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Page 12, PGA C.A.N.!                                                  June 2019                                                                                                                                                     June 2019

      Golf Tournament Drives Support For The Arc

         Golfers of all skill levels
      hit the greens on Monday,
      April  22  to  support  The
      Arc of Palm Beach County.
      Fifteen foursomes teed off
      in  The Arc Invitational at
      The Dye Preserve Golf Club
      to help fund programs that
      empower children and adults
      with disabilities and their
         The GEO Group
      Foundation, Inc., served as
      the tournament’s presenting
      sponsor.  Genuine Parts
      Company, Banyan Printing,
      Brown Brothers Consulting,  Anthony Entenza, John Duran, Mike Dugan, Cole  Chris Cecil, Frank Lucas, Bob Salmore, Corey  Dave Collins, Dan Usiadek, Jon Webb, Matthew
      Inc., ServPro, and Michael  Hubka – FCBI                               Pedowitz – RSM US LLP                  Enochs – Pratt Whitney

      Don Davidson, Jim Agostinelli, Ralph Lipford, Warren Carr
      – Genuine Parts Company                                                            Shayn March, John Bulfin, Larry Sherman, Brian Evans, Ron Brack, John Hurley
                                                        Brian Evans, Russell Greene      – GEO Group Foundation Inc.

      Don Cohen, Terrance Davis, Russell Greene, Clarence                                                  Robert Forchin, Horace Joseph, David Dunn, Jim Brown –
      Williams – ServPro                                                                                   Brown Brothers Consulting

                                                        Nirio Rubiera, Walter Rubiera, Jeff Moyer, John Darr – FCBI  Golf Tournament Drives Support For The Arc on page 13

                                                                   Mother Nature’s Pantry

                                                                              Serving The Community For 40 Years
                                                                        Thursday, June 13 at 6 p.m.

                                                                                 Seminar At Mother Nature’s Pantry

                                                                               Is It Disease Or Deficiency?
        HANDY-MAN                                                u  connecting ill health to the foods we eat and don’t eat
                                                                                         Presented by: Shane Hennessy

        HOME SERVICES                                            u  realizing diseases are caused by nutritional deficiency

                                                                 u  overcoming these deficiences with superfood nutrition
                                                                 u  using food sources for essential vitamins and minerals
            NO JOB TOO SMALL                                     u  exploring CBD Hemp Oil & why it is a game changer
                                                                 u  learning about new unique strains of Probiotics that: • are antibiotic resistant • can
          u Water Stains        u Screen Repair                       seal leaky gut • survive any environment • produce antioxidants (coQ10, glutathione, etc.)
          u Painting            u Leak Repair                         There will be FREE Take Home Samples
          u Caulking            u Misc. Repair                        & An Opportunity to try True CBD Oil!!!
          u Interior/Exterior

                      ... and much more!
                                                                SAvE yOuR                                                      SigN uP
        Housesitting Available • References Available
             (Serving Palm Beach County since 1980)              SEAT NOw                                                      TODAy!!
                                Call Rubin                 4513 PGA Blvd., PBG                                       561.626.4461

        Licensed & Insured   561-346-2467
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