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        Hearing                                          Jupiter Police Foundation Gala

        Solutions                                          On March 29, Jupiter
                                                         Police Foundation held its
                                                         first Police Officer’s Ball at
                                                         Trump National in Jupiter
        Hearing Loss – Whose                             to support the Jupiter Police
                                                         Department. Peter Robbins
        Responsibility Is It?                            served as the event chair  and
                                                         the honorary chair was golf
        By Murray Steinfeld,                             legend Jack Nicklaus. More
        LHAS, BC-HIS,                                    than 300 people packed the
        ACA, Board Certified                             inaugural gala which included
        Audioprosthologist                               a silent and live auction. Guests
        (561)747-6339                                    dined  on  filet  and  sea  bass
          A major survey of adults                       while listening to the sounds
        50 and older, released in                        of a live band. Kelley Dunn
        Dec. 2011, a joint project                       from WPTV served as the event
        of AARP and the American                         emcee. Featured speakers were
        Speech-Language Hearing                          Chief Daniel Kerr of the Jupiter
        Association, also known                          Police Department who thanked
        as ASHA, revealed that                           the crowd for attending. Jupiter
        hearing loss is much more                        Police Foundation President
        than a medical issue.                            David Schultz thanked the  Jeff Bernstein, Michael Nicholson, Kevin Schwebs, Marc Bujnowski, Brandon Rhodes
          Based on a survey of 2,200 American seniors, the survey   board saying, “This event would
        underscored the apathy, but also put into sharp focus the   not have happened without our  Jupiter Police Foundation Gala on page 9
        challenge, to overcome what we in the hearing healthcare
                                                         Having Trouble Hearing?
        profession deal with regularly. That being that people,   Having Trouble Hearing?                               Call Us For a Hearing
        especially in the 50-plus age category, say they are very                                                       Evaluation & Consultation
        aware of the importance of good hearing, yet they admit         HEARING LOSS CAN AFFECT YOUNG and OLD
        they are very negligent in seeking treatment for their hearing
        concerns. They openly admit their hearing loss does interfere    HEARING SOLUTIONS
        with their ability to maintain the personal connections so
        crucial to their good mental health, personal, business and                  Of The Palm Beaches
        professional relationships as they go through the aging              • Tinnitus “Ringing in Ears” Relief
        process in their senior years.                    Murray Steinfeld   • Earwax Removal
          More than 80 percent of the respondents to the survey   HAS, BC, HIS, ACA  • Hearing Aid Repairs
                                                           Board Certified
        said they recognize that hearing health is very or extremely   Audioprosthologist   • Overcome “Single Sided” deafness
        important to them; still about half reported having concerns   Serving the residents   All examinations are thorough & complete.
                                                           of Palm Beach
        but allow them to remain untreated. About one-third of the   and Martin County   Not just a hearing screening.
        respondents admitted their hearing was poor but still try to   for 30 Years!
        convince everyone around them that treating their hearing   All hearing aid   Today’s Most Advanced Technology at AFFORDABLE PRICES!
        inadequacies is unnecessary. They would rather place their   customized to                                                              Hours:
        inability to hear others and the sounds around them as a   YOUR individual   Colonial Plaza - 651 W. Indiantown Road   561-747-6339  Monday - Thursday
        burden to everyone else with whom they maintain contact.   needs.  just West of Military Trail, Jupiter  9:30am - 4:30pm
        That’s unfair!
          The Vice President for Health and Family at AARP,
        Nicole Duritz, stated that seniors commonly believe that
        hearing loss is an inconvenience but not a life and death issue.
        It does have a significant impact on life, she said, causing
        stress and a loss of social interaction. When people start
        withdrawing from social situations it can and often leads to
          Interestingly, the respondents to the survey noted the
          a) Only 43 percent had undergone a hearing test in the
        past five years.
          b) 85 percent had blood pressure monitored.
          c) 81 percent had cholesterol screenings.
          d) 88 percent had vision tests.
          e) Mammograms and prostrate exams also were done by
        a significant percentage of the respondents.
          So where is all this leading?
          I do believe that hearing loss is not given the priority it
        truly deserves. Why?
          1) Hearing loss develops gradually.
          2) Hearing loss has no physical pain (which could be
        the greatest pain of all).
          3) Hearing loss is a slow and insidious process.
          4) Families tend to compensate for a loved one’s poor
        hearing, taking over the conversation, scheduling their
        appointments and essentially doing the talking and thinking
        for the hearing impaired family member.
        Then What Is The Answer?
          Families must come to realize that they have to stop doing
        that, because the impaired person will never take any action
        for themselves. The hearing impaired family member will
        stop trying to deal with their own problems and concerns
        and never consider taking action to confront their own
        problems and concerns, after all, there is no incentive to get   Looking For A Way To Reshape Your Life?
        help because everyone else is doing the hearing for them.
          So what’s happening in your family?                                          Men and Women of All Ages
          Hearing Solutions of the Palm Beaches, Colonial             Come Try - Your First Visit Is       FREE!FREE!
        Plaza, 651 W. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, (561) 747-6339,
        e-mail: or www.the
                                                                           $200 for 20 Sessions

           CCCC                                              Remember, You’re Not Fit, Unless You’re Phil Fit
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