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Page 14, PGA C.A.N.!                                                  June 2019                                                                                                                                                     June 2019

      Panhellenic Alumnae Of Palm Beach County

      Installs Officers And Announces

      Scholarship Deadline At May Luncheon

         The Panhellenic Alumnae Chapter of Palm Beach   enjoys preparing interesting
      County finished its 2018/19 year on May 11 at the PGA   dishes if the meeting is held
      National Members Club with the installation of officers   at a member’s home or
      and a delicious buffet. Stepping down from a two-year term   clubhouse. The rest of the
      was President Cheryl Gooding when she handed the job to   monthly meetings may be
      Stacey Easterling. In exchange, Stacey, outgoing second   at a restaurant, museum, or
      vice president, gave her job to Cheryl, and with that the   other venues.
      responsibility of planning the annual fundraiser scholarship      Julia Pichette, scholarship
      luncheon set for March 14, 2020. Most of the other officers   chairman, reported that
      remained the same in their positions.             three college women will be
         The end-of-year meeting included business that tied   getting a scholarship from the
      up the past few months and discussed the social gathering   chapter for the second year.
      on Oct. 12 at Teapots and Treasures in Juno Beach. After   In order to qualify, a female
      that the regular meetings will be on the second Saturday at   resident  of Palm Beach
      10:30 a.m. from November through May. A food committee   County must be entering
                                                        her third year or above at
                                                        an accredited college or   Newly installed officers of Panhellenic Alumnae Chapter of Palm Beach County: Stacey
                                                        university, be a U.S. citizen,   Easterling, Cheryl Gooding, Joyce Garberoglio, Mary Ann Williams, Jeanne Hibbard, Carol
                                                        carry a grade point average   Davis, and Julia Pichette
                                                        of 3.0 or above, and have a
                                                        financial need. Along with the three returning candidates, a      The chapter enjoys the friendship that has been built
                                                        committee will meet in June to determine how many others   through the membership despite the fact that the women
                                                        qualify.                                           come from most of the 26 National Panhellenic Conference
                                                                                                           sororities and not just one sisterhood. The ages may vary, the
                                                                                                           colleges attended are from throughout the United States, their
                                                                                                           ideas may be diverse, but they all have one thing in common
                                                                                                           besides living in Palm Beach County. The members are genial
                                                                                                           and care about each other, the chapter, and the work of helping
                                                                                                           to build the scholarship fund through the year.

      Meg Kravetz presents outgoing President Cheryl Gooding,
      with a gift at the May meeting held at the PGA National
      Members Club.

                                                        In April Nancy Stainback, Barbara Palmer, Cheryl Gooding,
                                                        Meg Kravetz, Stacey Easterling, Lenore Marshall, Joyce
                                                        Garberoglio, Myra Alexander, Jeanne Hibbard, and Livvy
                                                        Krape enjoyed lunch at Bradley’s in West Palm Beach after   Cheryl Gooding conducts her last meeting as president of the
                                                        touring the Johnson County Museum of History.      Panhellenic Alumnae Chapter on May 11 as members listen.

                                                                CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.

                                                                                     ATTORNEYS AT LAW

      Helen Hall, Charlotte Miller, Mary Ann Williams, Joyce
      Garberoglio, and Marion Knapp await the start of the May                 Wills • Trusts • Estate Planning • Probate
      meeting and lunch afterwards.
                                                                                 Taxation • Real Estate • Corporations

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