Page 9 - Jupiter Spotlight - June '19
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Jupiter Spotlight, Page 9

      Jupiter Police Foundation Gala from page 8           Sheriff Ric Bradshaw also attended
                                                         the event and auctioned off several
      hardworking board members.” Robbins, event chair said,   sheriff for the day items in the live
      “The job of a police officer is difficult. Tonight we honor   auction that helped Jupiter Police raise
      each and every one of you and thank you for everything   hundreds of thousands of dollars at the
      you do in our community.”                          very successful event!

                                                                                                           Ethan Lazar, Jay Alpert, Chief Daniel Kerr

                                                         Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, Nick
      Joe and Elizabeth Morello  Bruce Frank, Joyce Frank  Linca                 Melissa Dart, Kelley Dunn

                                                                                                           Peter Robbins, Emily Pantelides, Lynne Barletta, Tony Barletta

                                                                                                           Neil Saffer, Trisha Saffer, Dorothy Bradshaw, Sheriff Ric

                                                                                                           Sara Misselhorn, Danielle Mousseau, Stephanie Glavin,
                                                                                                           Jacqueline Underwood, Stephanie Mitrione

                                                                                                           Nick Popovics, Kaitlin Schultz, David Schultz, Christina

                                                                                                           Doug Surowitz, Lina Surowitz, Johnny Cockrell, Candy Cane

                                                                                                           Jerry Somma, Emily Pantelides, Nick Linca, Marcia Moore,
                                                                                                           Peter Moore, Kelley Dunn
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