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      How To Attract Butterflies To Your Home...

      By Gary Menk                                       in shade or full sun and requires watering only twice a week. It   a variety of locations. It grows
         Butterflies, to put it simply,                  doesn’t take long before you see orange eggs on the plant. These   up to 3 feet tall and requires
      make us happy. So why not                          will soon hatch into caterpillars that have yellow, black and white   watering only twice a week.
      surround ourselves with lots                       stripes. They will start eating the milkweed as a food source,   Casia
      of them? It’s way easier than                      then spin into their cocoon, eventually emerging into another      The casia produces
      you think.                                         beautiful Monarch! You can never have too much milkweed.  beautiful yellow blooms that
         All you need to start are a                     Firebush                                          attract the Sulfur and Sleepy
      few host plants. What are host                        Another Florida species that grows year-round, it produces   Orange  butterflies. They
      plants? In addition to nectar, host plants provide butterflies   beautiful red flowers that attracts Zebra Longwing and Gulf   require lots of sun, but are a
      with a place to lay their eggs and mature. After hatching into   Fritillary butterflies along with hummingbirds! This plant works   beautiful accent to any garden.
      caterpillars, they use this plant as their food source. Don’t worry,   best in full sun, but will need periodic trimming.     So go to your local nursery
      the plants may look eaten, but will bounce right back. They   Passion Vine                           and bring back even more
      eventually spin into a cocoon and soon transform into a beautiful      A climbing plant that has some of the most beautiful blooms   joy to your home! Brought to you by Xterra Clean, your local
      butterfly! You can keep it super easy by putting the host plants   ranging from red to purple, this species attracts Zebra Longwing,   biodegradable roof and exterior cleaning company.
      into pots or go wild and create a full butterfly sanctuary!   Gulf Fritillary along with Julia butterflies. Bumblebees and other      When choosing your next local exterior cleaning professional,
         Let’s look at the top five plants that work in our area...  species will also benefit from this plant.  look for a company that cares more about people, property and
      Milkweed                                           Blue Porterweed                                   the environment than profits. That’s us, (561) 277-6730, www.
         Monarchs love milkweed. It’s a beautiful native Florida weed      This plant grows super-fast and produces incredible blue!
      that is available is various colors. It’s easy to grow, does well   flowers. They attract multiple varieties of butterflies, and work in
      Martin Health For You: Five Facts To Know

      About Parkinson’s Disease

      By Shira McMahan, D.O.                                2. One risk factor is age. Parkinson’s usually develops      4. There is no lab test for Parkinson’s. That means it
         Nearly a million people in                      at about age 60. But up to 10 percent of those with it have   can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors use a person’s medical
      the United States are living                       early-onset Parkinson’s, which begins before age 50 and is   history and a neurological exam to identify it. A dopamine
      with Parkinson’s disease – a                       often inherited. Parkinson’s also affects about 50 percent   transporter (DAT) scan can determine if levels of dopamine
      disorder that affects movement                     more men than women.                              in the brain are low or normal. Low levels are consistent with
      and gets worse over time. Here                        3. Symptoms begin gradually. Often, Parkinson’s   a Parkinsonian disorder.
      are five key facts to know about                   symptoms start on one side of the body and then later affect      5. While there’s no cure, treatment can help. It’s
      this all-too-common illness.                       both sides. Symptoms include:                     common to take a variety of medicines to manage symptoms,
         1. Parkinson’s is a brain                          • Tremor of the legs, hands, arms, jaw and face.  including ones that increase levels of dopamine in the brain.
      disorder. It occurs when nerve                        • Stiffness of the arms, legs and trunk.       Surgical options such as deep brain stimulation (DBS)
      cells in the brain that produce                       • Slowed movements.                            can also help in severe cases. With DBS, doctors implant
      a chemical called dopamine                            • Poor balance and coordination.               electrodes in the brain, which stimulate the parts of the brain
      either don’t work properly or                         As symptoms get worse, Parkinson’s may make it difficult   that control movement.
      die. As a result, the cells make less dopamine, which helps   to walk, talk or accomplish simple tasks. People with the      Finding the right neurologist to help manage a brain
      coordinate movement. That decrease in dopamine hinders   disease may also experience depression, sleep problems,   disorder is crucial in the management of the illness. To
      the ability to control movement. Scientists still don’t know   constipation, and trouble chewing or swallowing. Some   learn more, or to find a neurologist near you, visit www.
      what causes these cells to stop working or die.    people also have problems with memory.  

