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      Martin Health For You: Five Facts To Know

      About Parkinson’s Disease

      By Shira McMahan, D.O.                               2. One risk factor is age. Parkinson’s usually develops     4. There is no lab test for Parkinson’s. That means it
        Nearly a million people in                       at about age 60. But up to 10 percent of those with it have   can be difficult to diagnose. Doctors use a person’s medical
      the United States are living with                  early-onset Parkinson’s, which begins before age 50 and is   history and a neurological exam to identify it. A dopamine
      Parkinson’s disease – a disorder                   often inherited. Parkinson’s also affects about 50 percent more   transporter (DAT) scan can determine if levels of dopamine
      that affects movement and gets                     men than women.                                   in the brain are low or normal. Low levels are consistent with
      worse over time. Here are five                       3. Symptoms begin gradually. Often, Parkinson’s   a Parkinsonian disorder.
      key facts to know about this                       symptoms start on one side of the body and then later affect     5. While there’s no cure, treatment can help. It’s common
      all-too-common illness.                            both sides. Symptoms include:                     to take a variety of medicines to manage symptoms, including
        1. Parkinson’s is a brain                          • Tremor of the legs, hands, arms, jaw and face.  ones that increase levels of dopamine in the brain. Surgical
      disorder. It occurs when nerve                       • Stiffness of the arms, legs and trunk.        options such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) can also help
      cells in the brain that produce                      • Slowed movements.                             in severe cases. With DBS, doctors implant electrodes in
      a chemical called dopamine                           • Poor balance and coordination.                the brain, which stimulate the parts of the brain that control
      either don’t work properly or                        As symptoms get worse, Parkinson’s may make it difficult   movement.
      die. As a result, the cells make less dopamine, which helps   to walk, talk or accomplish simple tasks. People with the     Finding the right neurologist to help manage a brain
      coordinate movement. That decrease in dopamine hinders the   disease may also experience depression, sleep problems,   disorder is crucial in the management of the illness. To
      ability to control movement. Scientists still don’t know what   constipation, and trouble chewing or swallowing. Some people   learn more, or to find a neurologist near you, visit www.
      causes these cells to stop working or die.         also have problems with memory.         
      Cleveland Clinic Martin Health Announces

      New Chief Operating Officer

        Cleveland Clinic                                 visits, 229,000 hospital admissions and 207,000 surgical   Cleveland  Clinic  health  system  in  January  2019.
      Martin Health is pleased to                        cases  throughout  Cleveland  Clinic’s  health  system.   Cleveland Clinic Martin Health offers a continuum of
      announce that Christopher                          Patients came for treatment from every state and 185   care including preventive, primary and acute hospital
      Soska, MBA, will join the                          countries.  Visit  us  at  Follow  us   care,  as  well  as  cancer  and  cardiac  care,  wellness
      leadership team as chief                           at  News  and  resources   and  rehabilitation  services.  Its  approximately  4,500
      operating officer on May 30.                       available at        associates,  600  affiliated  physicians  and  more  than
        Soska brings 20 years                            About Cleveland Clinic Martin Health              850  volunteers  provide  care  at  13  different  locations
      of Cleveland Clinic                                  Cleveland Clinic Martin Health has served Florida’s   in Martin and St. Lucie counties. To learn more, visit
      leadership experience,                             Treasure  Coast  region  for  80  years.  It  joined  the
      with diversified roles
      across multiple service
      areas within the                                                 27 Year old Networking Group has 47
      organization.                                              members that want to refer business to you!
        He has served as system executive director, hospital
      and ambulatory operations since August 2018. In that role,                 Where:  Abacoa Golf Club
      Soska is responsible for system strategic alignment and
      facilitating transformational agility. He has responsibility               When:  Wednesday morning from 7:30 am - 8:45 am
      for enterprise-wide teams supporting Cleveland Clinic                      Who:   Visit our website to see if your category is available.
      hospitals and family health center operations, including
      surgical services, pharmacy, the transplant center, and care
      resource optimization among others.
        In his role as COO, Soska will work with the           Interested?  Join us for a complimentary breakfast to  nd out more.
      Cleveland Clinic Martin Health leadership team to                            Call Marc Weinberg at 561-262-4724
      develop and implement strategic and operational goals
      for the organization. He will also work with Cleveland
      Clinic Florida region leaders to ensure Martin Health’s   The Palm Beach’s premier exclusive networking
      effective integration as part of a regional health system.  organization for extraordinary business owners.
        Soska holds a Master  of Business Administration
      from Baldwin Wallace College, and a Bachelor of Arts
      in Accounting and Finance from Walsh University. He
      also serves as an executive coach for Cleveland Clinic,
      and is working toward certification.
        “Chris will be a tremendous asset for Cleveland Clinic    Palm Beach Beauty Salon
      Martin Health as we continue to work toward bringing
      world-class care to the Treasure Coast,” said Robert L.
      Lord Jr., president of Cleveland Clinic Martin Health.
      “He has demonstrated collaborative and transformational
      leadership during his career with Cleveland Clinic, and                          10%
      our organization and community will benefit from his
      experience and insights.”
      About Cleveland Clinic
        Cleveland  Clinic  is  a  nonprofit  multispecialty                            OFF
      academic  medical  center  that  integrates  clinical  and
      hospital  care  with  research  and  education.  Located
      in  Cleveland,  Ohio,  it  was  founded  in  1921  by  four                       Tues.
      renowned  physicians  with  a  vision  of  providing
      outstanding patient care based upon the principles of                            New clients only
      cooperation,  compassion  and  innovation.  Cleveland
      Clinic  has  pioneered  many  medical  breakthroughs,
      including  coronary  artery  bypass  surgery  and  the                      Susan
      first  face  transplant  in  the  United  States.  U.S. News
      & World Report consistently names Cleveland Clinic
      as  one  of  the  nation’s  best  hospitals  in  its  annual            Swafford
      “America’s Best Hospitals” survey. Among Cleveland
      Clinic’s 52,000 employees are more than 3,600 full-time               formerly with Beauty To Go
      salaried physicians and researchers and 14,000 nurses,
      representing 140 medical specialties and subspecialties.
      main  campus  near  downtown  Cleveland,  15  regional  561-312-0457
      Cleveland Clinic’s health system includes a 165-acre

      hospitals  (11  in  Ohio,  four  in  Florida),  more  than
      150  northern  Ohio  outpatient  locations  –  including
      18 full-service family health centers and three health     4595 Northlake Blvd., Suite 113                  Products starting at  69
      and  wellness  centers  –  and  locations  in  Las  Vegas,   Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
      Nev.; Toronto, Canada; Abu Dhabi, UAE; and London,
      England.  In  2017,  there  were  7.6  million  outpatient
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