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June 2019                                                                  June 2019                                                    PGA C.A.N.!, Page 3

      Ask The Juris Doctor

      James A. Cioffi J.D., Attorney-At-Law             incapacitated. I recommend that you review the document   your questions may be answered and you fully understand
                                                        with an attorney to determine when your authority   the authority given to you.
      Misconceptions About                              terminates.                                                                           Sincerely, J.D.
                                                           There are some misconceptions about Powers of
      A Power Of Attorney                                 Attorney. These misconceptions include:             If you have a legal question in the area of real estate,
                                                           The Power of Attorney can be executed by someone   foreclosures,  mortgage  modifications,  estate  planning,
      Dear Juris Doctor;                                legally incapacitated. Wrong!                      wills, trusts or probate, please submit it to this newspaper
         My father is seriously ill                        There is a standard form on internet. Wrong!    at
      and I am appointed his agent                         The Power of Attorney can be executed without
      in a Power of Attorney.                           witnesses or notary. Wrong!
         Until  when may                                   The spouse or family members may act under a verbal   For The Record
      I  continue  to  act  on  his                     Power of Attorney. Wrong!!
      behalf??                                             The Agent can do whatever he/she wants on behalf of
                    Thank you,                          the principal. Wrong!!                             Jurors Provide A Crucial
          Rory at PGA National                             Powers of Attorney are complex. Some provide very
                                                        specific powers and others provide multiple powers to act   Public Service
      Dear Rory;                                        on behalf of the principal. It is important you understand
         A Power of Attorney terminates at the time of death   exactly what you are able to do as the agent so you do not   By Sharon R. Bock, Esq.
      of the principal (signer). A Durable Power of Attorney   exceed your authority.                      Clerk & Comptroller,
      may continue to be effective after the principal becomes      Once again, I recommend review by an attorney so all   Palm Beach County
                                                                                                              The Bill of Rights
                                                                                                           guarantees  all Americans
                                                                                                           the right to a speedy and
         Community Safety                                                                                  public trial by an impartial
                                                                                                           jury. This right to a trial by
                                                                                                           jury is the cornerstone of
         By Keith Echols, Director of Security, Allied Universal  at any gatehouse. You can also fill out the form online at   our American democracy.
            Well it’s summertime again, so let the summertime                           Every day, jurors are
         fun begin. The kids are out of school, time for weekends      Another good idea to think about is the installation of   summoned to courthouses
         at the beach, fishing trips and family vacations. As you   some sort of surveillance system. Whether it’s a popular   around the country to participate in the judicial process.
         head out to enjoy yourself and have fun in the sun,  here   doorbell camera or a full home security system, your   As clerk, my duty is to manage Palm Beach County’s jury
         are a few things to think about.               peace of mind is what’s important. Also, before you leave   system. In fact, we summons more than 170,000 potential
            If your plans include going away this summer, now   make sure that all your doors and windows are secured.   jurors a year!
         is a good time to make sure your phone numbers and   Remember to set your alarm.                     When you are called to serve on a jury, you have a
         emergency contact information are up to date in the      As always you are encouraged to never hesitate to   constitutional duty to your fellow citizens to honor the
         ABDI system. You can contact the POA Office for   report all suspicious vehicles, person(s), or activity to   summons and appear at court. Every case is important
         assistance at 627-2800. Also, remember to pick up and   security at 627-1600. Any information on the person(s)   to  the  parties  involved  because  each  case  can  be  life-
         submit a “Property Check” form. Security will conduct a   involved or vehicle description will be helpful. The   changing, involving the loss of life, liberty or property.
         weekly property check of your home while you are away.   smallest piece of information may be the biggest part of   Everyone deserves to have their case heard and decided
         Property Check forms can be obtained and dropped off   the solution.                              by impartial jurors.
                                                                                                              Each May, we focus on jurors and honor them for their
                                                                                                           service during Juror Appreciation Month. To those of you
                                                                                                           who take the time to serve, and serve proudly, thank you.
                                                                                                              For more information about the jury process in
                                                                                                           Palm Beach County, please visit our website, www.

                                                                                                            Summer Is Here!

                                                                                                               Summer is here! Along with summer comes the
                                                                                                            increased temptation to utilize the golf courses as a park/
                                                                                                            playground, but we must ask you to refrain from any
                                                                                                            non-golf related access.
                                                                                                               Summer is a time when tremendous maintenance is
                                                                                                            performed on all the courses, so there is a great deal of
                                                                                                            equipment and work being done. In addition it is a time
                                                                                                            when golfers play early to beat the heat and also play late
                                                                                                            to do the same.
                                                                                                               For your safety, please do not access the courses unless
                                                                                                            you are registered to play golf.
                                                                                                                                                 Thank you

                                                                                                            Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
                                                                                                            Palm Beach County and is a privately
                                                                                                            owned and managed company.
                                                                                                            Captain’s is committed to providing
                                                                                                            dependable, reliable and professional
                                                                                                            ground transportation to and from all
                                                                                                            South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
                                                                                                               To reserve your vehicle:
                                                                                                            561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
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