                                                     Can we assume that all homeowners understand the importance of open drainage grates
      Northern Notes                                                               and would never pile debris on the grate? How do we educate uncaring or ignorant [or
                                                                                   both] yard maintenance crew members? The companies we employ for yard work are
                                                                                   absolutely responsible to tell every crew member employed not to ever stack debris on
      Midges – Those Pesky Insects!                                                a drain grate. The homeowners should not have to tell that expectation to the company
                                                                                   owner at the time of contracting the service. But life is not fair; consequently and we are
      By O’Neal Bardin Jr., Executive Director,                                    forced to be pragmatic to protect our community. I did that recently at the time I changed
      Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District                              to a new service provider. Then in the vein of trust but verify, we will have to reinforce
        Blind mosquitoes, phantom midges, aquatic midges,                          the instruction by informing your individual crew chief who is responsible for the actions
      no-see-ums—call them what you will, when they hatch,                         of crew members.
      you’ll know it!                                                              Finale
        If you live on or near a retention pond or similar body                      A Dan Rather quote: “He didn’t know whether to wind his watch or bark at the moon.”
      of water in Florida, chances are you are familiar with                       Copy Deadline
      large swarms of flying insects that inundate your house,                       May 15 for the June issue.
      yard, and screen room periodically throughout the year,
      particularly in early spring and fall. Midge flies belong to
      a very large and diverse family of aquatic insects. While
      often thought of as the “cousin” of mosquitoes, midges
      don’t bite, sting, suck blood or transmit disease. They
      can, however, become a terrible nuisance and trigger allergies or respiratory issues.
        Aquatic midges breed in habitats such as ponds, lakes, waste water treatment plants,                             Sunday, May 12th
      and areas with nutrient rich water. Midge flies are a food source for other aquatic insects,
      such as dragon fly nymphs and several varieties of fish, so the goal is not to completely
      eliminate them, but to keep them in proper balance within the ecosystem. Areas that
      receive an excess of lawn
      fertilizer  runoff  and  very
      deep, organic lakes tend
      to be densely populated                                                       Monday,
      with midges, particularly
      with phantom midges.                                                            May 27th
      The juvenile stages of
      development occur in the
      water and, upon hatching,                                                                                      Memorial Day

       Northern Notes on page 3  Picture courtesy of Solitude Lake Management

                                                                                   Call Jupiter Police              Another Reminder
                                                                                      Department                   Hurricane Shutters
                                                                                    to report suspicious activity.    Some storm shutters in The Shores are still covering
                                                                                                            windows. Our governing documents – Architectural
                                                                                        (561) 799-4445.
                                                                                        The sooner called   Guidelines – require shutters be removed as soon as the storm
                                                                                     the sooner they can help.  no longer represents a threat to property. The Jupiter Town
                                                                                    911 is for emergencies only.  Code also states that failure to remove shutters is a violation
                                                                                    Keep cars and house locked.  of Town Code.
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