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        VOL. 20 NO. 6                                                                                  JUNE 2019

      Don’t Miss Forever Young:

      A Neil Young Tribute


         Forever Young is comprised of veteran musicians performing the best of Neil Young’s
      classic songs. With over 20 years of club and concert experience, their audiences have
      enjoyed shows throughout Florida and the music of one of the most compelling and
      talented songwriter/musicians of our time, Neil Young.
         Assembled with the intention of performing Neil Young’s signature songs, with the
      respect and attention to detail worthy of such an iconic rock legend, Forever Young
      displays the passion and commitment to his music at every performance. With over
      30 years of journeyman musicianship, the performance leaves no doubt the adoration
      these performers have for Neil Young and his talent. Enjoy nostalgic hits like, Old
      Man, Heart of Gold and Harvest Moon, just to name a few. Live onstage at the Abacoa
      Amphitheater, Forever Young will perform for the Summer Concert Series on June 15
      at 7:30 p.m. This community event is free and open to the public, so make plans to
      come and celebrate summer with you friends and family.
         The Summer Concert Series at the Abacoa Amphitheater is produced by Legends
      Radio 100.3 WLML-FM and Robinson Entertainment Productions and presented by
      Bahamas Paradise Cruise and sponsored by Abacoa POA.

                                                                                  Beacon Cove Students Visit

                                                                                  Abacoa Community Garden

                                                                                     As part of  Abacoa
                                                                                  Community Garden’s
                                                                                  outreach in the community,
                                                                                  25 Beacon Cove intermediate
                                                                                  third-grade students with
                                                                                  teachers Stacy LaRuffa and
                                                                                  Chris Childress, along with
                                                                                  parents and siblings visited
                                                                                  the garden on the afternoon
                                                                                  of April 23.
                                                                                     LaRuffa is a science
                                                                                  teacher who is engaged in
                                                                                  many plant growing projects
                                                                                  in the classroom. The visit
                                                                                  to the garden added real-life
                                                                                  experiences. Working  with
                                                                                  community member David Traupman, who organized and ran the event, it provided a
                                                                                  perfect blend of gardeners, students, teachers, and families.
                                                                                     The goals of the trip, other than to have a fantastic time, were to see how food is
                                                                                  actually grown, explore the tastes and scents of herbs and veggies, participate in a
                                                                                  visual scavenger hunt to track down bugs, critters, plants, and hidden treasures, and of
                                                                                  course pick some produce to take home and enjoy.

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