        Pet Matters

        For The Love Of Animals                          closing.  He had received the Facebook share about Mary and is

        by Pat Deshong, President of Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic &   a fan of Mary’s bloodhound breed.  Mary took to Brendon and
                                                         he liked her also so he took her home for a trial visit.  We were
        Ranch                                            elated!
           "For The Love Of Animals"                        When following up with Brendon the next day, I asked him
        features real stories happening                  if Mary had found her forever home or if he’d be returning her.
        at Furry Friends in Jupiter.                     Brendon responded, “Return her?  No way.  Mary is the best
        We are The Humane Society                        couch-loving, tv-watching friend ever!  I’ll be in to finalize the
        of Greater Jupiter/Tequesta                      adoption papers!”
        and the only no-kill shelter                        Indeed, the stars in Mary’s galaxy (including the power of
        open to the public in northern                   social media and our special Mother’s Day hours) paved the way
        Palm Beach County.  We’ve                        for her brightest future.
        been rescuing, rehabilitating,                      Shine on, Mary… shine on!                        This is what Furry Friends is all about…rescuing, rehabilitating,
        and re-homing the homeless                                                                        and giving homeless companion animals their best future… no
        animals in our community for                        Hi! I’m Cali! I’m a Dolly’s Dream             matter how long it takes to find it. We have many wonderful
        more than 30 years.  Our not                     dog.    What  does  this  mean?    My            dogs and cats at our Jupiter Adoption Center and Palm City
        for profit 501c3 organization                    adoption fee is already paid for and I           Ranch. We invite you to come visit us! Our website is www.
        consists of our Jupiter based                    go home with you with lots of goodies! 
        adoption center, veterinary clinic (open to the public), thrift store,   I’m  3  years  old  and  I  love  to  play      Furry Friends depends on the generous support from donors
        and Palm City ranch.                             fetch.  I never played with dogs prior           like you. Without Furry Friends, the future of the many animals
                                                         to my arrival at Furry Friends but my            we save would be uncertain. Thank you for donating and helping
                                                         wonderful caretakers are teaching me.            us continue our animal saving mission.
           This year,  Mother’s Day                      It’s so much fun and I’m so excited to
        was  a  very  special  day  for                  learn more!  Please come meet me in
        Mary, even though it ended                       Jupiter!                                          Ways to donate (tax ID #59-2111273):
        with her having a new dad!                                                                         1.   Mail  a  check  made  payable  to  Furry  Friends  to  401
                                                                                                               Maplewood Drive, Ste. 8, Jupiter, FL 33458.
        Oh, how the stars aligned for                                                                      2.   Visit
        her.  Let me tell you her story.                    My  name  is  Clementine  ...  call            3.   Call us with your credit card information at 561.747.5311
           Mary came to Furry Friends                    me Classy Clementine if you will ...                  ext. 1
        in March, surrendered by the                     and I’m a 4-year-old beauty living                   “Your donation creates the possibilities to make miracles
        mother of Mary’s owner.  The                     at Furry Friends’ Palm City Ranch.                happen for our Furry Friends”
        owner had abandoned Mary                         I had a rough beginning in life but I
        with her mom, who was unable                     feel certain that my future is bright,
        to care for the large pup.  At                   especially if you come see me and
        10 years old, Mary had been                      take me home! You can visit me at the
        with the family since she was                    Ranch Monday through Saturday, 10
        a tiny puppy.  Her constant                      a.m. - 4 p.m.
        howling at finding herself in an
        unfamiliar environment broke
        our hearts and committed us to                      Furry Friends’ new Adoption Center & Veterinary Clinic,
        finding her a new beginning.                     located at 100 Capital Street in the Jupiter Commerce Park, will be
           Part of this project included                 completed in September 2019.  We have work to do and money
        posting a video of Mary and me                   to raise, but with your help, we can realize the dream that’s
        together on Facebook, where I described her calm spirit and gentle   been the hope of our organization for decades.
        personality.  What a ham she is!  The video post reached almost      If you would like to be a part of our new beginning, please
        9,000 people and was shared 121 times!           contact us.  Like each nail, block, & tile, every donation, no matter
           Coincidentally, the video posted just a day or two before   how small, will help make our dream come true… All for the Love
        Mother’s Day Sunday.  Ordinarily, we are closed at our Jupiter   of Animals.
        Adoption Center on Sundays but we decided to open for a few      Please visit or call 561.747.5311
        hours, in honor of moms everywhere and in hopes that some magic   ext. 1 for more information.  Ask for Pat Deshong, President, or
        would happen for our furry friends.              Curry Krasulak, Director of Development.
           Brendon, a local resident, stopped by our center just before
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